PUMAs: Poll Numbers Show Candidates Closer Than You Think

Remember PUMAs, we and the rest of the country are dealing with the liberal left MSM that wants to demoralize you and get you to go over to the darkside because “everyone is doing it nowadays”.  This is a poll from some very straight arrow pollsters coming out today.

According to Zogby International,”Reuters/C-Span/Zogby Poll: Obama 48%, McCain 45% as Presidential Race Enters Final Month.  The three-day telephone tracking poll shows neither candidate with a clear advantage in the national horserace.” (Released TODAY, 10/7/08)

The survey, including a three-day sample of 400 likely voters collected over each of the previous three days – Oct. 4-6, 2008 – shows that Obama holds a slight advantage amounting to 2.4 percentage points over McCain.  This represents a bit of a recovery by McCain, who had been sliding in some polls before his running mate, Sarah Palin, put in a strong performance in her one and only debate performance last Thurday.  Though a Zogby poll showed that Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden actually won that debate, it also showed Palin far and away exceeded expectations, and that has apparently helped stop McCain’s decline in the polls.

Three Day Tracking Poll






Others/Not sure


Obama 48%, McCain 45%.   Well within the margin of error and looking like McCain/Palin will be leading the country in January, 2009.

Wasn’t it the MSM that said Bambi should be 20 points ahead 2 months ago?

Have A Nice Puma Day!


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