Connections: Corsi, Obama, Odinga, Kenya, ODM Candidate

10 Responses to “Connections: Corsi, Obama, Odinga, Kenya, ODM Candidate”
    Americans had better wake up and SOON.
    On the positive side [a very very small place these days] I won a bet with my dear husband when I told him months ago that Morris was working for Obama and he said “wanna bet?”
    I would rather have been wrong and lost the bet…

  2. Kristen says:

    I can’t even put into words how I feel right now. Scared is an understatement. Petrified, stunned- but not surprised. The more I educate myself the more I see evil in Obama.

    thank you for all the research and work put into this.

  3. PumaPrincess says:

    Good work! I also received a similar e-mail from a friend who runs a school in Kenya back in Feb when the primaries were still be hotly contested.

    Like you, I was skeptical, and started asking questions of someone I trust that is a military intelligence officer with a specific expertise in Africa. This individual confirmed what was in the

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the public cares, or believes. We have to do what we can to get the message out — vote AGAINST Obama, and not “for” McCain.

    I once said I would NEVER vote McCain, but the alternative is just too frightening. At least McCain is fairly moderate, and is listening and adapting some of Hillary’s ideas.

    Don’t forget to keep following Philip Berg’s claim at

    The DNC and Obama filed a motion for a protective order so they don’t have to begin discovery.

    Phil Berg is asking for a certified “vault copy” of Obama’s birth certificate. A birth certificate. And Obama is going through this whole song and dance to file legal motions to dismiss, obscure, deny.


  4. Diamond Tiger says:

    The real question is “What is Michelle Hding?”

  5. Pasquale says:

    Thanks for a fantastic piece. I am alerting everyone I know to read it and pass it on to friends and relatives who are “on the fence.”

    Your ODM Item No. 10–“manipulation of voter turnout” is eerily prophetic with the news we are learning about the illegal, unethical and fraudulent voter registration drives being perpetrated by ACORN and other Obama-related groups. He is making a travesty of the election process at a level that no one who values democracy could even conceive! The only rational explanation for such desperate tactics is that he would welcome a scenario similar to the genocide in Kenya as a means of gaining absolute power (for all we know, his friends may have orchestrated the timing of the current financial collapse to further alienate and scare the “poor and working classes” so they’d get off their sofas and into the streets to create the “civil war” Obama and his father dreamed of so long ago). Remember Obama’s prophecy, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    Enter the age of Sharia Law in America.

  6. Diamond Tiger says:


    Now is the time for the ground game. Keep talking to your friends and families and make sure the message gets out. We need to tell everyone that we meet that McCain/Palin are the true patriots and Americans that put country first. Obama – who freakin’ knows?

  7. Billdemo2 says:

    Footage of Obama and Odinga campaiging together in Kenya.

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