Let Me Know…

…if you are experiencing problems with the new page.  If you are still running Internet Explorer, the page will load slower, and if you are running IE 6.0 – it probably won’t load at all.  I suggest going to Mozilla and downloading Firefox because it is just a better browser!



6 Responses to “Let Me Know…”
  1. Sandra Miller Linhart says:

    Hey, nice change – not that there was anything wrong with the last one.

  2. Sandra Miller Linhart says:

    p(m)s. I have webcount envy. hehehe

  3. suek says:

    Seems to load much faster. I had real problems with the old one – really slow. I use Firefox. Now it will be easier to comment!!! (you may be sorry you changed!!)

    As for the appearance… not crazy about the base color – I tend to prefer more neutral colors – but over all, I like the organization better. Color isn’t really that important anyway…

  4. Suek – this is my first attempt at designing my own page – expect a few changes as I work the bugs out.

  5. Hey, I liked it the way it was, & I like it the way it is now. Your posts are the most important thing.

    Ditched my idea of a Cass Sunstein piece. Never Yet Melted covered him quite nicely, & I know they get a whole lot more traffic than I ever will.

    God bless America!

  6. I love the new page…but I really miss the “debt clock”.

    Keep up the tireless work my friend.

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