Just Waiting….

I know that people are just waiting for a leader to emerge that will bring everyone together to march on Washington….I still don’t know who that is going to be but I do know someone has planned a date. I will investigate further, but this is for your consideration…and the left thought we were just going to keep sitting on our couches, watching our tvs, shopping at Target, and paying their mortgages because the Republican leadership was slinking away with their tails between their legs.  I got a message for the LIBERAL LEFT:



(H/T Shtuey – you revolutionary bastard you!)

Oh – and I guess I am on my way to D.C.; either July 4th or September 11th.

7 Responses to “Just Waiting….”
  1. Diamond, that brought tears to my eyes! I’ll be there with you.

  2. You and about 50 million other patriots!

  3. count me amongst the throng, monster mama.

  4. I’m gonna do my best to be there. Keep us informed, my faraway friend.

    Off topic: Some here know I live in the great state of Alabama. Yesterday we were outside in t-shirts at 71 degrees – this morning we have an inch of snow & still accumulating. Damn that global warming! Temp currently 35 degrees with the high today expected to be a balmy 36.

    That is why we have a saying in Alabama, “if you don’t like the weather here, just stick around a few hours, it’ll change!”

    God bless America!

  5. Yeah, but the media won’t cover it so it won’t really be happening…a la Iraq….

    I guess we won’t have to hear from ANSWER droning on for ages, though!! LOL

    DT…some bits of interest in the roundup and comments today..

    The Past Week: February 22-29, 2009 (Laura Bush Lives On; Budget Director Peter Orszag/Robert E. Rubin, Iceland Bankrupters; China Taking Advantage of U.S. Weakness As It Looks to Buy Foreign Oil Companies?; U.S. Deaths Spike in Afghanistan; Baracus Caesar Obamacus Meets Barackistanis)


  6. Was it ANSWER? Was that the coalition of all those groups? Not sure of the name…

  7. lee M. says:

    IA, if enough people show up the media will have to cover it, because Obama will have his storm troopers out in full force.

    Also, if the media don’t cover it willingly we could just march on their offices while we’re all there. It’s snowing in Washington tonight.
    Pretty hard, too. We’ve only had one snowfall this season and that was only about 2 inches and didn’t last long enough to really count.

    I guess school will be closed again tomorrow, and Obama can have another good laugh.

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