Obama and Friends: A History Of Radicalism

Sean Hannity’s America has run an hour long special about Obama and his history of radical friends and agendas.  For those that have not seen it or did not know it was being produced, here it is in 6 parts. Thank you to cancelledbysbc for this package and please visit this YouTube Channel for additional eye opening vids about Obama, Acorn, and the economy.


Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:

2 Responses to “Obama and Friends: A History Of Radicalism”
  1. Thanks for putting these up! I missed the show and will look at these later!

    Two items of interest…the second one deals with many of the issues in Obama’s past that are VERY RELEVANT!!!! The first on is a guest post that paves the way….

    The Legend Continues, The Story Unfolds…

    ~~A Guest Post by American Lassie

    (Editor’s Note: American Lassie (under a different ID) wrote this in response to kenosha Marges post “From The Folks That Gave You GWB and the War In Iraq, Here’s Obama!” which appeared on Friday, October 3. We thought it was so good that, with her permission, we are highlighting her comment as a special Guest Post.)

    The Legend continues, the Story unfolds.

    This story began a long time ago while many of us were too complacent, living our own self satisfied lives and not paying attention to what was happening around us.


    The piece that Woman Voter suggested in a thread last night…hat tip to her and NQ….

    “THE ILLUSION OF BARACK OBAMA”…A Must-Read from The Australian


  2. Paurthond Tuckings says:

    thanks for the article, didnt realize that was happening, were leaning towards a soft tyranny

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