Just Say No Deal: For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release:

United States of America (Press Release) October 6, 2008 —

The Just Say No Deal Coalition vehemently
condemns the Democratic Party for forcing the
American People to fund the criminal activities

With the general election less than 30 days
away, this is a national emergency. Our
government is sponsoring fraudulent and
criminal practices that implement mob-style
tactics disguised as social justice strategies.

We say, ‘enough!’ Any other private company,
not-for-profit or public entity would be shut
down immediately in light of such violations.
Voters’ rights are a cornerstone of our
Democracy. We will no longer tolerate the
hijacking of our voting system like we
witnessed the raping of America’s financial
markets by Fannie Mae (another funding
channel of ACORN).

Visit http://www.justsaynodeal.com/acorn.html for more information on ACORN’s ties to corruption and the current financial market meltdown.


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