If You Tell The Truth, You Are Rude….

A very good friend of mine from Nigeria always had a saying, “If you tell the truth, then you are rude.”  This always applied in the context of not being as political or as diplomatic in a work setting as one might be; but I think it really applies to what is happening right now with Obama and his Obamanation or The Borg Collective, as I like to call the “messiah’s” movement that has almost completely assimilated the MSM as of today.

I guess I’m about to be very, very, VERY, abysmally rude.

I’ve said this before and I will continue to say it.

It is time to put the welfare of this great country ahead of whatever agenda the DNC has with getting Barack Obama elected…or did you lose control of him when he moved your headquarters to Chicago? Did you forget that he was groomed in one of the most corrupt political systems in America; Chicago?

Personally, I would like to know what that agenda is, because, in my humble opinion, what we have been told is not the truth.  What is it DNC?  You want to be the ones that say “we are more progressive; we nominated and tried to elect the First Black President.”  Barack Obama is not going to make our lives better or get our soldiers out of Iraq.  The Borg Prince is all about being a consumer and trading up.

Obama has said numerous politically expedient comments like he would filibuster FISA and then turned around and voted for the continued spying on American citizens, just to name one.  His tango movement to the right has been all about control.  Was Don and Alice’s letter a cry for help? If you have fallen victim to the Borg Collective, PUMAs are here to help. We are all about the Koolaid detox process and helping those that want to join PUMA and Just Say No Deal.   If he double-crossed you, (and you know who you are), and you are running scared, then we will help you as long as you put Hillary’s name into nomination and kick his sorry butt to the curb.  Oh, Wow, did I say all of that out loud?

What did we start with; the questions Obama wouldn’t allow to be asked and then move onto (still) not producing true, viable vital records, a 75,000 seat stadium for his worship and to scare the bejesus out of the delegates, and now we have a speech about a civilian army that is as numerous, well trained and well funded as our military.  Why?  Is there a threat of attack that we need to have a standing army here, armies in two nations, and troops all over the world….or is this army to control us, the American people.  That’s going to go over as well as a tourette’s syndrome episode in church.  I know, I know, being waaaaay rude over here.

The Borg Prince is now trying to sell himself to the Democrats, Independents, Republicans, Green, Libertarians…etc., and quite a few Americans are not having any of it. He is using Marketing 101 by making all his greatest weaknesses look like strengths.  Obama is on his first rock star world tour to make his lack of experience in foreign affairs look like a fact finding mission that he should have been doing all along.  He is hoping to achieve the required marketed results from this stagecraft production; namely an increase in his ever decreasing poll numbers.  Where is that 20 point lead he should have by now? Sitting squarely in the PUMA’s camp.

Do not let the Borg Collective assimilate you.  Obama has lost that tiny bump he gained when Clinton suspended and now is trying desperately to create a facade of upright leadership, experience, good judgement….yada, yada, yada.  He is trying to create momentum out of thin air, because he has nothing to offer the American people….nothing but what he offers while he campaigns…an empty chair.

UPDATE: 7/22/08:  According to Rasmussen, John McCain now leads Barack Obama by 10 points in the SWING State of Ohio.  So much for getting the rest of the world to elect our next president.

UPDATE: 7/24/08:  Barack Obama’s RCP average this morning was 4.9% and is now 4.0% after his big speech in Berlin.  I thought it was supposed to go up?

6 Responses to “If You Tell The Truth, You Are Rude….”
  1. nobamablog says:

    Hi there…got the new link. The new place looks great!

  2. princessejen says:

    Well, if the idiots at the DNC can’t understand us with politeness, then we have no choice but to be “rude”. Frankly, they asked for it. -PUMA Princess

  3. miranda tresser says:

    Comparing michelle obama to Jaqueline Kennedy is the final insult to my intellligence!!!!!!!!!

  4. diamondtiger says:

    I can appreciate your comment, but for me I’m leaving Mrs. Obama out of this. This is all about Barack Obama and the DNC’s coup of the Democratic Party by the far, far, far, left thinkers. He is not qualified by ANY measurement and I will continue to point out this foolishness that Dean, Pelosi, Reid and Brazile are trying to make happen. It’s all about Gumby!

  5. Rock on, Diamond Tiger! GREAT to see your post at NQ!!! And, GREAT post!!! 😀

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