You People Are Amazing!

I wanted to drop a note to my loyal readership, the Obamanation that has taken the hint and stopped leaving their vile comments, and to the news media crawling over my site (and you know who you are).

  1. To the news media: you are allowed to steal any stories you find here only if YOU PROMISE to actually write about it and stop covering for the Obamessiah!
  2. To the Borg Collective:  Your candidate is going to lose.  That being said, get over it now!  Rioting in the streets is not going to make it any better and then YOU WILL BE SORE LOSERS.  Get used to the fact that the Constitution was not meant to be changed drastically, socialism fails, and America is a capitalist country that depends on the health of it’s economy to survive.  If you try to change that, we are doomed!
  3. To my faithful readers:  You guys are AMAZING.  Yes, this little blog was only getting 200 hits a day and now we are rapidly approaching the 100,000 mark with over 30,000 hits this week alone!  YOU ROCK!

For all of you waiting for the 3rd Part of Obama’s American Socialism: Decades in the Making….it is almost finished and I will be posting it on the main page and also on the Socialism Page.  Take some time to wander around and check out some of the new stuff that has been added AND THEN GO TO THE WAKE UP! PAGE AND SIGN ON TO WAKE UP AMERICA!

Many Mahalos for your amazing support!!!


Also, I am adding a new poll….want your input.


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