More Good News For PUMAs

Looks like somebody is paying as close attention as us PUMAs.

Associated Press 10/7/08

ACORN office in Vegas raided in voter-fraud probe

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nevada state authorities are raiding the Las Vegas headquarters of an organization that works to get low-income people to vote.

A Nevada secretary of state’s office spokesman said Tuesday that investigators are looking for evidence of voter fraud at the office of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, also called ACORN.

Read the rest, here.

2 Responses to “More Good News For PUMAs”
  1. Diamond…check out No Quarter… are going to love this.
    Let’s hope it’s true…..

  2. Diamond Tiger says:

    Of course it’s true, but will it stick to the teflon candidate? The answer would be NO because 50% of America has decided to put on their friggin’ blinders and be led around by the nose, because they think it’s easier and less stressful than being a true American and standing up for what’s right! They have decided to substitute their pastor with “the ONE”. I AM SO VERY ANGRY!

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