Stop Preaching To The Choir

I know quite a few people have read this quote from Thomas Jefferson in the past few days:

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

I have seen the fear and heard the stories of people suffering shell shock from the outcome of our presidential election.  I myself was physically ill for days with the complete and total “wrongness” of this outcome.  It is time to shake it off, suck it up and do what Americans do in the face of great adversity; come together as one.

As you can see, my site is undergoing massive changes in keeping with what others may consider to be an impossible mission that I have set for myself.  My PUMAs have gone back off to their lair and the Monster has a new face as I no longer consider myself a PUMA, rather an American first with no party affiliation, and no party agenda to follow or protect.

You will also notice that my blogroll is a compilation of PUMA, Moderate, and Conservative sites.  This blogroll will continue to grow as I reach out to all true patriotic Americans that want to continue to watch, report and impede the socialist agenda of the President Elect, Nancy, Chris, Barney, Harry and the rest of the “Progressive Socialist Party”.   We will need EVERYONE together to push back the far left liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

I am sure there will be quite a few people that want to ask me “who do you think you are?” after they read what comes next, but I felt that it needed to be said out loud and there is no better time than the present.

This message is for all the people that voted for McCain, and those voters that stayed home and did not get out to the polls for the McCain/Palin ticket, and are now completely aghast, or coming to the realization, that our country is going to be pulled down to the level of a member of the EU, and a socialist state.

I am urging all that read these words to put away partisanship and issue driven argumentsWe no longer have the luxury of labeling ourselves with a party affiliation.  I know that every group will have their own agendas from caucus/primary reform to women’s issues to getting back to basics concerning the conservative republicans, but if all of these people and groups do not come together to defeat The One and Nancy Pelosi and her Gang, it will not matter what your agendas are because our country and Constitution will have been fundamentally changed by the politicians that now hold power.  Your agendas will not matter…

I am asking all that really believe this Presidency was just another instance of purchasing the White House to stand up as Americans and reach out to every other person who wants to make sure that OUR White House will no longer be for sale.  It has been 7 days since the Obamanation bought the White House with suspect money, and there are millions of people and probably hundreds of thousands of groups that NEED to join together to take OUR COUNTRY BACK from the corrupt politicians that have been, and will continue to be, in charge of our government.  Now is the time for Democrats, Republicans and Independents to drop their party affiliations, their issue driven differences, and form ONE coalition to bring true reform to both parties, and bring balance back to our government.  We are America….not the people that we elected who continue to ignore us.

For those PUMAs out in the sphere, it is now time to stop excluding each other, the moderates, and dare I say, the conservatives.  I know that everyone that was supporting Hillary, and then working to stop The One’s election have gotten very badly beaten up emotionally and have tended to band together in little groups.  It is now time for that cocooning to stop, and PUMAs to continue their march toward fair and free elections as a united front with Moderates and Conservatives.  PUMAs, you have been forged in the fires of hell and are tempered steel now.  PUMAs must form alliances with any group that has government reform as their agenda.  For those Moderates and Conservatives out there, I greatly appreciate the comments I have seen here and on other sites thanking the PUMAs for their relentless pursuit of a true democracy without voter fraud and MSM bias.  We have noticed.

Moderates and Conservatives, the message is the same for you.  Everyone has their own agendas, but now OUR country is in serious danger of becoming even less than what she was with The One’s socialist associates and agenda in the White House.  Getting back to the basics and rebuilding the Republican Party is not going to matter if The One wins re-election and the “Progressive Socialist Party” passes more laws that move this country toward European Socialist status.  We have less than 18 months to get our grassroots army together to fight The One’s re-election.

Is everyone feeling me yet?  It is time to look at the bigger picture of what is happening in our country with these Saul Alinsky trained socialists. I have not yet seen anyone step up and start an inclusive list of all groups that want government reform.  If we all stay in our own little part of the world, preaching to our own choirs, the massive reform we need will never happen.  The conversation needs to go across party lines and affiliations.  Knowledge is power.  The links in this chain must be forged and quickly.  Conservatives must join PUMA groups and PUMAs must embrace Conservatives and Moderates.

I currently stand 100% behind Wake Up America; a grassroots organization that understands political election dynamics, but I will be reaching out to all groups and trying to bring them together in one coalition.  The President Elect won this election on the basis of two major factors.

  1. He understood that Americans are a truly HOPEFILLED people.  We would not have been able to accomplish the major events in our history without being people of stature to begin with.  We all believe that situations can be made better.  The President Elect played on this major strength by calling for Hope and Change.
  2. The President Elect has a legion of millions of people on the ground doing the work at the grassroots level.  What usually happens to an outnumbered army?

I am currently compiling a list of groups.  If this goal is achieved, I will start another website for that purpose only.

Please leave links to groups you have found that should be included.  I can be contacted at my email address: DiamondTiger12 at gmail doc com.

(Author’s Note:  I am going to leave this on the front page for a few days because I believe more people need to see it and start looking at the positive.  I refuse to be sucked into the black hole of chaos currently occupying the space taken up by the President Elect and His Wife.)

(Update: 11/15/08: The backlash begins with the Monster being taken off PUMA blogrolls…I will write a post on that soon.)

28 Responses to “Stop Preaching To The Choir”
  1. We’re still PUMAs at IA because we want to get the Democratic Party to acknowledge that women count! Without two parties that do so, we still won’t get anywhere!

    That being said, we are also into watching Obama like a hawk and also support WAM. We’re evolving, too…some changes have been made already…we’ll see how long we can keep up before physically dropping!


    Latest piece:

    Now, in terms of foreign policy…we have Ziggy, Maddy and a host of others along to try to push O along…with Zakaria as the host….so much for change in the “CLUB.”

    “Project Foreign Policy—Style!” Introducing This Season’s Newest Look–Obama’s Magic Foreign Policy Shoes!

  2. PS..we like The New Agenda as well!

  3. Hi: You consistently produce some of the best material on the Internet. This is a very difficult time for America, and I’ll try to pass your thughts on to as many people as possible — Steve

  4. Diamond Tiger says:

    Thank you Stephen, but I personally think numerous people think the same thing but I just have a bigger mouth. 🙂

  5. hey, i finally updated the sidebar…come have a look. and i was so glad to see that you put DANEgerus and sultan knish up too.
    isn’t DANEgerus great? well, they both are.

  6. Diamond Tiger says:

    Expanding the horizons Ghost – expanding the horizons. I absolutely love both those sites and wanted to thank you (will at your site) for putting me on your rolls!!! Now if we can just get all the conservatives to put puma sites on their rolls and vice versa – we’d have sometin’ goin’ on!

  7. navyvet48 says:

    Good One My Friend….amen to the comment above. We need to reach out to one another but resistance is very strong in the conservative blogosphere! They don’t like us very much if we don’t label ourselves conservatives! That is the impression I am getting when I post at their blogs…

  8. addamstaft says:

    Great essay! I hope you will add Atlas Shrugs to your blogroll. Isn’t the absolute immediate goal to see if Obama might be prevented from taking office due to not being a natural born citizen or because of being guilty of treasons or felonies?

    If Obama takes office, the task becomes 1000 times more difficult. If someone had deported him as an illegal alien 20 years ago… or checked his credentials when he ran for the Illinois senate….or…. This is truly a nightmare for the whole free world of liberty loving men, but we must defend our capitalism and democracy regardless of the cost for the sake of our loved ones.

  9. Diamond Tiger says:

    This issue is the basis for all the rest. Any single American that needs to get a passport, a marriage license, or some other important document MUST, I repeat MUST produce a birth certificate.

    Now our Constitution may or may not be at stake because this person will NOT PRODUCE a birth certificate. Will not….well, then I guess we CAN’T swear you in.

  10. baj says:

    This new Calif. lawsuit is worth reading. In addition to questions about BO eligibility based on birth, there are numerous other citizenship (eligibility) questions:

    It just needs to be filed in the other 49 states — especially those that Obama carried that have Republican Secretaries of State.

  11. navyvet48…..are you finding resistance at all conservative sites or just the big ones?
    i guess what we really need to do is define what a conservative is. i know what it means to me…small efficient government that isn’t in everyone’s business all the time, secure borders,following the constitution and not considering it a “living” [oh, gag-a-maggot!] document…that can be messed with by the first socialist to come along.
    and so many other things…what do you think?

  12. Linda Starr says:

    I started a list (top right of my blog) called Join The Resistance! I just added Wake Up America…thanks.

  13. hey diamond….you were quoted at the sultan’s. very very cool…congrats!

  14. Diamond Tiger says:

    Linda – left a comment and your site and Ghost!? No Link?

    I am humbled!!!

  15. Linda Starr says:

    Got your comment–will try to remember to send new Resistance links as I get them! The blogger layout module for “My Blog List” won’t accept your link (says there’s no feed)!

  16. diamond…that is a very big deal…he hardly ever does that.
    bask in the glow baby, bask in the glow!

  17. Therak says:

    I completely agree with your post 1000 percent. Thank you for expressing my thoughts so perfectly. I have been a PUMA since the beginning, and often participate in blogging at — but lately feel total frustration at the lack of attention given to the most crucial obstacle of all — stopping Obama from succeeding in his goals for destroying this democracy.

    I’ve seen the PUMA’s take up goals such as getting Olbermann fired, or wanting to solve the lack of respect towards women. While I agree that it would be great for these goals to be achieved — it’s frustrating that everyone seems to miss the point that none of these issues can have any chance of succeeding while Obama is in power. He’s the reason these issues have become so paramount. He thrives on chaos and strives to fuel it. So it’s a moot point to care about any other issue (regardless of their importance to us as individuals) until we get the man — who is at the root of these problems — out of power.

    I also agree that party holds no weight for me anymore. There is certainly no affinity for the Democratic party any longer — and similarly, I can no longer think of the Republican party as the antipathy of my belief system. To me — I only see Americans with the “Country first” concept (to quote the McCain slogan). So I’ll do whatever is within my power to support your goals in this effort.

  18. Ladyhawkke says:

    I totally agree with your assessment. Several of us Pumas have worked together off of the Puma blog to try to get BO knocked off the ballot. Yesterday we posted everywhere jbjd’s legal opinion to further that goal. Please go here and then make it VIRAL.

    No one has verified Presidential candidate Barack Obama is a natural born citizen as required by the U.S. Constitution. Yet the Electoral College is poised to cast their votes for him on December 15. Given the complicated legal and documentary analysis required to establish his eligibility, what is needed immediately is a full airing of his legal status in federal court. This means filing a suit that would survive a challenge to standing. And given the recent pronouncements by the court in the several cases now pending, Plaintiffs who could establish standing necessary to force this inquiry are members of the military or National Guard scheduled for deployment or about to be scheduled for deployment to a combat zone; and members of their families.

    Read the full analysis on

  19. Ladyhawkke says:

    Sorry, please correct that, I meant worked to keep Obama from being INAUGURATED.

  20. Brian H says:

    I’d like to suggest for the blogroll, but don’t know if permission is required. Email .

  21. TransPonder says:

    This is a good idea, but be careful with the implementation. Trying to open up the membership of a “closed” club can be a tricky proposition, and it’s exactly what killed Hillary Clinton Forum. Murray hoped to find some uniting principles that transcended party lines, but it was like pulling the carbon rods out of a reactor. The place collapsed in a crescendo of right-left, conservative-liberal, women’s issues-LGBT bickering. The same thing is already happening at pumapac (at decidedly lower intensity), now that — absent the urgency of the Election — there are nagging gradients of belief in even the smallest, tightest communities.

    Absent the glue-like emotional animus of devoted Hillary worship or white-hot Obama hatred, I don’t know if it’s possible to maintain cohesion and “tribal identity” in a big-tent “non-partisan” forum.

    I wish you luck. Non-partisan efforts would be best, if they are possible.

  22. You are an inspiration to the rest of us. Please continue the fight. I noticed that someone said on here that they would fight until they drop. I think if we all fight and hold each other up occasionally passing the baton when it gets too exhausting, we can accomplish a lot. The best thing that has happened over B.O. getting elected is that liberty has reared its large and powerful head joining us together to regain this precious right. A quote I have in my office at work (not sure if P.J. O’Rourke or Thomas Jefferson said it!) “A government big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take all that you have.”

  23. Ben says:

    United we stand, divided we fall. Israel is going to Hell because of too many fine divisions preventing the parties & factions from uniting against the parties of appeasement & surrender.

    The same thing happened to us in the primaries/caucuses, but nobody recognized it publicly. The MSM played a major role in that fiasco.

    Prior to the rise of the Neocons, Conservatism implied a strong thread of traditionalism along with libertarian & open market economic idealism. Now we are divided into traditional/economic/social/libertarian/Neo, and we have fallen.

    Want to prevent Obamanation? There is one way, and it is unprecedented. The full implications are unknown and the outcome uncertain. The process could cause extreme social rift, and lead to violence. Are you ready for this?

    We need to convince the members of the Electoral College that it is their duty to exercise independant judgment and overturn the results of the popular election by casting their votes against Obama and for McCain.

    Can you find a way to accomplish that in one month?

  24. ginny linn says:

    Here is an interesting article regarding Obama’s birth certificate:

  25. Brian H says:

    A whole ‘nother layer of collusion/conspiracy:
    Sotero = Suharto?

    The bind moggles.

  26. baj says:

    Full page ad on Berg case to be published in Wash. Times Weekly which will reach subscribers tomorrow. There are links on various blogs in Just Say No Deal. It’s in MSM even if they had to buy the space (like a case in the Supreme Court about the Pres-elect isn’t news??)

    I suggest everyone e-mail your local newspaper and ask why they’re not covering the case on Obama that Judge Souter is considering in the SCOTUS. Or why they’re not covering the Alan Keyes lawsuit in California.

    You may get a response something like “we don’t report on lawsuits until they’ve been decided” to which I’d then ask “even when there are almost 20 similar lawsuits around the country??!”

  27. Ladyhawkke says:

    If you want to help, go here:
    Very organized website and thousands of certified letters have gone out to electors in most states. Now, poeple are being encouraged to seek out an elector and reach out to them personally. First call them and visit them if you most. The radius is 50 miles. The goal is to get them to join in a class action law suit to stop Obama from being inaugurated until he provides his BC.

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