The Media's Message About Palin

I have been watching and reading what the MSM have been saying about Sarah since her resignation on 7.3.09 and the message that their masters have given them to spew forth over and over again in a new mantra of attack is this; Palin has no experience, an almost transparent resume, she is leaving the … Continue reading

Today's AYFKM? Award: Colin Powell

Colin Powell is receiving Today’s Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me? Award for completely smokin’ the koolaid and is NOW just realizing what a hidden agenda Bambi has, and because he thinks government often has to solve people’s problems.  Colin, are you freakin’ kidding ME? I believe there are two items you really need to brush … Continue reading

It's 3AM And The Guy In The White House Is Voting Present (Again)

REAL Americans are on the right side of history…Barack Hussein Obama? Not. So. Much.  I know he finally came out today and condemned the violence in Iran….EVERYBODY knows it is way too little…uh..uh..uh…way too late.  Barack you are a COWARD and/or you have saved all of your Bold steps for turning America into a socialist … Continue reading

Iranian Protests Continue; Bambi Kinda Sorta Finds His Cajones

The most recent video of the protests in Tehran; 6/20/09: For the most recent Fox News information, go here. For a good twitter feed, PersianKiwi. Yesterday, Senator John McCain advised the president to issue a strongly worded statement condemning any violent action against the protestors and finally today Bambi issued this statement: The Iranian … Continue reading

Estimated $600 Billion In New Taxes Being Proposed

NEW TAXES? Tell me it ain’t so!  How’s that for hope and change? This story could get lost in all the hubbub that is being created by this WH and the rest of the world, (i.e. Iran, Israel, N. Korea, Russia, China. etc.)  It is absolutely frightening to watch the instability that has been created … Continue reading

No Really! She's Totally Okay With White People

Michelle, your black liberationist chip is showing… With Michelle Obama, her face is so expressive that no one needs listen to her words.  Maybe she is p*ssed because she is not a supermodel even though she has her own personal makeup artist, or maybe it is because Carla looks very similar to Sarah Palin without … Continue reading

Well, Well, Well; Obama's Muslim Roots Are Showing

The facts are finally being released by the MSM and that means that some of the sheeple might be able to add 2+2.  Maybe the MSM really is afraid of the resident select and now are stepping up since Pravda b*tchslapped them last week.  I said at least a month ago that I believe that … Continue reading

Rep. Joe Sestak Says No To Obama's Requests

Obama is looking more and more like an emperor-wannabe with his dispatch of weaklings and troublemakers away from his court, (Geithner and Pelosi), and his meddling in state’s elections affairs: Sestak: I Will Reject Obama Request to Step Aside in Pennsylvania Senate Race Rep. Joe Sestak, a retired vice admiral, said he would not let … Continue reading

Let's Give The Federal Reserve Even More Power

Why not give the organization that is supposed to keep our economy stable, (through one great depression and 20 some recessions), the power to assess risk to the markets, and activities that are detrimental to the financial system? Sure, why not keep on the road of doing things in the most insane ways, like the … Continue reading

Thomas Paine's Open Letter To The President

Bob Basso (Thomas Paine) was NOT summoned to the White House.  Here is his open letter to the selected resident.

  • An Anthem For The Revolution

  • Thomas Jefferson

    "On every question of construction carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 1823

  • The Looting Of America