Zieg Heil Obama

I tracked a referrer back to Michelle Malkin’s reader community page and guess what I found?

The title of the article is The Obama Children’s Chorus – Recut; courtesy of The People’s Cube and Eyeblast.tv.

Be creeped out; (I read the comments, numerous references to guns and reloading).  It’s right up there with the really scary video of the Obama Teens.


2 Responses to “Zieg Heil Obama”
  1. Shtuey says:

    I like the Pyongyang remix myself. How many million more asshats do you think we’ll have to add to the rollcall of dillweeds who thought a second Bush term was a good idea?


    Race, O.J., and Politics–The Potential for an October Meltdown UPDATE–SIMPSON GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS
    Posted on September 25, 2008 by insightanalytical | Edit

    From the Las Vegas Sun:
    Simpson guilty on all counts; could face life imprisonment…

    O.J. Simpson is going to prison.

    A predominantly white, predominantly female jury has found the former NFL All Star guilty of all of the 12 robbery, kidnapping and weapons charges he faced following a run-in last year with a pair of memorabilia dealers.


    Note the opening of the story–as if you could miss it. Just as I predicted. Racism taking center stage…not to mention the “woman” factor…

    I’ve been thinking about the possible ramifications of a guilty conviction, especially since racism was injected into the trial as well as during jury selection (see below)…What does Obama do? Will he be under intense pressure from his black voting block to issue a statement of some kind? And what kind of a statement could that be, what kind of balancing act would he have to do?

    I guess it depends on what kinds of demands will be made by some of his more radical followers…and if the mainstream media even allows us to know about those demands…after all, they hide nearly everything when it concerns anything dubious about Obama, his connections, and his followers.

    More on Judge Jackie Glass later…I’ll just say that my research on her has revealed that she has a reputation as a very tough judge when it comes to sentencing…


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