WAKE UP AMERICA Post Debate Press Release

W. A.M. Post VP Debate Press Release: THE SAME OLD SONG

Now and then a ray of light has broken through the media distorted lens of the current race for  the White House. This week’s VP debate was one of those moments. In contrast to the near constant domination of the public’s attention by pro-Obama commentators, American voters, on Thursday night, we given a second breath of fresh air, as Sarah Palin proved once again her capacity to connect with a mainstream audience.

Although McCain’s platform might fall short for millions of disenfranchised Clinton Democrats, Gov. Palin’s candor and authenticity offer critical relief from the false hopes and arrogance of the Obama Biden team. As even a Democratic pollster acknowledged post-debate, Palin is the most likable candidate in this race. Although Democrat strategists would have us believe the impact of any running mate is negligible, the GOP poll jump post convention would appear to say otherwise. We can likely expect a bit of bounce again since Palin has stood up, face to face, in strong positive contrast to Joe Biden, before what Fox TV has indicated to be the biggest single audience in their network’s history.

As to the question of who won this debate, an answer to that would depend almost entirely on whether a win is measured by fact or fancy. Biden demonstrated, not for the first time,  critical policy contradictions within the Obama Biden ticket. Note his response, for example, to the obvious question, of what will fall to the wayside in their massive spending plans in consideration of the current US economic shortfalls? Just last week, Obama attempted to avoid this question altogether, but when pressed on the subject indicated the development of alternative energy would “probably” need to slow down. Biden, in contrast, replied that their plans to double global relief would be the area they would reduce. Tracking this team’s public statements lately leaves question as to when and whether these two communicate at all – and what chaos would ensue with this pair in the White House.

This week’s debate, however, did demonstrate once and for all what Obama and Biden do have in common is their mutual propensity to distort the record and known facts to provide a seductive front for the currently un-democratic Progressive party. Like Obama, Biden tends to believe that, in large scale public appearances,  small lies are a waste of air time when big ones might persuade even better. An early post debate review brought the immediate count for Biden to at least 16 absolute untruths within Thursday’s ninety minute format. This provides well informed viewers with one clear fact: Biden will not be outdone by his Jr. Senator/Sr. Candidate in the realm of spinning the truth.

On the real issues, Palin’s performance underscored her knack for confronting officious authorities. Only the weak, clipped moderation by PBS’ pro-Obama author held down the count on Palin’s rebuttals to Biden’s onslaught of misstatements. Yet, even this didn’t prevent the interjection of several Palinesque observations including Biden’s propensity to be “constantly looking back” instead of forward or his previous statements that Obama is “not ready to be President.”

Beyond Sara’s populist candor, the highest humor of the night could be found in the debate’s wildly varying poll results. With Fox reporting a win for Sara of a whopping 86%, CNN announced an outcome nearly the opposite. Logic dictates the recent online instructions, at Obama’s Official website, in how his ‘fans’ could beat the computer and vote multiple times was likely a factor in CNN’s incongruent results. Another wry bit of fun, for shrewd observers, was Biden’s impassioned description of his nearly religious conversion to the import of personal values of Supreme Court judges. That this ‘spontaneous’ burst of oration was irrelevant to the moderator’s original question is far down on the laundry list of the Obama Biden’s strategy – to tell voters what they want them to hear instead of responding to what the public wants and needs to know.

Most telling of all, were the candidates views about their role as Vice President. Palin, with a directness we’ve come to expect, revealed McCain has been clear he wants her help to “lead” on the issues of reform, energy independence and special needs families. Biden, in another ‘looking back’ rant – this one about Cheney, seemed proud to announce that his job is simply to “be in the room”. Putting this together with Obama’s reply to our economy’s recent near-collapse: “Call me if you need me” the lyrics of the Obama Biden ticket can now be heard loud and clear:

The Democratic duet’s tune is “Call me if you need me” and I’ll “be in the room.” All things considered, is this the leadership call that our country needs right now?


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