NEWSFLASH: Timothy Geithner Has Never Been A Banker…

Somehow having a US Treasury Secretary that has never been a banker and does not pay his taxes even though he is in charge of the IRS seems upside down to me…how about you?

Wonders never cease with this crew of thugs.  When is the next tea party?

11 Responses to “NEWSFLASH: Timothy Geithner Has Never Been A Banker…”
  1. DaddysDarlin says:

    This guy is too stupid to tell when he’s being insulted! What a wimp! Let’s get this ass off of Capitol Hill and back to doing whatever it is that he has been doing with his life, it certainly wasn’t paying his taxes.
    Obama has managed to fill his cabinet with those who don’t know a damn thing about the jobs they’ve been given. It has all been a pay to play with this administration and the American people are the one’s who are going to pay for the fraud Obama has perpetrated upon the American people, those in power anyway.
    There are still millions of us out here who know exactly what Obama is doing, and we will not let him get away with tearing our country apart. WE THE PEOPLE, HAVE THE POWER, NOT SOME HALF WHITE, HALF BLACK, KENYAN! We must revolt, we have no other way! We must march on Washington and kick all their asses out of the White House and off of Capitol Hill. They are robbing us right in front of our faces, taking our rights away right in front of us, and we do nothing. We must take action, I am here, I will march and there will be a hell of a lot more than a million Americans marching, that is a guarantee!!!

  2. Un-fricken-believable!
    But it gives me HOPE.
    I’m applying for a job as brain surgeon. Now I have HOPE I’ll get the job, although I haven’t a lick of medical training.
    America: Where anyone can be anything without any training as long as you rub elbows with the correct crowd of criminals.

    Is this what what’s-his-name spoke of when he said he wanted all the jobs the Spendulous Package was to create to go to “unskilled” workers?

  3. He was president of the Federal Reserve Bank in NY City! What the hell is he talking about? Also, he has the dead eyes of a shark.

  4. CA Patriot – the fed is not actually a bank. it controls banks.

  5. navyvet48 says:

    Makes me think of the Holiday Inn Express commercials. The guy says I have done this or that, then he says not really, but I slept in a Holiday Express last night! LOL….

  6. He was like the fox in charge of the hen house. Saying he’s spent his life time in public service like he’s some noble person is really stretching it, but what can we expect from a criminal? They lie.

  7. lee M. says:

    But his father was the boss of the “One’s” mother in Indonesia at the Ford Foundation where they dispensed mini-grants to native women trying to start their own businesses. Stanley Ann Dunham-Soetero and her son “The All Mighty Barry” probably were great friends with the Geithners, and being raised in Indonesia is all the reference he needs for the job.

    I agree with California Patriot – he has the dead eyes of a shark. When he’s being questioned by Congress, watch those eyes. It will send chills down your spine. IMO he is as deadly as a shark, and in combination with Obama and Bernanke he is twice as deadly. Not paying your taxes would have been the death knell for anyone else (ie – Daschle) but Turbo Tax Timmy is still there. Perhaps there is more to the Indonesian connection than we know about.

  8. Rev.Circa53 says:

    ..When Timmy was the “head” at the FedReserve NYC he sat there and did zero as it unraveled….Now the CEO of FredMac has off’d himself….Ooo it’s getting better by the day….Will we see barry being led out of the WhiteHouse in cuffs??….

  9. Mary Ellen says:

    Why doesn’t this surprise me? Obama goes out of his way to put in the most incompetent and corrupt idiots to fill his cabinet. I’m sure Obama owed Geithner for a big fat donation to his campaign and this is it.

    (Also…I hope I’m not being rude or too forward, but I could use a little traffic at Bad Habit. Most of those who were regulars of mine, left because they turned to Obama and don’t like my political posts–they’re not all political, though. If you or any of your regular bloggers would like to stop by, I’d appreciate it. Oh, how I hate asking! Sorry if I offended you by using your blog for this, you can delete this comment if you like, I won’t be upset. 😉 )

  10. brityank says:

    I’m no longer surprised, as it’s just more evidence of the coup d’état that has been in the works by IWW, DSA/USA, and Fenton Communications for many decades. Soetoro and Acorn may be the most visible parts to this cancer, but they are only symptoms of the underlying putrescence suffused throughout our political and civil society. God help us all!

  11. truthisgold says:

    brit you said all. and, it is by no means an accident that BOzo and Dead Eye Timmy are together in this. As lee reminds us, these two have a long standing connection stemming from Ford Foundation ties. Beware The Ford: Fix Or Repair Daily ;). Especially now.

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