A Shout Out To Monster Readers!!!!

Quite a few bloggers write posts about landmark moments that occur with their blogs, and also have weekly roundups of stories they have posted.  This particular post was inspired by Sistah Mary Ellen of Bad Habit, who just jump-started her blog this week (go visit), and was pointing out on Shtuey’s Oh..My Valve! how bloggers  are not hearing each other:

Everyone “says” they want to have a discussion, but a discussion can’t come about when each person is so entrenched in their own views and not open to hear or even consider the views of others.

People who seemed to be “normal” to us just months ago, suddenly look like lunatics, and the feeling is mutual from the other side. No one is listening, no one is discussing, it’s like a din of voices talking at the same time–no one listening. It’s as if the blogosphere is a big ol’ empty tube of echoes.

I am so incredibly blessed to have such loyal readers who comment, discuss and actually hear each other.  The best part of this blog has been the fact that each and every one of you have brought something to the table and have not been afraid to say what you think and put your research out there in hopes of sparking a discussion and fueling the desire for the truth.  I never expected this blog to turn into the “research round-table” that it has, and that is due to all of you loyal monster readers!  Sherlock Holmes would be ecstatic about what is occurring here, and I cannot begin to thank you for pushing this blog in the right direction.  Many, many Mahalos!!!

As many of you know, I am a home-schooling mom with a full-time job.  There is just not enough hours in the day for me to read, write and do research.  All of the links and information dropped here helps me help others, and for that I am eternally appreciative.  This little blog, (as of this writing), has posted 856,385 hits and 398,564 visitors since September 2008; and it is because of the monster’s readers.

I want the persons that take the time to grace this page to know that they are the true “Monsters”!  From Lee M. who is a master reseacher with more knowledge about Shariah Finance than is good for any one person to know, to Practical Madman who just dropped the link about the Bird Flu and how it relates back to the Pilgrims Society, to Kathy who posts incredible links to everything, (take a look at this one), to the acidic and truthful commentary that Grail Guardian brings to the table, and Navyvet48 who sends email after email with economic links, to our own resident patriots: Insight Analytical, 1sgboom, California Patriot, 77Jack, Another Patri0t, American Genie, Petunia, NJresident, the admiral, Ron, Cactus Patch, Christmas Ghost, Robert, Lisa, Letty, Paul W, Restore the Constitution, REscotish, LibberTea, Truthisgold, Leaping Spark, MsSparky, bluesky, No Nonsense Nancy, Sandra Miller Linhart, BritYank, RevCirca53, DaddysDarlin, Carrott Top, David Gagin, Tim, Catsden, Jack, Betty, Kristen, Churl, and Sunshinelvr.  If I have missed anyone, please accept my deepest apologies.  Everyone here needs to be acknowledged for their contributions.

This blog is not about conspiracies; this blog is about fact finding missions and discovering the truth and webs of connections behind the lies.  Due to all of the dedicated researchers gathering here, people are realizing that “The Monster” is more about facts than commentary.

I put up this new format a little over a month ago and am still trying to find the time to tweak it and add important features.  Here is your chance to tell me everything right about this page and everything that you think sucks rocks before I spend valuable research time doing housekeeping.  This blog is as much yours as it is mine and I consider your input necessary and valuable.  Have at it monsters and once again, many mahalos for the time you spend here and the donations that The Monster has received to keep it going!

DiamondTiger aka Logistics Monster

Completely off-topic but I just heard from Navyvet48 (in Kansas) that there are two confirmed reports of this new flu there.  How many of you think that this outbreak is a way to keep the tea parties from happening?

Also, for all of you stopping by that are wondering the how, the why, the what, the when of impeaching the brat in the White House; that post is coming….

27 Responses to “A Shout Out To Monster Readers!!!!”
  1. Leaping Spark says:

    Diamond Tiger
    The timing of this developing swine flu epidemic may just be the crisis Obama needs to shove socialized medicine down our throats. Obama and his little commie bastard buddies are not about to let another created crisis go to waste. Just thinking out loud if you know what I mean.

  2. Sparky – there are so many avenues that this could be going…all icing on the cake for this administration.

  3. tim says:

    I just read one of the guy’s who shook Obama’s hand in Mexico died the next day of the flu.

    Maybe this flu will wake up those who don’t see the dangers of illegal immigration.

  4. Okay Tim – that’s a bit out there, wouldn’t you say?…or are you being snarky? 😉

    Would not that give the messiah credence when he can kill people by touching them?

  5. Kathy says:

    If Jesus could raise the dead by touching them, I can only guess that pure evil could kill someone by the same method. Sorry I could not resist.

    Diamond I did not know that you home-schooled. I home-schooled my daughter and I can say that was one of the most rewarding experiences I had. Really makes you feel empowered, doesn’t it.

  6. No complaints with the format here.

    Funny, when I read Tim’s comment (snark?) my first thought was “I hope the Mexican guy was contagious”…

  7. GG – I do not think Tim meant it that way…LOL. I get ya!

  8. Diamond,

    Turns out Timmy wasn’t snarking!

    The first swine flu case was seen in Mexico on April 13. The outbreak coincided with the President Barack Obama’s trip to Mexico City on April 16. Obama was received at Mexico’s anthropology museum in Mexico City by Felipe Solis, a distinguished archeologist who died the following day from symptoms similar to flu, Reforma newspaper reported.

    H/T Deadenders

  9. lee M. says:

    I agree with Grail Guardian – no complaints with the format here.

    Grail, I’m beginning to think you and I are more alike than I realized. Your comments seem to mirror my thoughts more and more.

    The nut cases like our DHS secretary who says there is no such thing as illegal immigration, and who is for open borders, might give it a second thought now.

    It sure is suspicious that just when Obambi needs something to use as an incentive for his health care plan, this new crisis comes along. I don’t believe in that much of a coincidence.

    Axelrod must be jumping for joy. BTW, wasn’t he in Mexico also? Leaping Stark, you voiced what a lot of us are thinking.

    Diamond, I thank you for the kind words. I try, but you are the master when it comes to investigating rabbit holes. I already had the bug, but it intensified after I found your blog.

  10. GG – un-frikken-believable. Occam’s razor anyone? How many believe that there is no such thing as a coincidence?

  11. no-nonsence-nancy says:

    I read on Yahoo news this evening that there are over two hundred school from NYC sick with the flu. They are all mild cases. Samples were taken of 9 or so kids and sent to Atlanta and they all tested positive for swine flu. I must go back and read about the connedction to the Pilgrim Society. I missed that somehow yesturday. I WILL go to tea parties. This won’t keep me away!

  12. lee M. says:

    Sorry, Leaping Spark, I spelled your moniker wrong. But I think you are on to something. Created Crisis indeed!

    Grail, your tip from Deadenders sent chills up my spine.

  13. Lee,

    We have been on the same wavelength for a long time. We even started writing for Insight Analytical at about the same time.

    I’m betting Obama and Axelrod got copious doses of Tamiflu before, during, and after their visit; a courtesy probably not extended to the archaeologist even in passing.

  14. Sunshinelvr says:

    As far as the format here, no complaints. I like it.
    ** We can only hope that the guy shaking owartface’s hand was VERY contagious!
    ** I attended the tea party near my home and I will attend every time I hear of anyone protesting this regime..uh..administration.

  15. Shtuey says:

    Always happy to drop choice nugget stories your way, and dip into the collective mind well here.

    I only have one complaint about the format…I need more cowbell!


  16. Tim? My apologies!!!! It just seem so far fetched.

    Shtuey – I’ll work on that cowbell thang for you.

    As for the rest of you…hele mai! Let’s keep digging.

  17. Kristin says:

    Diamond – I’ve only commented once before, but I am a faithful reader of your blog (found my way here from Uppity Woman’s blog), and your site has quickly become one of my favorite daily stops. At any rate, I just wanted to say kudos to you for home-schooling! I began home-schooling my five year-old back in September, and it’s the only option I’ll ever consider.

    BTW, I think the format of your site is fine.

  18. navyvet48 says:

    The two confirmed cases are fortunately not near me. The two cases are a husband and wife. The husband just returned from a business trip to Mexico. He flew out of our very own Mid Continent Airport. Our thoughts must be with the other folks that were on that plane(s) he returned from Mexico on. I fully expect there will be more cases of flu maybe right here in Kansas.

    I have a compromised immune system. My family and I are taking all the necessary precautions. Lots of disinfecting and a bottle of Purell by the back door for all those who enter our home. Wish me luck!

    I am sad though because I will not be able to go to Topeka on Thursday to meet with State Representatives. We have so many bills that we must get passed that it is important to visit Topeka often so our voices are heard. The trip will not be the same without the Chief Rabble Rouser aboard that bus, so I have been told.

    I will be home bound for sometime to come. I hope I don’t go stir crazy. Thanks for saying thank you to me…

  19. another Patriot says:

    I would not change anything about the format. This site is my MUST READ everyday and tell all others to do the same

  20. Diamond, Thanks for the kind comment, but all thanks go to you for creating and maintaining this venue for us. Without you tireless work non of this information exchange would be possible. I am not sure how I originally found your site, but I am glad I did!

    The format you have created is great (but I do miss the debt clock), so don’t change a thing.

    One thing we need to understand is all that is happening is by design. The powers that be are in full control by design. Here is some information that I would like to pass along. This is a speaker in England, but all of the principals are the same here in the US.


    This is about the fictitious PERSON that the government created to represent the man/woman that you are, and how they made this PERSON liable and subject to their corporate statutes and acts. Our government is not a government but a corporation, and the principal share holder is the “City of London”- the banksters! Lawyers know this because when they pass the BAR (British Aristocratic Registry) they accept a title of nobility (Esquire). We are all under their jurisdiction (literally “legal language”) because we submit to it! This is something that deserves some investigation and discussion.

    Thanks again, Diamond, for your work. I just wanted to throw this one out there.

  21. tim says:

    No problem Diamond. I had no idea what snark meant, so looked it up in the dictionary. It said “an imaginary animal created by Lewis Carol”, and a dangerous event on a computer. That left me really confused and I kept looking at my post to see the hidden meaning there :).

  22. Just remember Tim – that I will never think you are snarky again…so let me know when you are being such. 😉

  23. truthisgold says:

    Diamond, you and your site embody perfection and I am truly honored to be in such company as those who frequent this hallowed place! It is truly the Genuine Article, comprised of Fact instead of Fatuousness, Presence of Mind over Posturing and, most importantly, Egalitarianism over Ego. This site is extraordinary not only because of its content, creativity and consistently high standard, but because those it attracts seek nothing more than to share information for a higher purpose and embrace and include any who share that objective.

    Put otherwise, and far more simply: water seeks its own level and so do people.

    btw, like GG, my first thought was, “dare I hope that poor benighted soul was contagious?!” So much for the snark factor. Back to the purest of motives and the highest form of interchange here at LM!

    navyvet, be well and stay safe!

  24. Letty Bromenschenkel says:


    This site is awesome, discovered it by accident and look forward to the yucks every day.

    I have linked many folks to it and try to sneak a reference to it when I type on other forums.

    We do have a sense of humor left and need the laughs, while we try to save this once great nation.

    About home schooling, I believe we will have that war to fight because some states want the flow that you deny them to waste on teachers who suck, are worthless, and are so deranged, In my youth, I was a teacher and we taught the kids, we didn’t molest them, twist their brians, and didn’t need a ratio of 2 worthless teachers for every kid.

    I PROMISE MY grandsons every day, that over my dead body will they become slaves to the deranged left and be dragged off kicking and screaming to those future OBAMA youth slave labor camps, and retraining camps, and his Bill Ayers youth armn camps.

    I am around to incite folks to action.

    Granny gripes everyday.

  25. Keep Going Granny!!! I am so glad you are on our side! Never underestimate a pissed off woman or a red head

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