Obama Devalues Our White House

ocare1We all know that the alphabet networks are completely in bed with The One, and although I am still angry that Karl Rove was the mastermind behind 8 years of insanity with George Bush, I have to give credit where credit is due.  Karl Rove stating “he is turning it into a campaign backdrop…” when speaking about Bambi using OUR WHITE HOUSE for his Obamacare town hall is a unique perspective that I have not heard yet, and I fully agree with.  I, once again, will be boycotting ABC’s coverage and will be reading transcripts later.

I am so tired of this teenager parading around and saying “We Won”.

Can We Impeach Obama Yet?

And just for the record, I am livid that we have not had a decent candidate to vote for in decades!

14 Responses to “Obama Devalues Our White House”
  1. I want to know what entitles Obama to give access to OUR White House to only 1 network! I agree that it is a campaign stunt, but it’s also some sort of cookie for ABC (or punishment to the other networks for some slight, real or imagined). If this address is purportedly to tell the American people about his wealth health <strike)tax plan, why isn’t he inviting everyone to play?

    I don’t watch network teevee anymore – anybody know why he’s scolding?

  2. California Patriot says:

    “And just for the record, I am livid that we have not had a decent candidate to vote for in decades!”. Diamond, as you know, that’s because they have been members of the Council on Foreign Relations. They’re all part of the same club.

    I can’t listen to anything that Rove, Chaney, Bush, Clinton, etc. say. They are playing their wicked games with us, i.e. trying to confuse us, trick us (good cop, bad cop). I fall for it no longer. There are VERY FEW politicians I’ll listen to, Ron Paul is one I will hear. The rest must go; they must be driven from our government and consciousness. The traitorous politicians must be charged with treason, mass murder, and whatever we can tack onto it that they are guilty of.

    I watched Hannity last night and had to turn it off when he interviewed some guy and they both praised Bush; give me a freakin break! None of them are to be praised; they’re evil. These people want to rule the world; they want to enslave us even more than we already are. Everyone should start preparing now; be prepare to feed and shelter your selves and your loved ones. Things are moving very fast.

    One last comment, yesterday I was traveling down the freeway in Sacramento when I saw a big green truck going in the other direction. On the side it said, “China Trucking” with Chinese letter at the top. It freaked me out. Communist trucks on our freeways; unbelievable.

  3. Leaping Spark says:

    Axelrod is using the same format to push Obama’s socialized medicine campaign as he used to push Obama’s illegal campaign for President. They are going to bombard America with one sided propaganda using most of our major news networks. Unfortunately, most of America has an IQ of about 85 and believes everything they see on the major networks.

    Socialized medicine is a nightmare in every country that has adopted government controlled health care. The majority of sheeples wanting socialized health care don’t work for a living and are more then happy to help the government steal the wealth from the middle class.

    These sheeples think like our illegal POS Obonzo, as they believe that hard working middle class American should support everyone. After all the sheeples don’t work and neither does our government, yet they always have their hands out begging for money they didn’t earn.

    America has become a welfare state and soon there will be more non working, coat tail riding Americans then any other group. The entitlement and welfare for votes scheme of Obama and his sycophants will continue to work to perfection until our economy completely collapses and then third world America will be born.

    Heil Obama new Messiah of Islam!

  4. California Patriot says:

    Leaping Spark, you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    The economy is very close to collapsing. I do think, though, that some are waking up and realizing what they have elected.

  5. Sorry folks, the Bush White House gave access to Fox Cable News a year ago. If you didn’t know that, you’re ignorant. If you did, you’re deceitful.

  6. navyvet48 says:

    Have you seen the skateboarder skating through the halls of the White House yet. Here is that link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090619/ap_on_go_pr_wh/us_white_house_skateboarding_4

    Thanks for covering this!Here is another great link on the Healthcare thing:


    The pictures alone along with the premise in the post will send you ducking for cover.

  7. Leaping Spark says:

    DT Obots have found your blog and I smell Koolaide.

  8. Sparky – obots lurk here all day long trying to crash this site. As for Monroe, he is one of the reparationists that think I should pay money because his ancestors were enslaved by their own people – not gonna happen Monroe, my grandparents came over in the early 1900’s to escape communism. go spew your hate somewhere else.

  9. Leaping Spark says:

    Amen DT

    My Maternal great grandparents walked the Trail of Tears, and my Paternal Great grandmother hid among the Black Dutch slaves in Georgia to avoid the Trail of Tears, yet I have no sense of entitlement, every civlization has blood on their hands somewhere along the way. The past is over, it’s the future we have to save! I bleed red, white and blue and have no time for Obot Koolaide drinkers.


  10. Hey Obot,

    Just because the shrub did it doesn’t make it right! He’s just the precursor to the usurper, not different, only earlier. If he could have completed what Obama has done in the last 6 months he’d still be Supreme Leader Resident.

    Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it. And did I mention that you’re just plain wrong?

  11. Cue the dancing bear. It is all a circus! This is just more of the same show we have been seeing for years. The plot has not changed. “they” will not be happy till we the people are in chains and in poverty, begging for every crumb “they” decide to throw us. Are we ready to follow the brave Iranians’ lead yet????

  12. letty aka Granny Gripes says:


    Send the EMAILS

    Send the faxes

    and snail mail

    to: ABC

    YOUR Senators, congressmen, and the DICTATOR IN CHIEF


    Fire up your resistance network to get a few million objections to flood their systems.

  13. thedametruth says:


  14. thedametruth says:

    But–But–don’t yall like those Bread & Circuses???


    P.S. Monroe is clearly clueless and chooses to remain so, thus it is pointless to respond to that kind of obdurate unwillingness to examine fact.

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