"Legalized Plunder"

I thought y’all might find this interesting, and you will see quite quickly exactly what I mean when Bob Jones speaks to the crowd at the Corpus Christi, Texas, Tax Day Tea Party.  Mr. Jones is eloquent, straight forward, and full of common sense.  I am thinking “Stop Legalized Plunder” is a catchy slogan for tea party signs.


Anybody have Janeane Garofalo’s email address?

I want to send this to her.

4 Responses to “"Legalized Plunder"”
  1. lee M. says:

    Thanks, Diamond, this is a great video. I’d like to stuff it down her throat. She and Olberman don’t have a clue what we’re really about. They are so small minded that the truth could hit them in the face and they wouldn’t even feel it.

    When our Tea Parties continue and gain in strength what will be their response then? Same old, same old, I imagine. Those two and Rachel Maddow, David Shuster, and Gloria Vanderbilt’s little boy Cooper will be having a hissy fit, trying to denounce the obvious.

    Weren’t the Vanderbilts members of the Pilgrims?

  2. no-nonsence-nancy says:

    The first revolution had to be fought with weapons, unfortunately, but this one will be fought with our voices. And our voices will be heard!!

  3. Obviously Mr. Jones does not suffer from enlargement of the limbic brain; however will Janeane Loser Garofolo ever explain him? Oh, I know – he must be a racist.

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