Remember 1980?

Everything I read says that Senator Clinton getting her name placed in nomination at the Denver Convention and taking the prize away from Gumby would be a “miracle”.

I have two words for that:  Remember 1980?  And for you obama supporters who were born waaaaay after that date, look it up; it actually was a turning point in a dark episode of our history.

Superdelegates have a choice of taking this country down the unknown, dreamy, and darkly associated path or taking us through the hurricane’s eye with the proven, battle-hardened (thanks MSM) candidate that can actually talk about the issues and has solutions for America; Senator Clinton.  Are you going to do the right thing?

Hele On  PUMAs!

Just Say No Deal!

One Response to “Remember 1980?”
  1. commentspage says:

    So now, when, as Obama thinks, he doesn’t need more delegates to be a nominee, he says that the MI & FL delegations should be seated in full and with full voting rights. So he acknowledges that the popular vote is clearly on Hillary’s side – better later than never.

    It’s easy to tell now why is this rush – the polls show clearly that Florida is leaning towards McCain more and more, and Michigan is again a on a table. And in this heat I believe Clinton should use the situation without much hesitation and urge for a roll call during the convention. Let’s see who will get more delegates at the finish.

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