Barack Obama and "The New Party"

In 1996, during his Illinois Senate run, Barack Obama was a member of The New Party, a group of socialists trying to infiltrate the Democratic Party.  What most people do not know is that the New Party was dissolved.  The remaining fragments moved from Chicago to New York and became………wait for it…………The Working Families Party………run by a high up member of ACORN…….and they use the fusion electoral process.  More on that in Part III of Obama’s American Socialism….stay tuned.

Now……Bonniebbonnets: Whisper

7 Responses to “Barack Obama and "The New Party"”
  1. ms mississippi says:

    Diamond Tiger, here’s a link that might help with your research. It’s pretty scary, showing Ghadaffi endorsing Obama and a couple of foreigners campaigning for Obama via computer from overseas.

  2. Diamond Tiger says:

    Guess what PUMAs? The Obamanation is swarming and freakin’ out – and you know what that means….their dear messiah is in trouble and they know it. Expect the next wave of name calling and assorted vicious deeds to start hitting the airwaves. They are losing their minds in the spam filter. They KNOW they are going to lose this election because of the power of true patriotic Americans that do not like socialists, communists, and cult leaders and their followers. ByeBye Barack! I will be happy when you can no longer be elected as dog catcher.

  3. Diamond Tiger says:

    Hey Ms…THANK YOU!!!! 🙂

  4. hi diamond tiger!!!!!!!

    just came from a voting place in miami beach …loaded with obots….lots of racism charges thrown @ us….honestly, i am REALLY getting sick of being called racist for holding a mccain sign. this is not going to be easy – but i hold on to your optimism.

    mahalo (whatever that actually means)

  5. Diamond Tiger says:

    Princess!!! Thanks for stopping by and do not worry about the racist rants. We know who we are, now don’t we?

    Mahalo means Thank You in Hawaiian.

    Guess what? I am even more optimistic that the silent majority is gonna kick his butt to the curb and Obama will be sent packing back to Chicago where the Chicagoans can decide what to do with him. I propose a job where he actually has to get his hands dirty. What say you?

  6. Diamond Tiger says:

    Ms…I sent that video over to JSND — #1 with a bullet! Thanks to you!!

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