PUMA Politics: What The MSM Will Not Show You (Or Fair & Balanced My A**)

Oh yeah, it has been All Obama, All The Time for how long?  Bit sick of it?  Bit tired of Gumby trying to close the deal and not being able to MAKE IT HAPPEN?

Here is a really good slice of what the MSM DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW because then you would know what PUMAs know –

The Right Choice is McCain/Palin08!!!!!!!
Real American Heroes, John McCain and Sarah Palin!

Watch this a few times….it’ll make you feel better!!!!


And here is the reason that John McCain IS THE BEST CLOSER!


and the reason we need a Commander In Chief who actually has a sense of humor and is not UPTIGHT or HIGH STRUNG:





One Response to “PUMA Politics: What The MSM Will Not Show You (Or Fair & Balanced My A**)”
  1. Paul says:

    …Just make sure to VOTE! 🙂
    And .. then harrass all your friends and family to do the same 😉

    We can win this!

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