A PUMA’s Response To Don Fowler….

The undemocratic insanity continues from the highest levels!  I read this article and definitely had to respond with an email of my own to Don Fowler, Former Chair of the DNC.

Dear Don,

“It’s time to support Barack Obama without conditions or demands.”

Oh please, Don, we are way past that time.  You and the DNC are so far behind the curve on this one.  You really thought we were going to just go back to our lives after what the RBC and the DNC did to Michigan and Florida?  This is America, Don, and we have seen one election stolen; we aren’t about to let it happen again by our own party.  Why do you think Puma and Just Say No Deal exists right now?

Did you really write and send this drivel out?  Really?  Do you really think that just because you and the rest of the DNC say that Barack Obama won, it makes it true?  Who is schmoozing who now?  Do you really think we are going to get behind this smoke and mirror rock star candidate just because you say so; just like the RBC told all those Michigan uncommitted and Hillary voters that they really wanted to vote for Barack? There was definitely a sense of democracy at work there.  I wonder if the Michigan voters are still upset about the RBC usurping their votes? Too bad for you, the DNC cannot change our votes in November unless the delegates nominate the stronger presidential candidate who is ahead in the polls right now.  Why is Rasmussen running polls of Clinton against McCain if not to show you the pulse of America?  This is not a condition or a demand, it is the truth; a plain and simple statement of fact.

I thought this was a democracy where we are allowed to think for ourselves and speak freely.  I did not know that we were little children that needed to be put in the corner for acting up.  I did not realize that the voice of dissent was no longer an American Right.  How can you possibly say that Barack Obama won and Hillary Clinton lost when neither achieved the required amount of pledged delegates to receive the nomination. It’s still undecided and won’t be until the vote is taken in Denver.  I am not even going to imagine what kind of hornet’s nest you will be stirring up if Hillary Clinton’s name is not put into nomination considering Barack Obama needed the help of 55 uncommitted delegates and the help of 4 Hillary Clinton delegates, and then, because that was not enough to push his sorry behind across the line, the DNC pushed the superdelegates to endorse him.  He hasn’t won anything. You all are so afraid there wouldn’t be enough time to campaign for the general election and yet you pick the worst possible candidate to go up against the Republican Machine.  Are you NUTS?  What was this?  A flip of a coin or do you really think that Hillary is going to get beaten by the RNC?  Maybe that was a possibility in January, but by May that option was off the table and on it’s way into the ether.  The country came to see her as a truly American champion and now you wonder why PUMA exists, and is growing each day.  The DNC needs to get over itself.  We have.

Since when did the election of the Leader of The Free World compare to a sporting event?   How can you even talk about this election in those terms.  I am tired of being talked down to.

As for being fatigued and irritated, you need to “get over it”.  We are citizens of America speaking to you and you are required as the DNC Member At-Large of South Carolina to listen.

I will tell you what time it is.  It’s time to put the welfare of this great country before whatever agenda the DNC has with electing Barack Obama. If you want to win in November, take back the White House, pull our country out of Iraq, debt, recession, etc.; then you better start talking to all those Superdelegates and make sure they understand that Barack doesn’t have a gnat’s chance in a hurricane against McCain, and McCain doesn’t have a chance against Hillary.  When are the DNC and Superdelegates going to see that this tsunami of support for Democracy and Hillary is not going to go away no matter how much you wish, or try to bludgeon us with these silly emails.

Don, you supported Hillary; you are a Former Chair of the DNC; are you going to continue to be part of the problem or part of the solution?

Most Sincerely,

9 Responses to “A PUMA’s Response To Don Fowler….”
  1. sarainitaly says:

    Love it! “doesn’t have a gnat’s chance in a hurricane against McCain, and McCain doesn’t have a chance against Hillary.”

    “He hasn’t won anything.” – I said the same thing today on my blog.

  2. hey WT, over at confluence you asked for Don Fowlers email address…

    well, here it is don@fowlercommunications.com

    (found it at http://www.cas.sc.edu/usi/Speakers.htm#Donald%20Fowler )

  3. diamondtiger says:

    Thanks Paul…

    I dug through all my binders of papers and found it, but now everybody can send don an email.

    Hele On Folks!


  4. American Voter says:

    Amen- excellent piece and completely factual. The DNC foisted a candidate with a remarkable absence of any achievement Barack Obama on us and now they expect us to fall in line ? Hillary clearly is the winning candidate. As a passionate life long Democrat, I have faithfully contrbuted $s to the DNC every election cycle and am a proud card carrying Democrat- not anymore- the mailers I get from the DNC and Barack Obama go straight to the recyle bin and emails get deleted promptly.
    For the first time in my adult life, I will be voting Republican this fall- John McCain.

  5. Nicki from Dallas says:

    The DNC is out of touch, lunatic. I wrote them back a letter myself:

    What inflated nonsense is being put forward by Don Fowler and Alice Germond in their official DNC letter chastising Hillary Clinton supporters? Who are they to say anybody has to get onboard any platform anywhere? Why should anyone anywhere care what Alice and Don have to say? I think there is some level of delusion here that any great proportion of the electorate is run by any party. Using words like fatigue, irritation, carp, complain, criticize attempts a level of power or influence that is sinister and pathetically manipulative. Who’s whining now? The DNC owns the votes of no one, got that, no one. Americans are perfectly able to decide whom to support. In 2006, Americans elected a Democratic majority to Congress, giving a clear signal that Congress needed to get moving and accomplish the work of the people, especially work that secured the borders and blocked amnesty for illegal aliens, now murdering and kidnapping our citizens in a vicious border drug war with Mexico, now actually voting in our elections. Obviously we were fooled because there is nothing but stagnation and rhetoric going on here. Meanwhile, Speaker of the House Pelosi steps forward and says she refuses to allow energy legislation to be brought to the floor for a vote. Who does she think she is to so blatantly thwart the will of the people? This is legislation with infinitely more popular support than Pelosi or the Congress itself. All this in the context of pushing a clearly inferior Democratic candidate with a sickeningly sticky messianic gloss being lionized and shoved down the throats of previously Democratic voters. Wake up. This will not do.

  6. diamondtiger says:

    You are so right Nicki!

    Keep on sending those letters. It’s not in their job description to ignore us.


  7. Shtuey says:

    DT, I think you already know what I’m going to say about that letter.

  8. commentspage says:

    Yes, I will write-in Hillary no matter what the ballot will look like on the Election day. Please go on, Hillary!

  9. Mary Ellen says:

    I’m so sick of hearing about how we have to jump on the Obama wagon, what a load of crap. I especially get a kick out of the clueless crowd, including Taylor Marsh. That woman is doing more to piss off those who supported Hillary than anyone! I swear, the more she opens that trap of hers, the more damage she does. I swear I could see the swarms of black flies hovering around the shit she dishes out.

    For me, this isn’t just about the support I have for Hillary, it’s about my anger towards the DNC and Barack Obama.

    The last letter I received from the DNC asking for money, I wrote back and told them that I think they might find a little of my pocket change around the tire of the bus they threw me under.

    Great post, kiddo!

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