The Monster's Reaction To Senator Clinton As Secretary Of State

Numerous readers of the Monster are not going to like what I have to say, and after all the research I have done on these two, I do not have any doubt that my theory would hold water.

We have been played folks; we have been played by the ultimate good cop/bad cop duo, and I have to give credit where it is due; these two gave a performance worthy of an Academy Award.

I know, I know….I’m going to be pissing off even more PUMAs by what follows, but at some point the PUMAs need to realize that the Democratic Party, (which Hillary never left), has left them behind, and they are destined to become a marginalized fringe group if they do not start facing the awful truth that Hillary, The One, and the DNC were in this together from the start, and the plan was just adjusted as they went along. This has always been about putting Senator Clinton where she could further her agenda; the Presidency or the SOS.  The DNC was not stabbing her in the back; I theorize they were following her orders.  How else could she and her campaign staff just make the mental and emotional shift we saw to supporting The One so passionately after she continually said that The One was not qualified and that she would fight to the end for us?

Look at Hillary’s actions since the end of the primaries with her performances at the convention, and the over-the-top campaigning and fundraising.  Look at the DNC’s decision to not give sanctions to Florida and Michigan for their early primaries.  Look at The One NOT paying off her debt while he is rolling in cash.  It all leads me to believe that Madame Secretary has always been in charge of her agenda, and that agenda is about global socialism.

Take a huge emotional step back and look at the past year logically.  This whole election cycle was staged to place The One in the White House, (because you know you feel better about making history with the first black president), and putting Hillary where she could further her real agenda.  The DNC knew that Americans, (not just Dems), would vote for a black man before they would vote for a Clinton.  All the emotional seesawing that we have seen has been to make The One look even better with each passing day.  If The One could beat a Clinton, he must have it going on.  She beat the hell out of him to give him street cred, all the time knowing that this was the eventual outcome, and don’t you feel better that she isn’t being passed over again?  Isn’t this a fantastic way of getting the rest of the PUMAs on board the unity pony because of your faith in her, and now The One by association? I know the stock market reacted very favorably to the announcement today.  I could almost here them saying “Finally, somebody who knows what the **** is going on.”  Do not be fooled by the MSM, the markets uptick today had nothing to do with The One’s Treasury pick.   This all has the look and feel of more psychological warfare.

Look at all the unanswered questionable actions we saw over the last year.  We saw Nancy Pelosi changing her mind about who the superdelegates should back almost as much as she changes her mind about what is on or off the table.  We saw the RBC break the trust with voters.  We saw the MSM treating Senator Clinton in the most demeaning and misogynistic terms, and The One being treated like the Messiah.  All of these situations created a rollercoaster, fever pitch of emotion with the outcome being more and more free publicity for The One, with barely a nod from the also ran Republicans.   I have heard over and over again that this election cycle was like none ever seen, and now The One is filling his cabinet with Clintonistas; Change You Can Believe In?  I know the “Left” is already grumbling; I do believe the roar is going to be deafening sooner than later.

I ask you to open your minds, follow my line of reasoning, and see if you agree, but you must suspend your hero worship of Hillary Clinton for any of it to make sense.  Let’s go back to Occam’s Razor:

The most useful statement of the principle for scientists is “when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.”

The simplest answer to the question of why would Senator Clinton give up her Senate seat where she could make a bigger impact on her expert issue, universal health care, and become the Secretary of State is because she agrees with The One, or is it the other way around; The One agrees with her?  Who has been studying Alinsky’s methods longer?  Which one has been the protege of the other?

What follows is information from Senator Clinton’s profile at DiscoverTheNetworks:

Hillary Rodham grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois, a solidly Republican suburb of Chicago. In 1964 she supported Republican conservative Barry Goldwater for U.S. President. The following year, she enrolled at Wellesley College in Massachusetts, where her political views would undergo a radical transformation.

Rodham was deeply influenced by a 1966 article titled “Change or Containment” that appeared in Motive, a magazine for college-age Methodists. Authored by the Marxist/Maoist theoretician Carl Oglesby, who was a leader of the radical Students for a Democratic Society, this piece defended Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, and Maoist tactics of violence. Its thesis was that “certain cultural settings” (most notably American capitalism) were inherently inequitable and oppressive, and thus caused people to feel “pain and rage” that sometimes erupted into violence — like that of “the rioters in Watts or Harlem” — which was “reactive and provoked” rather than evil or malicious. Hillary later said that the Motive article had played a key role in her metamorphosis from Goldwater Republican in 1964 to leftist Democrat in 1968. During her years as First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Clinton would tell a Newsweek reporter that she still treasured the Oglesby piece.[1]

Following the June 1968 assassination of Democratic presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy, Hillary Rodham ended her affiliation with the Wellesley campus Young Republicans and volunteered in New Hampshire to work on the presidential campaign of antiwar candidate Eugene McCarthy. When McCarthy later dropped out of the Democratic primary, Hillary threw her support behind the Party’s eventual nominee, Hubert Humphrey. From that point forward, wrote Barbara Olson in her 1999 book Hell to Pay, “Republicans were the enemy and the enemy was allied with evil — the evils of war, racism, sexism, and poverty.”[2]

While attending Wellesley, Hillary Rodham participated in a number of antiwar marches in the Boston area.

In 1969 she wrote her 92-page senior thesis on the theories of radical Chicago organizer Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals (1971) and Reveille for Radicals (1947). A great admirer of Alinsky’s ruthless activist tactics, Hillary personally interviewed the famed author for her project. She concluded her thesis by stating: “Alinsky is regarded by many as the proponent of a dangerous socio/political philosophy. As such, he has been feared — just as Eugene Debs [the five-time Socialist Party candidate for U.S. President] or Walt Whitman or Martin Luther King has been feared, because each embraced the most radical of political faiths — democracy.”

Hillary would maintain her allegiance to Alinsky’s teachings throughout her adult life. According to a March 2007 Washington Post report, “As first lady, Clinton occasionally lent her name to projects endorsed by the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), the Alinsky group that had offered her a job in 1968. She raised money and attended two events organized by the Washington Interfaith Network, an IAF affiliate.”

Ultimately, Hillary’s investigation of Alinsky’s methods and ideals led her to conclude that the Lyndon Johnson-era federal antipoverty programs did not go far enough in redistributing wealth among the American people, and did not give sufficient power to the poor.

When Hillary graduated from Wellesley in 1969, she was offered a job with Alinsky’s new training institute in Chicago. She opted instead to enroll at Yale Law School.

In May 2007, Clinton outlined an economic vision of “shared prosperity” that would focus on the redistribution of wealth by raising the incomes of, and benefits for, lower earners. She lamented the “economic policy dynamics [that] are generating rising income inequality,” and expressed her desire to make “corporations pay their fair share of taxes.” She did not note that corporate taxes in the U.S. are already among the highest for OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries. Moreover, her claim that “the percentage of taxes paid by corporations have fallen” was incorrect. In fact, the percentage of taxes paid by corporations was 11.5 percent in 2006, considerably higher than the 8.2 percent figure for 2000, the last year of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Also in May 2007, Senator Clinton declared that she deemed it vital to replace the conservative notion of an “ownership society” with one based on communal responsibility and prosperity. She lamented that the contemporary American economy leaves “it all up to the individual” in “the ‘on your own’ society” that increases the income gap between the “rich” and the “poor.” Though Mrs. Clinton depicted the American middle class as a shrinking entity, Democratic economist Stephen Rose notes (in his 2007 book, Social Stratification in the United States) that once people outside their prime working years – i.e., the elderly and the young — are excluded from the equation, the median income of American families is approximately $63,000.

Mrs. Clinton has close ties to the billionaire financier George Soros and his so-called “Shadow Democratic Party,” or Shadow Party. This term refers to a nationwide network of more than five-dozen unions, non-profit activist groups, and think tanks that actively campaign for the Democrats and leftist causes. The Shadow Party was conceived and organized principally by Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Harold McEwan Ickes — all identified with the Democratic Party left.

Like Media Matters, Hillary Clinton supports the re-establishment of the so-called Fairness Doctrine (which was repealed by Congress in 1987), just as she did during her years as First Lady. This Doctrine would dilute, restrict, or limit the message of influential conservative broadcasters and, consequently, influence the thinking and the voting decisions of the American people.

David Horowitz has provided the following incisive analysis of Hillary Clinton’s broad agendas and the tactics she employs in pursuit of them:

“It is possible to be a socialist, and radical in one’s agendas, and yet moderate in the means one regards as practical to achieve them. To change the world, it is first necessary to acquire cultural and political power. And these transitional goals may often be accomplished by indirection and deception even more effectively than by frontal assault. … New Left progressives [such as] Hillary Clinton … [share the] intoxicating vision of a social redemption achieved by Them … For these self-appointed social redeemers, the goal — ‘social justice’ — is not about rectifying particular injustices, which would be practical and modest, and therefore conservative. Their crusade is about rectifying injustice in the very order of things. ‘Social Justice’ for them is about a world reborn, a world in which prejudice and violence are absent, in which everyone is equal and equally advantaged and without fundamentally conflicting desires. It is a world that could only come into being through a re-structuring of human nature and of society itself. … In other words, a world in which human consciousness is changed, human relations refashioned, social institutions transformed, and in which ‘social justice’ prevails. … In short, the transformation of the world requires the permanent entrenchment of the saints in power. Therefore, everything is justified that serves to achieve the continuance of Them. … The focus of Hillary Clinton’s ambition … is the vision of a world that can only be achieved when the Chosen accumulate enough power to change this one.”

Senator Clinton and The One’s socialist thinking is one and the same, with the added benefit that Senator Clinton has been around the block a few times and she has the power, connections, network and global thinking that The One does not possess.  Is it any wonder she wanted to be Secretary of State instead of VP?  Will American do better with a globally minded socialist as our emissary to the world?  What price will we have to pay for their agenda?  If you thought Bush’s policies screwed up the economy, you really need to do your research.  The Community Reinvestment Act enabled Fannie and Freddie to create the housing market collapse, and the resulting economic collapse.  The changes in the CRA were brought to you by the Clinton administration.  The liberal left wing of the Democratic Party is trying to turn our Capitalist Free Market America on a dime into a Socialist EU state, and now with The One as President, Senator Clinton as SOS, Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House and Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader, it may just happen.

We have not seen anything yet….

Further Thought (11/23/08): Take a moment each time an event, an action or a person is announced that has something to do with The One’s transition and presidency and run the event through the lens of this theory and see if it continues to track.  Former President Bill Clinton receiving an appointment with global effects would be the next event I am expecting.  Also, HRC being able to pick the foreign advisory team tracks with the theory.

56 Responses to “The Monster's Reaction To Senator Clinton As Secretary Of State”
  1. Mike Harmon says:

    Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  2. Tom Humes says:

    Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  3. Bill Dupray says:

    Sorry, gotta disagree with you. I think Hillary absolutely, positively wanted to knock Barry’s teeth down his throat. He is an empty suit and Hillary should have won. But, the far-left of the Party picks nominees – always has.

    What happened when he won is we saw he actually has no friends or advisors of his own, other than terrorists and thugs. He’s a nobody, from nowhere, and so his team literally is Bill Clinton’ third term. Is there anybody in Obama’s administration that was not in Clinton’s?

    I would think Hillary fans would be pleased. They probably got just about everybody in Washington that Hillary would have brought.

  4. Ted says:

    You gotta hear this 90 minute blogradio on why the media has a blackout of the looming Obama Birth Certificate Constitutional Crisis:

  5. navyvet48 says:

    This election was always about hiring someone who is a nobody, “The One” with a thin resume, little or no experience that Pelosi, Reid and the Congressional cabal could control…The One. I have been thinking about this all wrong Hillary won’t be doing the bidding of The One but the agenda set by the Democratic cabal in Congress. The One isn’t going to be in charge at all….he is merely a figure head!

    And this is definitely a Clinton third term! The way the cabinet is shaping up it appears to me that Bill Clinton is advising behind the scenes and putting Clintonistas in office again! The reason Bill wouldn’t go out for The One at first because The One refused to cede anything to Bill….he gave up quite bit….Bill may be in charge of much of The One’s administration..

    The One is nothing but a figure head….no power!

  6. clyde says:


    welcome aboard, diamond. i know how much it sucks to realize that your party has left you. it’s just that my party was the pubs.

    i don’t know if i agree with you about the collusion, but my mode of analysis is similar: stop looking at the means; focus on the end; find the most direct path there.

    i think that hilliary went down fighting and unwillingly. but then she assessed the wreckage and was willing to do whatever it took to get the very most out of the remnants. Plan A simply became B, then C, then D. now the talk can begin (again) of bill becoming UN Sec’y Gen’l or the head of the IMF. he will get a position. and it will be on the global scale, far away from bambi’s reach.

    then hilliary will have another boss to whom she reports – and bambi will have lost control of his own foreign policy.

  7. baj says:

    All this being said, I still hope that the “natural born” issue has legs and that Obama is found ineligible — hopefully sooner rather than later.

    And if/when that happens, Hillary will certainly be “in the clear” — whether because of the theories above or simply because Obama has done himself in through his deception.

  8. Ladyhawkke says:

    At first, I agreed with your assessment. But upon contemplating what hell Hillary went thru to win and not quitting even though she was being pushed out, I think she had to go to Plan D. BO would never have won if it weren’t for the caucus fraud and the corrupt DNC. The woman never had a chance. I, too, am still hoping for a miracle, like Leo Donofrio’s suit being heard by the Supremes and them having to abide by the constitution.

  9. “She lamented that the contemporary American economy leaves “it all up to the individual””
    Is this not one of the most chillingly dense and unAmerican things you could imagine?
    Hillary just doesn’t get it. She never has I now realize. She is just another power hungry little cog in the socialist machine that is trying to destroy America, and they have been planning this for a very long time.
    Yet another great article from you!
    I don’t believe for a moment that Obama is eligible to be president and they are stalling as long as they can so they can say “but but but….he was ELECTED!”
    And what soros and all the rest of the socialists want is a constitutional crisis to tear this country apart. If it turns out that obama was born in another country…then he needs to be arrested for fraud and tried for treason [we are in a time of war after all] not sworn in.
    And we should put a ban on anyone from Chicago ever setting foot in thee white house again….until they clean up their act. Which will be never……….

  10. “thee” sheesh…where did that come from? LOL.

  11. NewOrleansPuma says:

    I am a lifelong Democrat, daughter of a 40 year trade union machinist who represented that local for 30 years.

    I supported Hillary Clinton in the Dem primary and was a voluteer Hillary Rapid Responder, writing every day all over the country though email action.

    I am a day one member of Darragh Murphy’s PumaPac..www.pumapac. org
    I post under the name above.

    I have never seen your site before Monster,
    It is very handsome and I will vote for you to get an award, but not for the model of thought you have constructed here.

    Pumas are not marginalized Democrats. They are you do not exist, get your ass out of this party Democrats…so we, I assure you, know where we stand regarding the usuuped radical socialist Democratic Party of Baruk the Cruk,
    You would not allow me the space, I am sure, to fully pursue my disagreements with your premises and conclusions, and I understand that.
    However, if one uses what I also considered to be a flawed premise, your citation of using the simplest theory among convoluted ones, as yours is, then here is the refutation: Hillary Clinton is a power player and wants to remain one. She accepted the Party’s play after the primary. For that, she would get something,
    She got something. Do I support her or any of this play. I reject it and her play in it.
    Pumas and others need to stay around now for this country more than ever…for this country is in the hands of the 1% globalization crew as it was under Georgie Poorgie..and guess what? ..neither he, nor the radicals in charge now given one twit about you or me. Prepare to suffer . Prepare to rebel when appropriate.

  12. Although your theory is interesting, I do not for one minute believe that Hillary would have worked her heart out for two years, campaigning all over the country, losing 13 million $ as part of a plan for OBAMA TO WIN. What about the caucus fraud?

    No, I believe that Hillary worked as hard as she did, as I did as a volunteer from day 1, for HILLARY TO BE PRESIDENT!! WHY would Hillary work so hard for THE ONE to be elected? There definitely was a “PLAN” but it did not involve Hillary or Bill. It was the Pelosi, Dean, Reid, Brazile, etc. who had this rigged nomination and known all along that Hillary did not have a chance! They would NOT allow it.

    When it all came to an end, with Hillary being threatened,strong-armed, etc. to drop out, release her delegates, acclaim THE ONE to be the nominee, etc., Hillary as a good Democrat, decided to work her ass off for Obama so if he lost she would not be blamed.

    There IS a strong possibility that Hillary was promised a position in the cabinet if she cooperated. God knows no one worked harder than Hillary did to help Obama get elected.

    Hillary would NEVER have pretended to want to be president as part of any plan.

  13. Mae says:

    Wonderful well thought through analysis one which I totally agree with. Hillary gave in without a struggle;did not fight the event on May 31th, gave in at the convention, handed Obama the WH with all of their campaigning, too easy. This was a well thought out plan to place Hillary in a position to take over after the present president’s reign. The Democrats want the WH for as long as they can and the only way to turn this country into a socialist state is to take the WH for the next years. I do believe because of their vast knowledge of politics that this was a Clinton plan;it is a Clinton administration with a Clinton at the helm as SOS. Clever very clever.

  14. addamstaft says:

    Your series on Obama’s Socialism was great! I can’t see Hillary as being much, but I see Obama as being very disturbed, and deeply immersed in radicalism all his life. I think they are both puppets of Soros’ gang and the Alinsky/Ayer/Muslim revolution. The sad thing is that (as Palin said) none of them has a concept of victory, their dwelling place is misery and pain. Think Europe. If Obama could be disqualified because of “natural born” or “no Selective Service” or other crimes the Shadow Party might still be put down (for now). Regardless, freedom/liberty lovers must definitely get ready to fight right now, or accept defeat now, or soon.

  15. Diamond Tiger says:

    Kat – your comment was caught in spam and I eventually had to delete it to get the page to work properly – sorry. Please repost if you so feel!

    It was a great comment and another link to Tom In Paine folks.

  16. addamstaft says:

    Maybe McCain is part of the plan, too. He could have spoken the truths the MSM were covering up, but didn’t. It’s scary, but there are probably just a relative few (behind the scenes) and a few with money that have that have stolen the election. Let’s pray the SCOTUS sees through it. Right now it seems impossible to broadcast the turth in America. If the average American knew the truth, the Shadow Party would be in the garbage heap where it belongs.

  17. addamstaft….i agree that McCain was a lame candidate in the end. he didn’t even try…he showed up at the debates as if in a deep sleep. when he should have spoken up, and spoken the truth all that came out was “i don’t care about a washed up old terrorist”
    at the time i remember thinking “what the HELL???” and now that statement of his has been used over and over by the socialists.
    can anyone tell me what a “washed up old terrorist” is BTW? the only way they are ever washed up is when they are deader than a doornail!
    ayers gamed the system and won…that’s hardly washed up is it?
    and now McCain has allowed Sarah to be savaged without nary a peep out of him in her defense. not that she needs his weak voice….but it says everything about who he really is and nothing about her except that the socialists should be very very afraid of her.
    she is Reagan in a skirt….and they are going to try and destroy her.
    look at the latest “gaffe” that was all over the news. she pardoned a turkey and in the background of the camera shot they were slaughtering other turkeys. yeah….so? i don’t know about the rest of you but i kinda like my turkey to be DEAD when i eat it.
    this election has been as much about the death of reality as anything else. first of all…if that had been “the one” do you really think the camera crew wouldn’t have said “hey ‘oh, great one’ there is something going on in the background that will make you look bad when the idiots in the city see it” and then edited it out? of course they would. and then ,really, we have a fake president now, with a fake resume and a fake birth certificate and now everyone is supposed to pretend that all the turkeys in the world play “logan’s run” and go to the great turkey heaven in the sky voluntarily?
    good lord….this is really starting to creep me out. this fantasy land. just wait until that first big terrorist attack hits the states AGAIN…and you know it is coming….
    how will the fantasy kids play it?

  18. They play their own game…The Clintons have morphed into whatever is to their advantage, while their true believers are left behind scratching their heads.

    I knew it was game between the old and the new, but only a game between them. It doesn’t surprise me at all. I wasn’t a Clinton supporter because I knew what they could do and the power thing. So now we have a cross between Clinton II and Bush II….Jeebus!

  19. fsteele says:

    An alternative explanation (simpler) is that the Clintons escalated their support of BO as he found he needed it and was willing to sign them more and more IOU’s to turn this into the Clintons’ third term (appointments etc, including their very good TReasury Secretary, Larry Summers).

    The SOS thing may have begun as a phoney gesture by BO (like the VP) but there was so much support that it took on a life of its own and he is now stuck with it. And seeing that much support (and that she would be surrounded by friendly cabinet members) Hillary might find SOS worth considering.

  20. With the SC as the final arbitrator, should anything result from the natural-born-citizen suits, not much is left to challenge after the Court’s decision afterwards. With a dirty SC, a lock on the Congress, and an “easy” President, our Constitution is in jeopardy.
    The Clinton’s strike again. I believe your theory isn’t too far off, perhaps some material facts and events’ timings are incorrect, but the hypothesis appears largely accurate. As others have suggested, I believe Hillary did want to win, but as you’ve indicated, the MSM would not have that, so she had no chance. Her only card left was her connections in DC, therefore, her appointment to SOS was conjured up at the moment the DNC dumped her (and Bill). Everything else is pure Clintonian, orchestrated flawlessly to appear that Hill was THE VICTIM in all of this. I was not fooled. I didn’t deduce the same formula as you, but I agree with it.
    The rath will begin just as soon as enough ballot-rigging ensures Georgia and Minnesota go to the Dems. No one, not even you, will be able to imagine what will become of the USA after the SuperLock is in effect in Washington. God save us.

  21. Citizen Cane says:


    Hillary Clinton is a Democrat and she has almost identical political agenda as Obama?

    Truth is out there! Now I understand why she endorsed Obama, fought on his side and is going to take over one of the most significant position worldwide: BECAUSE THEY BOTH SHARE THE CORE POLITICAL VALUES!

    Thanks god you finally debunked her by posting a link to a straight rightwing site, aimed to smear… I mean, tell the truth about Democrats in general?

    I can’t believe I was fooled for so long. I’m shocked.

    What next? Don’t tell me that PUMAs are in fact Democrats as well? That would be a stretch to far, dude.

  22. Citizen Cane says:

    Face it, Hillary is on the same ship with Obama, and the name of the ship is United States of America.

    That fact that she and a large part of a former Clinton’s team is in charge now makes me feel good.

  23. Diamond Tiger says:

    Citizen Cane,
    I hope you feel that good later on.

  24. Oh…he won’t.
    But he is obviously a card carrying member of the party of the perpetually surprised.
    “What???!!?? the Clintons are dirty socialists and so is TheOne??!!?? WHAT? Why didn’t anyone tell me?”
    So, just remember “Komrade Kane”…that we all tried to tell you. You will have no excuses later…….

  25. Citizen Cane says:

    Christmasghost, you just need to explain me now how Hillary – beside being a communist – is also a muslim, elitist, terrorist and puppet of corporate business. BTW, we haven’t seen a vault copy of her BC, right?

    I guess you are a card carrying member of the dude-where-is-my-sarcasm-detector party, right?

    Neo-cons,“all your base are belong to us”.

  26. Diamond Tiger says:

    Ghost – ignore everything this obot has to say…see below.

    Can you explain to me why you are writing these comments from Europe? Are you an American or one of The One’s Famous Foreign Investors and Advisors?

  27. Citizen Cane says:

    Diamond Tiger, I’m one of the One’s Famous Foreign Investors and Advisors, OK? Would you believe in anything I’d tell you? I’m an Obot, for a god’s sake!

    Now, can you explain to me why is this blog a “proud member of JSND Coalition”? Your vocabulary, way of thinking, intents (smearing of a woman I highly respect) and sources you use imply that you are a hard-core Republicans.

    Look, I respect any consistent, straight political stand – but not posing as member of one party, while acting like a zealous adherent of the other one for some reason.

  28. Diamond Tiger says:

    CC –
    You really are not paying attention. I’m going to say this one more time – been an indie since Carter got creamed….have watched both corrupt parties sell us a bill of goods for years and years. Understand that ALL POLITICIANS are corrupt…just some more than others. Am a federalist that believes in Thomas Jefferson’s tenents. Am more afraid of what our government is going to do to us this time around.

  29. Diamond Tiger says:

    cc – one more things. JSND coalition is everybody that will not vote for The One. Not just dems.

  30. addamstaft says:

    The Alinsky group has unlawfully deceived America.
    If it takes power, it plans to crush liberty.
    Only the Supreme Court can stop it before January 20.
    The alternatives are unthinkable.

  31. Citizen Cane says:

    Diamond Tiger: “cc – one more things. JSND coalition is everybody that will not vote for The One. Not just dems.”

    That’s a fair statement.

    I don’t share your opinion about Hillary and Obama; but I don’t either expect that for you. But as a true Democrat I’d fight for your freedom of speech, regardless to that.

    BTW, I have much more in common with moderate Republicans than with left extremists.

  32. Citizen Cane says:

    edit to above: “from you” not “for you”

    addamstaft wrote: “Only the Supreme Court can stop it before January 20. The alternatives are unthinkable.”

    addamstaft, calm down your paranoia: was your life under Clinton’s admistration really so much worse than under Bush’s one?

    Besides, Supreme Court can not have any different opinion than all relevant expert on that scope:

    1) Obama’s former dual citizenship is a renown fact, but no one has claimed it as cause of his ineligibility so far – including legal experts from Republican party. Guess why not?

    2) A term Natural Born Citizen has nothing to do with a dual citizenship – it means a citizen that has not being naturalized, but born in the United States of America.

    4) There will be no “Supreme Court Conference on Obama’s Citizenship” (as trumped by some) on the December 5th, but one of it’s regular sessions, on which they typically review various petitions and applications.

    5) Leo Donofrio is a professional bluffer:

  33. Diamond Tiger says:

    Folks, we must be doing something right – why else would CC be spending so much time on this little blog. I can assure you folks that my daily hits are not anywhere close to the other PUMA/Nobama sites. So why spend so much time here?

  34. Citizen Cane says:

    As a Hillary supporter I wonder how Pumasphere perceives Hill’s nomination (as well as Ellen Moran’s and many other “Cintonian’s” ones); thus the headline of this blog entry at Daily Puma attracted me.

    I’d say you are doing something right: at least you let conflicting opinions being expressed, so far – on Puma PAC I’d be already banned.

    Can you answer sincerely, please: do you perceive Clinton’s era as worse than Bush’s one?

  35. Citizen Cane says:

    Besides, wouldn’t you rather refute my statements with counter arguments than wonder why I’m spending my time here. I do what I want – as much as you do.

  36. Diamond Tiger says:

    Answering sincerely – Bill Clinton’s era was definitely better than Bush, BUT we aren’t talking about Bill Clinton being the president again. We are talking about The One and HRC who are both known Saul Alinsky trained socialists backed by the money of Soros and the whacked out Liberal Left. I have no idea what they are going to do to our Constitution. There’s the rub.

    I also do not need to refute your statements – all the readers here are very well informed and know what we are up against. Unfortunately for you, you do not…

  37. Citizen Cane says:

    Sorry, but the “fact” that “I-can’t-even write-his-name” and Hillary are both “Saul Alinsky trained socialists” is known to whom? To whacked out Liberal Left? Check out their blogs: they’re foaming out of rage because of his cabinet picks and his reaching across the partisan divide (McCain, Lieberman).

    At the moment I can judge Obama’s moves as pragmatic, even opportunistic ones, but by far not left extremist ones. It seems more like a change back to times before Dubya, than anything else.

    BTW, are you still checking if there are any commies under you bed? C’mon, communism is a dead horse for quite a while. To much fear mongering, IMHO. That doesn’t work anymore.

  38. Diamond Tiger says:

    Loyal Monster Readers – please pay NO attention to Citizen Cane – he/she is trying desperately to get you to equate The One/HRC with Bill Clinton’s era of prosperity. I have done some background checking on CC – and it goes well beyond just your typical Obot. More Psychological Warfare – do not be BRAINWASHED into the “branding” he/she is trying to achieve here.

    Remember the question – why is an Obot here posting so many comments?

  39. Citizen Cane says:

    Maybe, I’m here just for fun and intellectual challenge, but who knows, right?

    You should rather oppose my statements, than going against me personally.

    “Don’t hate your opponents, it effects your judgment”

  40. Citizen Cane says:

    Diamond Tiger, if you’re not ready to respect and learn from your opponent, you can’t and either don’t deserve to win. I for one was touched by a grace and genuine patriotism of McCain’s concession speech. Maybe you should listen to it again.

    You don’t need to worry about me anymore, I’m done here.

  41. CC..and actually for anyone who can answer this: Why are you a Hillary fan??

    Quick review:
    In no way, can or does she possibly relate to you and I (avg citizen?). She is a multi-millionaire, wife of an ex-president.

    Prosperity during the Clinton years has always been falsely attributed to Bill and his Congress, when the Fed policy changes were incredibly more significant. Besides, if any credit is due, it certainly does not belong to Hillary.

    Person for the people? In what way(s)? Most members of Congress can’t stand her. Her whole life (obviously) has been to further her personal agenda for power. Every move she has made has been very carefully calculated, right down to her “candid” speeches.

    Public service (for our benefit)? If she were so wanting to be President, for our sake, then why did she feverishly attempt to get her own money back after she lost the nomination? Romney spent his own funds too by the way.

    Not intending to be a blog-hog, but I honestly want to know what people see in her.
    She has never ran anything. Her political career, aside from riding the coattails or her husband, has been as a Senator. Senators can live with their mistakes; others in their ranks SHARE the mistakes. Governors run things.
    Just curious. Please rsvp

  42. Nope. A fix was in – but not this one.
    More likely, Bushco couldn’t get Cheney in so they picked his cousin. DNC & the powers whi installed W worked together.
    Hillary simply acted like a politician and made the best of a bad situation cca June – when they met at Feinstein’s home.
    Why spend hundreds of millions for a fake primary – and left a humongous debt? Hillary was in it to win, but the fix was against her. Then she joined the pack

  43. Citizen Cane says:

    SovereignStates wrote:

    CC..and actually for anyone who can answer this: Why are you a Hillary fan??

    In no way, can or does she possibly relate to you and I (avg. citizen?). She is a multi-millionaire, wife of an ex-president.

    You totally lost me here already.

    I’m nobody’s fan, but I respect her and I agree with her political agenda. I don’t need a president I can relate to, but the one who can deliver – Clinton’s team proved that. Hey, but you can cast you vote for Joe the Plumber next time, if you wish.

    She’s a millionaire? Should I resent her because she “smeared her hands with a dirty money”? What kind of commie crap is this, seriously?

    Spare me with smears about her, I can read them on Free Republic.

    FYI: “Politics is the art of the possible.”

  44. CC, wasn’t questioning you personally, so you can settle down with the typical bullying commonly thrown around on the left; I only asked a question and didn’t get an answer (yet).

    Now that YOU brought it up, I am questioning your morals if you agree with her political agenda. Do you actually believe what she says?? A. She’s a politician. B. She will say/do anything to stay in the spotight.

    Contrary to you, I absolutely desire a president or congressman who can relate to my standards. WTF good is a useless chin-wagger who wants to please everyone, but knows nothing about anyone?

    Have you forgotten that the Congress makes the laws and currently we have the lowest approval rated House and Senate ever? L’est you have forgotten also, Hillary is a part of.

    Anyone who rises up from nothing to become wealthy due to hard work is my epitome of an American. Hillary is not such a person. I give her less credit than a lottery winner in that respect.

    My comments are not smears, they are simply observations.

    Lastly, I’m not quite sure why you propagandized my statements as being “commie”, but now that you have put that out there, it must be true, right? Anyone resorting to that kind of language is reaching, in my opinion. Thanks for your response, because now I’m quite sure you have never served this country other than to bash it and discredit most of the hard work done to allow you to make statements like that. Try to cut down on the senseless smears when you have no facts to back them up. Unlike you, I served as a LT in the US Navy, and regardless of my viewpoint on the war(s), I followed orders that helped to keep YOU safe from “commies”

    ..apologie accepted

  45. Diamond Tiger says:

    SS – don’t be fooled by CC’s statement that he/she is done here. They may not be posting comments but this person continues to lurk on my site. I have the tracking technology that tells me they are still here…going to leave it at that. Also, this person works for Obama – so the branding that he/she was trying to instill in people’s mind is BS. Obama will not be a 3rd clinton term; more like a 3rd Bush term and now the Left is finding that out. Here we get to say “I Told You So, It’s On You, Own It!”

  46. Citizen Cane says:

    @ SovereignStates:

    I misunderstood that members of JSND Coalition are generally Hillary supporters – but now I understand that also straight Republican blogs are a part of coalition. I apologize for that.

    But I will not apologize for having my own opinion and I certainly don’t expect that from you – we both have right on that. I respect any intellectually and ethically consistent opinion, no matter if I agree with it.

    What I don’t like is travesty: people that were posing as Hillary supporters (for some reason), and than suddenly changed their minds – for no apparent reason: Hillary didn’t change at all.

    @ Diamond Tiger:

    WOW, you have teh tracking technology? Big Brother is watching me now? Sorry, but that was immature from you, seriously.


  47. navyvet48 says:

    One statement I read was spot on….”this will be a Bush third term”. Obama believes that we should ignore the budget deficits and liberally spend money on whatever Congress wants with no oversight. Bill Clinton was the receipient of a good economy because of Reagan’s two terms. We were within the 25 year economic boon. Clinton didn’t live up to his promises either. Within one month of taking office he announced the tax increase for the middle class including anyone who made 20,000 or more per year. I suspect that Obama’s sacrifice will be two fold….the wealthy don’t get a tax increase but the middle class does whthere it is in the fomr of sneaky little things like making 401k contributions post tax instead of post tax…dirty little tricks like that!

  48. navyvet48 says:

    sorry that should be 401ks post tax rather than pre tax.

  49. fsteele says:

    Imo Hillary was sincere till June. After that we have two facts:

    1. she and Bill slowly escalated their campiagning for BO
    2. BO is appointing what some call ‘Bill’s third term’, restoring the Clintons’ 90s cabinet, etc.

    The simplest explanation is that the Clintons escalated their support in exchange for promises by BO to appoint Clintonistas etc.

    Imo BO is an empty puppet, handed off from one machine to another: from Chicago Daley Machine to Washington Kennedy/Pelosi machine. And now perhaps for his next stage, becoming a puppet of the Clintons’. I certainly hope so!

  50. fsteele says:

    Hillary wrote a college thesis on Alinsky, which involved working with him for months. Iirc she was assigned this by a teacher, it was not her own choice. She did not like or agree with Alinsky. He offered her a job but she turned him down. She said she was glad to be back in the rational world.

    She grew up middle class. She was the only candidate this spring who went to public school. Her father grew up in poverty, started his own drapery business.

  51. lee M. says:

    Diamond, this article was posted before I discovered your site. This is the first time I’ve seen it. It answers a lot of questions that have been disturbing me since the election. Thank you.

    I can see that in order to really appreciate your site, a person must read every single thing that is printed on the page. The side bars tell their own story that is often as important as the main post. I intend to consume every thing that is printed here today.

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