Glenn Beck, "It's An Emergency"

I just had to put this video up because after the first 100 days of this disastrous presidency being led by a complete mirror jockey who I am now totally convinced is not even an American, (due to his actions, not his words), the whole situation has become so ridiculous that a person needs to take the time to laugh or you will start crying and not be able to stop.  Take the time to laugh, because we all know where this is going.

From IBD:

Pork Flu

Pork Flu

4 Responses to “Glenn Beck, "It's An Emergency"”
  1. as g-d is my witness, i saw glenn beck tonight and i laughed so loudly that i’m surprised my neighbors didn’t call the looney bin. this skit was brilliant.

  2. Great to see you Petunia! Everybody needs a really good laugh each and every day now!

  3. navyvet48 says:

    Me too! I nearly needed to go put my Depends on I laughed so hard! The dogs were looking at me as if I lost my mind!

  4. joe duckworth says:

    I also saw this skit and I was supprised that someone did not stop me from laughing. BTW I am 15 years old and I listen the rush limbaugh as well as glenn. Though glenn beck was the first conservitive talkshow I ever herd. Then later that day I herd rush limbaugh.. I was 9 at that time.

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