Which Founding Father Are You?

Every once in awhile, one has to stop and smell the roses. Take the quiz just for fun. The Monster is:

John AdamsJohn Adams

Visionary – John Adams was one; you are too. You are very critical and you are a perfectionist. Where you find faults, however, you have good suggestions on how to fix them or make them better. You are extremely intelligent, and an excellent judge of character and situation. Your causes are often altruistic, and you have a clear vision of what the future will be like. However, people have the annoying habit of not believing you, even though you always seem to be right. You also seem to never get the credit you deserve. People often find you to be ‘obnoxious and disliked.’ Never fear! Your ideas will come to fruition, and one day you shall be remembered beautifully for your efforts. Just keep at it!

5 Responses to “Which Founding Father Are You?”
  1. ROFL. I came out as John Adams,too. Are we that much alike, or is that the only answer?

    BTW – you should probably mention that you need a Twitter account to do this quiz…

  2. Robin in Texas says:

    George Washington!
    Now, please excuse me, I have a tree to attend to.

  3. no-nonsence-nancy says:

    I took the quizz but I can’t find my result because I can’t get registered on twitter. I have tried several times but it doesn’t accept my user name or passowrd.

    BTW I recently read a book by Cokie Roberts(I know, she’d MSM) titled Founding Mothers which is excellent. I recomend everyone read it. It would be interesting to see a quizz on which founding mother we resemble.

  4. Shtuey says:

    George Washington. I’ve been to Mount Vernon. It’s pretty sweet. I’ll take that gig.

  5. navyvet48 says:

    Benjamin Franklin…because I am well rounded! I guess I can see myself flying a kite in a thunder and lightning storm…

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