Obama And The Politics Of Smoke and Mirrors

I wandered over to Christmas Ghost (give them your patronage) and found these two posts and cartoons that sum up ACORN and the financial hurricane we find outselves in.  It is a two-fer though, besides being right on the money, you will laugh your ass off.

2 Responses to “Obama And The Politics Of Smoke and Mirrors”
  1. I need a laugh….I was totally freaked in the mall yesterday, to the point of writing this…I just have reached a breaking point on all this Obama all-the-time CRAP!

    The Intrusion of Obama: Propagandized at the Mall and Trapped on the Treadmill


    I’m totally disgusted at this point by the media , the Democratic Party, and their Frankenstein creation….

  2. I’m sure you were as “happy” as I was to note that yesterday an entire town in Indiana had 105% of it’s population registered to vote.
    What is wrong with the feds? Haven’t they heard of RICO?

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