Same As It Ever Was….

Four days ago I wrote Stop Preaching To The Choir about what ALL anti-obamanation voters will need to do to defeat The One in 4 years.  I know quite a few of you have read and commented on it and maybe, I am once again, ahead of my time or a legend in my own mind….I don’t know which, BUT damn, if it is not still ringing true.

Tomorrow will mark two weeks since our country was bamboozeled into voting for the empty chair and now I am reading that Senator Clinton will accept the SOS job from, of all newspapers?….the Guardian UK. This post is not all about HRC, but I thought I would throw the tidbit out there.

Hillary Clinton plans to accept the job of secretary of state offered by Barack Obama, who is reaching out to former rivals to build a broad coalition administration, the Guardian has learned.

Obama’s advisers have begun looking into Bill Clinton’s foundation, which distributes millions of dollars to Africa to help with development, to ensure that there is no conflict of interest. But Democrats do not believe that the vetting is likely to be a problem.

Clinton would be well placed to become the country’s dominant voice in foreign affairs, replacing Condoleezza Rice. Since being elected senator for New York, she has specialised in foreign affairs and defence. Although she supported the war in Iraq, she and Obama basically agree on a withdrawal of American troops.

Clinton, who still harbours hopes of a future presidential run, had to weigh up whether she would be better placed by staying in the Senate, which offers a platform for life, or making the more uncertain career move to the secretary of state job.

So there you have it.  The final nail in HRC’s coffin with her base, and one can hope that it will be the end of her political career as The One will throw her to the lions when it suits him.  Does that anger some people?  It should not; what should anger you is that she betrayed her promise to you, me, and the rest of the 18 million, campaigned for the empty suit and now is going to be doing his bidding, giving up a more powerful position and joining the Progressive Socialist Party.  Oops, did I say joining?  That is incorrect, since I know from my research for the Socialism articles that she was trained by Alinsky too and is an integral part of bringing globalism to our shores.  Are any of the scales falling from your eyes yet?

Please take a moment to think about this; she did not have to campaign her soul out for him, did she?  She does not have to take the position of SOS, does she?  Did The One pay off her campaign debt YET?  Please ask yourselves, what is her payoff?  What does she gain from crawling up from the foot of the bed?

Now, back to the post at hand.  Same as it ever was…..I just took a jaunt around to the PUMA sites and the conservative blogs and by and large they are STILL TALKING ABOUT THE SAME OLD SHIT!    Misogyny, sexism, Hillary don’t do it, and why Obama beat the Republicans.    Excuse me…but how long is it going to take people to WAKE UP?  Are all you folks going to be talking about these same issues in 4 years when this bastard gets re-elected?   Have you taken the time to join all the grassroots efforts, (PUMA and Conservative, no matter what your party affiliation), listed in the blogroll in LARGE CAPS?   That is what it is going to take to nail his ass the second time around, and keep the global socialists from being in power for more than 8 freakin’ years.

I am thinking that if everybody is going to be sitting around blogging and bitching about the same old stuff, then you might as well pack it up right now….you are not doing anything but exactly what The One wants you to.  He wants you bitching about the little issues and not forming the grassroots army to match his own that is already light years ahead of his opposition and is growing moment by moment.  You are not paying attention to what will make the difference, you are just having one big pity party.  Meanwhile, this snake oil salesman:

and this group of power and money hungry frauds:

are going to be controlling this country and turning it into another EU State along with the help of the Clintons.

Hele Mai!

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  1. RIChris says:

    PUMA is becoming a spin-off of NOW, just another liberal ‘women’s rights’ organization that rejects the fact that not all women are liberals. It has already been proven how ineffectual this is in the grand scheme of things.

  2. navyvet48 says:

    I rarely visit PUMA sites anymore because they are stuck in the sexist this and that meme. It saddens me that they can’t get past themselves and see the larger picture.

    Right now the government is committing fraud on a grand scale with the bailout. We have no clue where $290 billion dollars has gone because there is no oversight. The PUMAs need to address this.

    They need to join up with the other grassroots movement before it is too late. We need an army…to defeat The One and his cabal in Congress.

    I agree with the comment above.
    One other thing some people on other blogs think the PUMAs are either irrelevant or figment of someone’s imagination…and the first thought maybe true…irrelevant.

    We now know why The Clinton’s campaigned so hard for The One…and their reward. A White House full of Clintonistas…and very high profile cabinet spot in The One’s Administration.

    And yes Hillary really did betray her 18 million supporters…

    This is the conversation between my husband and I…Hillary’s betrayal.

    And now I wonder every day why I spent my money and time to hit the road for Hillary in four states. I feel a deep abiding regret for doing it too.

    Now that McCain is kissing The One’s feet, I am glad I didn’t volunteer to campaign for him. I certainly didn’t need more regret!

  3. Diamond Tiger says:

    NavyVet – yes the PUMAs do not realize that they are marginalizing themselves by focusing on the tidbits and not the whole shebang. I wonder how long it will take and how many will open their eyes? At this point, not too many I think. So sad.

  4. Our sight is PUMA and while we are angry as hell as women, we also are angry at the Dem Party and see them for what they are …SCUM…for enabling all this economic mess. And the foreign policy stuff. We are pissed at the bunch, the Clintons and their hackery and we see what you see!!!

    We at IA DO NOT ACCEPT this crap of folding back into the Dem Party and we will continue to raise flags and try to inform about what either the Dems or Repugs do to screw the country!!!

    We are trying to be TRUTHSEEKERS and I may be changing my little PUMA bit on the left of the page to reflect that

  5. Diamond Tiger says:

    Insight! sorry if I offended you – your site is NOT one of the sites I was writing about – Keep it up – Country First!

  6. To all….welcome to the Vast Right Wing conspiracy.
    You are now seeing what we all saw years ago….the Clintons are all about the Clintons. Period.America is just their personal playground/bank.
    And McCain? Well, he can kiss my ass. He is just as bad as they are. He can’t be bothered to stand up for Sarah Palin…who was the one after all that we were all voting for…but he can take the time to kiss TheOne’s ring?
    Fah! We need to start getting people in line for office that have something to really offer the American people…and not worry about party lines. Although, I must say that since the dems have turned into socialists I won’t be voting for any of them until they change back in to “just” the loyal opposition to the republicans. Right now they are the disloyal opposition to Americans.

  7. Diamond Tiger says:

    Now if we could only get all those that are dissatisfied with both parties to join ONE INDIE PARTY! Now I know that is a Pipe Dream! I think I will just focus on the grassroots army. 🙂

    Ghost is right…..

  8. Shtuey says:

    Okay Clinton bashers, it’s reality time.

    First, as in all things HRC, I will believe it when it comes out of her mouth.

    Second, what is going to save this nation is not an independent party, but the realization that all politicians are self-serving, lying asshats. The Clintons don’t own that category, or were Bush and Cheney not sucking this country dry for eight years with Halliburton’s no-bid contracts?

    What is an independent party going to accomplish, replace Obama with another scumbag that has an R in front of its name instead of a D? That is not a plan.

    You want change? I’ll give you change. Americans no longer filing their taxes. That’s change. Americans using their constitutional powers to take control of the federal government and force it to operate within the confines of the Constitution. That’s change.

    Trading one fascist for another is not change.

    63 million idiots thought Bush was doing such a great job they voted for him again. 67 million voted for an idiot who thinks there are 57 states. That means that more than 1 in 3 Americans are so incredibly stupid that if breathing were not rooted in an involuntary nerve impulse they would all drop dead.

    Sorry, this country is permanently set on stupid. Release the ravenous dogs.

    If PUMAs are not going to make amending the Constitution and reforming government its number one priority then it is a complete waste of time.

    DT, everyone’s pissing me off again…not you of course because I know you’re as pissed as I am. We need to stop relying on parties and politicians. And we can’t rely on Americans because too many are braindead stupid. Again, release the ravenous dogs.

  9. Halliburton….did you know,shtuey, that soros owns quite a bit of that company? The same soros that now owns the democrat party.

    And this:”If PUMAs are not going to make amending the Constitution”
    No no no no NO and double NOOOOOOOO….
    Are you kidding? what are you going to tell me next, that the constitution is a *gag* “living” document?
    Now this I can get behind…” Americans no longer filing their taxes. That’s change.”
    Seriously, is there anyone that doesn’t know what politicians are…except for all the idiots that voted for a messiah…hah!….I think we are all quite aware of what a politician is.
    Clinton “bashers” ??? Seriously?
    What do you need? If it walks and talks and screws over it’s own country like a snake….guess what? It’s a snake.
    And, to be accurate, only 52% of this country seems to be set on stupid………

  10. Diamond Tiger says:

    Shtuey, Ghost – take it easy you two. I love you both and though you don’t realize it right this moment – you two are waaaayyyyyyy closer than you think. Get to know each other, visit each others sites and look at more than one post. Can you do that for the Monster?


  11. Tired of being called racist says:

    This is EXACTLY what I have been saying.

    The fatal problem with an Independent Party is that it has no power.

    The ONLY way to make a difference is for PUMA and the Centrists to form an organization and join the Republican party.

    Why, you may ask. Very simply because the Republican Party is the minority party and it doesn’t have an organized radical organization, also known as ACORN.

    If this organization was able to form itself and concentrated in advancing people that will conform to advancing the core centrist agenda, then, it can and will make a difference.

    Otherwise, it’s all talk and nothing more than just talk.

    Think about it. If such an organization could have voting discipline, then, it can nominate centrist candidates in the primary process.

    And THAT is where the difference can be made.

    Otherwise, we stuck between having to choose between 2 bad candidates that nobody wants to vote for. Either a radical liberal or a radical conservative.

    What we need is candidates that have centrist ideology. Which is very hard to accomplish because the candidate has to appeal to the radical part of either party.

    In the end, in order to make a difference, this organization needs to have about 20 million members, voting discipline, and willingness to work for the advancement of the cause.

  12. ooookay diamond…just for you.
    actually i think we are pretty close together. after all i voted for bush twice and i am more than willing to admit that the second time was a mistake. “maybe” [except here’s where the lame-o pick the lesser of two evils really kicks in] even the first. BUT, and this is a big one, seriously can anyone here even imagine what it would have been like to have al “where’s that BUCKET of ice cream when i need it” gore as president after 9/11?
    really, please….don’t just knee jerk, think about it. my family lived in the middle east…my sister was born there…and they don’t respect kumbaya….they only respect force or the threat of force combined with the power and will to back it up. i wish we lived in this swell world where everyone could be rational too…but we don’t period.

  13. Diamond Tiger says:

    Ghost – what you and Shtuey have in common is your deep love of this country and it’s constitution. I agree with both of you on alot of issues AND I disagree with both of you on alot of issues, but the constant is that both of you have OPEN MINDS and are willing to consider all positions instead of just being democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, centrist…blah, blah, blah. You understand me and I think if both of you took the time you would be as impressed as I have been with both of you!

  14. Diamond Tiger says:

    Wow Tired- what an excellent perspective – only problem is the Republican party ain’t what it used to be and I mean way back when it started as the anti-slavery party – not when the conservative right wing took it over. It has that brand now – they have to change it to the common sense, centrist, American agenda.

  15. Tired of being called racist says:

    To Diamond Tiger,

    I have a few ideas, however, nothing is going to happen unless PUMA, Dems for McCain, and centrists are willing to organize under a single organization that will adhere to voting discipline.

    That’s the whole key. Voting Discipline.
    If the organization can deliver all of it’s members to support a candidate, then, the candidate can tailor their message to attract the center-right or center-left, fully confident of the monolithic support from the organization. This setup should be able to carry most of the time and most of the places.

    In order to make this work, the organization must have a set of core principles that need total adherence from the candidate.

    And these principles have to have UNANIMOUS agreement from ALL members of the organization.

    Obviously, wedge issues would not be in those principles. i.e. abortion.

    Some of principles would be,
    1-Balancing of budget through spending cuts, not cutting the rate of growth, actually cutting spending.
    2-Teacher accountability for better education reform
    3-No Special Interest or Lobby money.
    4-All earmarks must be voted by the full body to be included in a bill, no middle-of-night inclusion of earmarks that nobody knows about.
    In another words, NO PORK.

    I’m sure most centrists can agree to these principles.

    Because of #3, the organization members must be willing to contribute a certain amount to the candidates per election cycle.

    It shouldn’t be much because if you have a million member strong, $10 from each member would be $10 million and a congressional candidate should be able to run within this budget.

    As for member’s point of view, $10 is nothing compared to the massive amount of waste by the government, porking of a bill, that eventually cost the taxpaper, you, me and everyone else, all year around.

    And members should agree that additions to the core principles should only be approved by 90% agreement. I would think that is quite fair.

    I’m sure that others will have more principles that they would like to include in the core set, however, they should be careful to recommend anything that could divide the organization.

    Only sticking with things that we can all agree on, initially, would be the right thing to do.

  16. Shtuey says:

    Ghost, my point is that we need a significant paradigm shift that neither party is going to deliver…because they have no vested interest in doing so. In order to create that shift history tells us there are two possibilities…cut off the money, or cut off the power. I prefer both.

    I should rephrase when I say amend the Constitution. What I mean to say is that we should exercise our powers granted to us in the Constitution; specifically the power to petition for a redress of grievances, as stated in Amendment I, and use our powers under Amendments IX and X to create citizen driven institutions to which our elected officials are directly beholden. Let’s face it, voting is bullshit.

  17. DT…you DIDN’T offend us! Just wanted to reassure people that we are not all about sexism…We have a few posts “pent up” currently, but we’ve go the Scanners (political and foreign) we put together and also other pieces in the works…

    It will take some time to regroup, but we are all catching our breath and getting a lot of frustration off our chests. Some of us “old farts” have lived through so much and we see it all over again and gee, it’s so aggravating!!!

    So, that’s what’s going on now…but we do have other fish to try and want to help out anybody else who has a means of organzing a “resistance movement.”

  18. “got” the Scanners…SORRY!

  19. addamstaft says:

    It’s not a done deal yet. Until Jan. 20th something could trip Obama up. The problem is getting the word out in spite of this vast socialist network that has been decades in the making. Obama is not qualified to be president because he is not a natural born citizen. Obama is not qualified to be president because he never bothered to register for the Selective Service. If anyone looked, it appears that he has also committed treason, felonies, and there may be something about Donald Young and others. We say we’re in danger of a constitutional crisis. Saul Alinsky’s disciples would say “goodie”.

  20. Diamond Tiger says:

    Tired – I can see you have thought this out and I agree but I think you really need to read Stop Preaching To The Choir if you haven’t already. When I figure out how to get the PUMAs and the Conservatives at the same table, then we will be getting somewhere. And I don’t mean Republican Conservatives, I mean American Conservatives, Moderates and Liberals.

  21. Diamond Tiger says:

    Ghost? Do you see what I see now?

    (The Monster has zero tolerance for stupid people – I don’t even acknowledge their appearance.)

  22. Shtuey….I agree with everything you say until you get to the “voting is bullshit” part.
    What would you have in it’s place?
    My three sons [I know….sounds so lame] are all in their twenties and they keep saying that we need a third party……I then point out that we already have several to which they say yeah but….
    Yeah but nothing. Do we really want to go down the same path as the euros? I sure don’t.
    And therein lies the rub.
    after all just because something is broken it doesn’t mean you should just chuck it out and move on to the next thing.fix it! I really think that we have to concentrate on the two parties that are the major ones. R and D. Wow, if only they worked as well as my R and D lab does….hmmmm.
    But I am old enough to remember when they were both quite valid parties…. they just had different bases and ideas BUT they were PRO America. I really think that’s what we have “lost”. Well, not lost so much as it has been stolen from us by Soros and the other billionaire boys.And not a one of them gives a rip about America or us, her citizens.
    What about this….let’s say we take a good look at every single senator [for starters] and develop a rating for them based on good qualities and bad.Qualities that both traditional R’s and D’s can get behind comfortably.
    As an example I have been a registered republican since I first voted, yet I grew up in marin county and was a hippy. After school I was living on a houseboat in sausalito and painting in the artist’s co-op.As you can imagine, people always assume they know my politics because I am an artist….which I find terribly amusing. although for the last ten years or so I didn’t dare tell anyone I was a conservative [that before republican] because I would have lost work and been shunned. Now isn’t that just total crap? And this crap started in the 60’s.
    I think we need to get back to being able to use free speech without getting hurt etc. Right now we might as well be living in Venezuela and with obama as pres. it will get much much worse. Let’s all remember Joe the plumber for a moment.
    And most people I know aren’t one issue voters at all. that’s what the media wants everyone to think and that’s total BS. I have been an environmentalist my whole life as has my family. the environment shouldn’t be a one party thing…it’s everyone’s. I’m pro life but I also don’t think it’s my right to tell anyone else what to do. There are some changes I would like to see…late term etc. gone. It’s wrong and it’s medically unnecessary. Ask any doctor…that’s what they say. So what if we based things on facts and not emotions.
    What most people don’t realize is that the media and political parties have been using emotions to keep people apart….because when we are all on the same page, they are in trouble and they know it.
    I’m sorry I’m rambling….just thinking out loud.
    My wish list would be:
    no lobbyists. companies don’t get a vote.
    no pork….period. unless it is the only thing in the bill and we all see it.
    no conflicts of interest. for all the screaming about halliburton and cheney for the past 8 years, just wait, you won’t hear a peep about soros and the same company as he pulls gumby’s little strings.
    secure borders.
    mind our own least for the next few years. if it isn’t directly hurting us it’s not our problem.
    allies are only real allies when they actually do help you out. we have never really had any so it’s always our necks on the line. no more.
    no more economic help to any other country …period. why pray tell are we giving money away when there are people right here in this country that can’t make ends meet?
    which brings me to why are we policing the world when A. they don’t appreciate it. and B. it always comes back to bite us. and C.until we can walk down any street in this country in the dead of night without getting whacked i really don’t give a flip what it’s like in somalia.sorry…but we can only do so much.
    and freedom isn’t free….if we help out someone [think iraq] it should be because they asked us to and we aren’t going to break out bank to do it.
    pro America. we aren’t perfect but i have lived and traveled all over the world and we sure as hell are the closest thing to perfect. besides…perfect doesn’t exist.
    there is only one America….but there are a lot of socialist and communist sh*tholes. if people want that type of “government” i suggest they move there. PERIOD.
    what do you think?

  23. Diamond Tiger says:

    Hallelujah- I thnk I just heard the angels sing! Go Ghost! I’m too tired to write more but you rock and I can’t wait to see Shtuey’s reply. I love smart people!

  24. diamond…..whew thanks. i’m so used to getting in trouble for being ‘smart’. fine line i have to walk at all times with all these alpha males around…..

  25. Diamond Tiger says:

    Ghost – one of the sayings that I live by – “eat the sheep and wear their clothes”.

    Being smart is way okay here!

  26. Tired of being called racist says:

    To Diamond,

    The reason ‘voting’ is bullshit because you’re left with choosing the lesser of 2 evils.

    You have the radical Left candidate or the radical Right candidate.

    Everybody complains, holds their nose and stabs in the dark when it comes to making a choice.

    As long as the middle wants to stay ‘Independent’ without an ability to put a centrist candidate on the ballot, it doesn’t matter at what level, voting sucks.

    What’s remarkable in this election is that Moderate Democrats, a whole bunch of them, left the Democratic party and voted Republican.

    They finally realized that the radical Left has hijacked the Democratic Party.

    Hence, we have a golden opportunity.

    Instead of trying to get back to the conservative roots in order to rejuvenate the Republican Party, which will alianate most of these voters right back to the Democratic Party, we have an opportunity to reshape the Republican Party as a party of Centrists.

    THAT’s what every Republican is missing in analyzing the situation.

    If these people that left the Democratic Party wants to make a difference, then, it is only possible in the Republican Party, BEFORE it reverts to what it was a decade ago. Because, if it does, then, we’re back to one or two cycles to Democrats, followed by one or two cycles to Republicans.

    The Democrats that have left the Democratic Party, PUMAs, Dems for McCain, etc…, have no voice. Being an Independent is like not existing at all. Especially since they have no say in the nomination of candidates.

    IF they want to have a POLITICAL VOICE, then, they need to organize and join a party where they can have a voice.

  27. Shtuey says:


    That’s what I’m talking about; fixing it. We can do this in a variety of ways. I like the idea of eliminating pork. I think we need to create an apparatus in every Congressional district that has direct oversight over their elected officials. Letting these asshats police themselves is a joke. I don’t want these morons taking a dump without my knowing what color it is, and how much it weighs. Who are they meeting with, who are they taking money from? I want big time transparency. I also think there should be term limits. Two terms for the Senate, 3 terms for the House. If people are in love with their officials they can hold a referendum, which the office holder can neither initiate or lobby for, it must be citizen based, and by petition. If people have the facts, and they are happy with their representation, then they should carry on, but if you put the limits out there it will make them think twice.

    Making these dingdongs accountable by something more than our votes is going to be a major step. We also need major reform of campaign finance laws. It is ridiculous that groups like ACORN are getting our tax dollars to break the law.

    I am sick and tired of the candidates being demonstrably corrupt, from corrupt parties who don’t care if we live or die. Enough already. I’m tired of voting for my dog for President every four years, though she’s been a great President.

    You make an excellent point about Soros and Pampers. It was pretty obvious to a lot of us that Pampers was going to be just like Bush; driving up deficits while funneling money to all his pals. That’s why he wants to expand the faith based initiatives program; more money to Trinity Church, the Nation of Islam, etc Pampers has always been about kickbacks and what’s in it for him. At a time when we need to change the way we do things, and who is running the country, we’re going to get more of the same.

    We are so screwed.

    And it is true we have a lot more in common. The media has blamed everything on Bush. The Democrats have been doing plenty of the screwing too! just look at Fannie and Freddie.

    The problems are vast. And I think that if we don’t start bringing together disgruntled “liberals” and “conservatives” and independents, and start exercising our powers, we will keep getting screwed.

  28. Tired of being called racist says:

    To Shtuey,

    Unfortunately, I see several problems with your suggestions.

    Don’t you understand, the elected person’s #1 duty is to retain their seat or a seat at the next rung in the political ladder.

    They, literally, do not fear anything except losing their seat. This is the single factor that drives most of them.

    This is the reason why they appropriate pork, take special interest money, and do things that are contrary to the benefit of their constituents.

    Until they are threatened with the loss of their political seat, they won’t budge. No matter how inane their position is.

    Putting term limits on politicians is foolhardy at best. Any politician who has no way to retain their seat is a dangerous animal.

    This is where ACORN is very effective. Just think about it. They are able to mobilize a massive number of minority voters that have voting discipline. THAT is the reason why the politicians will find federal dollars for them in every way possible. They strike FEAR in their hearts. Cross them and it’s goodbye to their political careers.

    This is exactly the reason why I advocate that the Centrists need to organize and join the Republican Party. The main reason is because it has no ACORN, therefore, an organized group with voting discipline can nominate a candidate and get them elected.

    Of course these candidates would have to agree to a number of core principles, however, let it be known that we got the person elected, we can also get the person out if betrayed upon. Including voting for the Democratic candidate in order to get the person out.

    After the first one who betrays the group loses the seat, the message will be sent though out the landscape be true to their promise to the group or else.

    When that happens, then, the reforms that we want will be just a matter of time.

    And the perfect time to do this is right now on the heels of the election defeat.

  29. Shtuey says:

    Tired; that’s just a shell game, and in the end puts us right back where we started. What’s the point of joining yet another demonstrably corrupt party?

    Obviously elected officials’ only job is to get reelected. That’s why they don’t serve us. That’s why you need term limits. You proved my point. Are you telling me that a lame duck Congressman is going to be more dangerous than say an asshat like Barney Frank? You cannot possibly believe that.

    This is a snake eating its tail. That’s the point. I still say that a non-partisan consensus among the political spectrum of people who are fed up with this never ending stream of bullshit need to get together and figure out how to make it stop.

    Take away the money, and take away the power. Problem solved.

  30. Shtuey says:

    Now here’s something interesting.

    Currently, 30% of the electorate is unaffiliated. What would happen if that number went up to 50%. The answer is not joining one party or the other. The answer is leaving both parties and making them come to us. Whichever gives us the best deal wins.

  31. Shtuey says:

    Or we get both parties together and put badgers in their pants.

  32. Diamond Tiger says:

    I vote for really pissed off badgers!!

  33. Shtuey…..WOW….just WOW.
    Everything you said was absolutely right and brilliant.This is such a great start…and it’s all common sense.
    The badgers are not a bad idea either…..

  34. Diamond Tiger says:

    well, well, well….I must say that I don’t know alot about alot of things, but I do know people.

    Let the discussion continue and I will add if I think of anything. I already know what I would love to do but I can’t write it here or the men in black would be at my door.

  35. Tired of being called racist says:

    To Shtuey,

    If you read what I wrote, I did NOT say that people should join as individuals.

    In fact, the Centrist, i.e. PUMA and others, need to form a Centrist organization, and THEN join the Republican party.

    Because of ACORN, trying to make a difference in the Democratic party is a losing proposition.

    However, the Republican party is ripe.

    Being and Independent sounds cool, however, that also means that there’s no organization for nominating a proper candidate. SO, what the end result?

    Having to choose between a radical Democrat candidate versus a radical Republican candidate?

    How is that different than what we’ve had for the last decade?

    And you’ve seen how elected official behave when they want to keep their seat, from BOTH parties.

    So, organizing ourselves FIRST, is a must. The next logical step is the Republican party because of no ACORN. Then, work to nominate candidates that will carry our water instead of the ones from special interest.

    Essentially, organizing ourselves into a centrist group, we can become the mother of all special interest. The only tricky part is to put together a set of principle, just like the Constitution, that will guide us from becoming corrupted by the absolute power we can achieve.

    As for term limits, no such need. If an elected official that got there with out backing does something stupid, then, we vote the person out, even at the expense of voting for the opponent in the election ballot.

    I do agree with you, as I’m sure that there are many others, about certain principles that should be defined as core principles. What I’m saying is that we need to organize to have a political voice that candidates will listen to.

    With a political voice, we can use it to make a difference. Without it, all we’re doing is wasting bandwidth.

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  2. […] Same As It Ever Was…. Four days ago I wrote Stop Preaching To The Choir about what ALL anti-obamanation voters will need to do to defeat The One in 4 years.  I know quite a few of you have read and commented on it and maybe, I am once again, ahead of my time or a legend in my own […] […]

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    "On every question of construction carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 1823

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