The Media's Message About Palin

I have been watching and reading what the MSM have been saying about Sarah since her resignation on 7.3.09 and the message that their masters have given them to spew forth over and over again in a new mantra of attack is this; Palin has no experience, an almost transparent resume, she is leaving the … Continue reading

Sarah Palin To Andrea Mitchell: "You Aren't Listening…"

I loved it when Sarah said to Andrea Mitchell, “You Aren’t Listening!”. Did you know that another ethics complaint was filed against Gov. Palin yesterday by a man who filed one previously that was thrown out? Un-fricken-believable!  (ENOUGH ALREADY) Kate Snow of GMA, Andrea Mitchell of NBC, Today Show, and CNN.

Crazy Like A Fox

The following video is a round-up of statements from the talking heads this past Sunday on the news shows in regards to Sarah’s move to resign. The overwhelming consensus is that they do not know why she did it, and don’t understand her strategy. I am posting it for your enjoyment because they are either … Continue reading

What Sarah Really Said…

(Disclaimer: The following post is only The Monster’s opinion, and as such, should be approached as thought provoking; not gospel.) I have been a supporter of Sarah Palin since February, 2008 when in the course of my travels I stumbled upon her and started researching her record.  A few days before McCain announced her as … Continue reading

Day One of Sarah Palin's Independence

I never thought  Sarah was one to back away from a fight, and as I have been reading the newest smear against her and her family; the embezzlement of funds, I was wondering what would happen to Shannyn Moore and her cheetoh eating buddies. The attacks continue and the liberal moonbats have not yet realized … Continue reading

Still Attacking Sarah Palin

Matt Lauer? I wonder what your mother, sister, wife think about your interview with Governor Palin?  Let us take every opportunity to turn whatever is being used to attack Sarah Palin back on her.  I am sick to death of smug, better than thou, a**hats on television and their government handlers spinning every story to … Continue reading

PUMA POLITICS: After Ignoring The Polls, Ignore The Exit Polls

PUMAS, VOTE!  THEN WATCH….WAIT….BE READY!!! So we know that the polls factor in the Bradley Effect, but not the PUMA Effect.  I have been telling everyone that will listen not to believe the polls because they HAVE NO IDEA what is going on, and when you add in WHO actually shows up to vote and … Continue reading

Not Just For PUMAs…JSND Conference Call

Listen Up People!  PUMAs and the Just Say No Deal Coalition started this fight against the Borg Collective back at the beginning of June.  Since that time, Dems, Indies and Repubs have joined together as all great Americans should do when faced with an enemy to our Constitution and our Freedoms.  Country Before Party has … Continue reading

What Makes Americans Different

Which country went to the moon first?  Which country liberated Europe?  Which country created most of the technology we use today?  Which country sends it’s sons and daughters off to the four corners of the world to help democracy thrive? Which country called for an end to the Cold War?  Which country has led for … Continue reading

Anybody Want To Argue?

This is a long video, with many brain candy tidbits, i.e., John McCain was a POW longer than Barack Obama was a senator, and why socialism does not work. Enjoy!

  • An Anthem For The Revolution

  • Thomas Jefferson

    "On every question of construction carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 1823

  • The Looting Of America