Fight The Borg Collective: Take A Stand In Georgia!



A highly organized Obama campaign, with record-breaking big money funding, media “spin”, and large turn-out of AA & youth voters is only a hair’s breadth from total control in the Congress. This, despite the fact, that the major consensus of US voters believes America needs moderation in these critical times.

Anyone who believes in the importance of balance between the White House and Congress should be concerned with the outcome of Georgia’s historic run-off race for the Senate.  Due to a small vote margin gained by a 3rd party candidate, the incumbent Senator Saxby Chambliss (R) won the vote total – but did not meet the required 50% margin required by Georgia State Law.

Senator Chambliss is in the middle of a historic run-off race to retain his seat in Georgia.  With Senator Stevens (Alaska) now voted out by a small margin, the Minnesota recount hanging by a thread, Saxby’s re-election could well spell the difference in preventing a filibuster-proof “Progressive” wing take-over of the Legislative Branch.

Help W.A.M. ensure that this does not happen!

Wake Up America movement offers a quick but persuasive Call Script for Georgia with link to a phone bank for outreaching voters there about the critical nature of this December 2nd run-off race.  A smart voice mail message is included for voters you don’t find at home.  Early voting in this GA race is only this Monday through Wednesday, Nov. 24-26.  You will also receive early voting locations list for your calls.  So clink link here to Get Involved NOW!.

Be sure to include in the comment box: “Make Calls To GA”.  You will be sent an email reply with all you need to aid this vital Voter Outreach this week.

Join this Action Now.

Don’t let the paid party workers and spin TV ads of the Progressives bring in their Magic Number with this Georgia Senate Seat!!!


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