29 Days: Presidential Election Pep Talk

Yes, I have been noticing that since Bambi has held a lead for what, 10 days now, everybody is starting to get a bit rattled.  Right now is when elections are won and lost! Don’t be rattled, get something done; something you may not have done yet.  Go to any of the following websites and get involved.  We have 29 days to defeat The Obamanation that wants only to trade up at the expense of the freedoms of every single American in our great country.  (Websites to follow the vid).

I am adding a video by antivoterfraud of the radio talk show host Mark Levin that damn near sums up what is happening right now.  I may not agree with everything the Republicans stand for, but Mark Levin hits it out of the park.  He nails how we all feel about this election and what will occur if the liberal left wing of the corrupt Democratic Party gains the White House.  We will be so completely screwed.  Please listen to whole vid and pay special attention around 9:30.


Just Say No Deal Action Page



Nobama Network

Mission Nobama

3 Responses to “29 Days: Presidential Election Pep Talk”
  1. I actually walked into McCain headquarters here in Southern NM and gave them URLs of sites that are doing research on Obama. I got 3 different Palin stickers and yard sign. I’ve got the sign up with the 2 for the local Democratic candidates for state office from our district.

    The ladies I met, all older, knew about PUMA…

  2. my little stand says:

    I’m not sure that I would agree with Mark Levin on everything. Just like I probably wouldn’t agree with McCain/Palin on everything. But, this is America. Does anyone ever agree 100% of the time on any “one” thing? NO. that’s what makes us Aamericans.

    Mark is right. We need to protect our country. We need to combat the MSM and take back our country from them. They have been mesmerized by Obama. Don’t be lead around by the ring in your nose! Don’t drink the koolaid! Think for yourself!!!

    God bless america!!!!!!

  3. Anne Marie says:

    Mr. Levin,

    Thank you for a powerful video, as well as for the eloquent pep talk. Maybe you should write or assist Senator McCain with his speeches.

    For the first time in 34 years, I believe in “country before party” because my “party” has scared the daylights out of me with the “selection” of this Democratic Presidential candidate, a sower of sedition and division, so immersed in his own omnipotence and ambition that he truly believes that “the end justifies the means.” The “end” is his “coronation” as President. The “means” includes lying, voter fraud, and propaganda (however, he had alot of help from the media in this regard). From American voters, he seeks only money and votes. But make no mistake: a vote for Obama is a vote for Obama. It is NOT a vote for YOU .

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