Update on "What Happened To My Blog?"

As reported earlier, The Monster is having technical difficulties (since upgrade) only when seen using Internet Explorer.  I have not received any reports of missing sidebars or post text in other browsers, and have found numerous articles saying the IE is the browser that has the most problems when viewing pages because IE “likes to be different” and does not follow industry standards for code.

That being said, I am still trying to track down which piece of *&%^$*& code is causing the problem, so my suggestion would be to view my site in either Opera or Firefox.  Try it, you might find that these two browsers make you feel like you are driving a Mercedes instead of a Pinto.

I will continue to post articles on news of the day – like the NY Times finally dropping the “move along, nothing to see here” attitude when it comes to the economy.  They are finally reporting that we are in a recession (since Dec 2007) – freakin’ imagine that?!!!  Who woulda guessed?  As other bloggers have stated, the press is dead and we are the press now!

Many Mahalos for your patience while I trounce IE into submission!!

2 Responses to “Update on "What Happened To My Blog?"”
  1. The site looks great since I went to Firefox. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Diamond Tiger says:

    Genie! Many Mahalos for your continued support thru this *&^%^^&(*^%&%%$#@#%$^ time. The only good thing about this IE issue is that numerous other WP bloggers are having the exact same problem – so there may be an answer soon…I hope…. 😉

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