America Is A Republic!

It seems that the continuing education of our dumbed down populace is in order.  Monster readers know the difference between a republic and a democracy, but the videos continue to be made to explain to everybody else, (including this twisted administration), what the difference is.  Please send this viral.

4 Responses to “America Is A Republic!”
  1. no-nonsence-nancy says:

    We’re going to have to stand up and demand our republic back and we need to do it soon! We are running out of time. We need millions of WE THE PEOPLE and I think we have millions.

  2. Nancy,

    The problem as I see it is that the millions who think like we do have all been bamboozled by the MSM into thinking they are alone. We cannot simply demand our Republic back – we must take her back. The people that have usurped her will not go quietly or easily.

  3. This is the exact basic point of our freedom that needs to be defined to the people. We are taught that we are a Democracy and the word Republic is never defined within our schooling. My own whits have been rapped around the difference between the two for years with the basics, established understanding of our government being a Democracy not a Republic.
    If we want this country back, get your State government to put the 9th and 10th Amenedment rights in to effect. This is how We The People can be heard. Our States are our voice which is how our Founding Fathers wanted it to be!!!!!!

  4. Kathy says:

    Andrew Klaven: Shut Up

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