An Interesting Video

(Update: I put this video up this morning, and guess what…someone is trying to hack this post.   “You” can stop trying…ain’t gonna happen.)

H/T American Rose 4 Freedom:

Go here and view this on YouTube so that we can get this video to go viral!!!

Also, if you haven’t downloaded this video so that it does not disappear – better get right on that!

2 Responses to “An Interesting Video”
  1. Good to know there is military support for the resistance and true Americans. Some of the comments I read were a bit bothersome, but I was glad to see people blasting the left for its idiocy.

    I’m trying to be patient, Diamond…

  2. navyvet48 says:

    This is the real deal! He must cover his face….the military is banned from taking any kind of political stand at risk of court martial. If he or his family were found out they would be threatened by a chain of command that would use threats that are wrong….if they lived on base they would be threatened with eviction, he is a sergeant….he would be threatened with Captain’s mast (local non-judicial punishment) and eventually courts martial. I use to teach the UCMJ when I was on active duty. He is a Marine and falls under the same punishment as I did in the USN. The Marines do have a Commandant but fall under Naval command as well.

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