PUMA Politics: "Ohio"…They Are Stealing Your Election…

Pumas have known about this scam being propagated in Ohio with the early voting and instant registration/vote tactic happening.

John Gibson of FOX News has a great video.  Remember “non-partisan” when you watch this.  Does anybody have an idea of how we fight “this”?

This Explains It All:


13 Responses to “PUMA Politics: "Ohio"…They Are Stealing Your Election…”
  1. ms mississippi says:

    FOX is the only channel that is reporting all the irregularities going on in this election. Not only are these ACORN voter registration people recruiting BO votes, the BO camp has plans to bus out of state voters into Ohio to take advantage of this same day registration waiver. McCain supporters had better fight fire with fire and load up every church bus in the midwest that they can find and head to Ohio on election day. Two can play that dirty election game. No sense in McCain’s side playing fair if the other side is going to cheat and steal.

  2. Yes, when does McCain take the gloves off? I’m afraid it’s going to slip away in matter of days…

  3. Dan Carroll says:

    I have an idea that this is going on all over with the vote early mail-in deal. Is there an interstate network that finds people who are registered to vote in more than one state? If I were a Chicago historian, I would remember the “vote early/vote often” quip. Is this why the democrats seem so blase and nonchalant about this election. There is no concert, no push, no drive. Just an expectation that victory is on the way. I am a democrat who is looking for leadership, but all I see is a Rove’esque attitude from the democrats that is driving me closer and closer to McCain.

    A friend asked me if I really want another 4-8 years of republicans. I thought about it and said that what I really don’t want is another 4-8 years of a president who feels he is above the law, above the american people, above his promises, and that the press gives free reign to(including excusing and making excuses for any misrepresentation of facts, or unethical behavior)

    Vote McCain

  4. pete in cali says:

    Are you guys really resorting to Fox for your information?

    Fed Up McCain Enthusiasts

  5. Diamond Tiger says:

    PUMAs and Nobama voters already knew about the voter fraud taking place in Ohio. Fox is the first station and only station as far as I can tell that is reporting it. So “really resorting to Fox” is a silly statement – they are only backing up what we have already found to be true. PUMAs can read. Maybe you should try it sometime.

  6. Jackie says:

    Hey can we vote in Ohio and then come back to our home state register here and vote here to…. If so Bring the bus on I’m pretty syre I could round up a bus load of intelligent free thinking people to get on the buss and vote for McCain in Ohio and then again in my home state …

  7. Jackie says:

    I don’t know what McCain has planned but this site has some intresting information from some of the Illinoise veternas….. Check out the “Why Obama can not be President”. It appears Obama promised change to them 3 years ago to and then thr old bait and switch trick….


  8. Jean Breban says:

    Hello !

    I am French and very intested in your elections.

    This “early registration / instant vote” is terribly dangerous. In France we can register in December only and there is never poll before march.

    However we have something even worse : old and ill people can vote trough a third person. The hospitals and retired people institutions are known to shelter very bad practices in favor of the socialists.

    I hope I am mistaken but I have s strong feeling that your November poll will be a fantastic voting fraud festival.

    Be careful !

  9. Eileen says:

    I’m becoming so frustrated with the main stream media. A fair fight is one thing but this is fraud. Why bother to register to vote if I can just walk in and have my vote counted with no one checking I could be a felon, illegal, or just a fake name voting for my 3rd or 4th time. How can we petition, I think Ohio’s courts approved this when it was challenged. We made need to have a foriegn country come in an mediate to make sure we have a free and fair election. And by the way I couldn’t get into the McCain headquarters on Tuesday becaus Obamanuts were dresses as ghouls with mask protesting at the door of the building.

  10. cookiegramma says:

    Eileen, if you can, get video of this behavior. It is not hard to post on the net and can reach more people that way. The Obama people are trying even now to get sympathy for a supposed Obama supporter who they claim was assaulted at a McCain event. They fail to explain what this person was doing at the event. They must think we are as stupid as they are.

  11. Lori says:

    Hey John as I surfed through my Dishnetwork channels last night I found channel 73 had suddenly appeared as a “new” channel…..and guess what was on? A 24 hour paid advertisement for Obama’s plan for America.

    Not only are they stealing the election, they’re continuing to buy it…..subprime lending to the lower income folks to buy their vote and 24/7 satelite advertising….

    Geez, how many folks could really benefit from the money that the Dems are spending to buy and steal our election?

  12. Osher Baruch says:

    My family, friends and I, are praying everyday for the McCain-Palin win. Obama is so dangerous for our country beyond any word I can express.

    Wake up America, look for the truth Obama and associates want to manipulate us with lies, fraud, intimidation and threats. It’s scary!

    Anybody but Obama!

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