Sarah Palin Hanged

I wonder how these gay men will feel when Obama’s shock troops come for them?

An image of a lynched black man is more intense than an image of a hanging white woman?  In the spirit of Halloween?   ART?  WTF???

2 Responses to “Sarah Palin Hanged”
  1. ms mississippi says:

    Wonder why those gay guys are hanging poor little Tina Fey from a rope like that? What did poor little Tina Fey do to deserve that?

    It’s really disgusting. Gay people everywhere should be offended by this hateful, violent display. After enduring hate themselves, how can they turn it on another? Political disagreement is one thing, but this is thuggery, inciting violence, tetering on domestic terroism. The Secret Service should pay those guys a little visit. And I don’t want to hear “free speech.” There is a line of decency that no one should feel so free to cross.

  2. Diamond Tiger says:

    Yes, I was wondering when the men in black were going to be showing up in West Hollywood. You remember that lady that was “outed” by an Obama campaign volunteer and the secret service was on her doorstep 22 hours later. She did not put forth a death threat but the obama supporter just said she did. If you don’t know about this story, leave me a comment and I will rummage thru the archives and find it.

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