PUMA Politics: Obama Definitely Has Changed America

I was doing my morning cruise around for viral information that needs to be seen far and wide and started at Uppity Woman and found a comment on a video over at Sugar & Spice.  Better sit down and make sure you are not drinking your morning coffee when you watch this.

Yes, Obama has changed the face of America, but is it the change we need?


This type of Hitleresque movement is exactly what the PUMAs and Just Say No Deal Coalitioners have been watching and warning about since the very beginning.  The youth do not realize that Obama is not the reason they have the freedoms they do in this country; it is the millions of blacks and whites that went before them during the civil rights movement.

Next thing we are going to hear is the sun rises in the east because of Obama.

Is This What We Want Our President To Inspire?

19 Responses to “PUMA Politics: Obama Definitely Has Changed America”
  1. bert says:

    And before this, “it is the millions of blacks and whites that went before them during the civil rights movement,” it was our Founding fathers and the men and women who fought the Revolutionary War, WW I and WW II.

  2. Diamond Tiger says:

    You are so right Bert, I stand corrected. 🙂

  3. my little stand says:

    I find this, along with the “singing Obama choir” and his new TV station on Dish to be veeeerrryy unsettling. Add the quotes from Michelle that border on communism, and it makes me afraid for our nation.

    Help us, God. Deliver us from evil.

  4. Diamond Tiger says:

    One thing Obama is really doing is bringing the country together against him and causing people of little faith to start praying again. That’s good, isn’t it?

  5. Bob Harrison says:

    Good Lord. That is awful. It reminds of those Jesus Camps where they worshiping the cardboard cutouts of George Bush.

  6. So, if Obama changed America, do we approve of all the cultural changes like texing each other to communicate and of course the new way our youth have change into hatefull rapp music, all the jewelries that the boys wear, the ridiculous attires where the croots are below their knees. Look around and Obama and his African cultures are invading this country, is that what people want?? You ain’t seen nothing yet. The welfare recipient will hit the ceiling and then they will blame everyone else if you don’t give what they want. This is Obama’s change.

  7. MARY says:


  8. Battleground Voter says:

    I am worried that we are underestimating the power of a cult. The people in the cult would not know that they are in one; the don’t want to hear anything negative about their leader; always feed on their messiah being larger than life and believe that he will deliver them from their current mundane life (their current lives have been told to be worthless by other cult members); that is why people drink the Kool-Aid.

    Some of these cult members by chance get some clues that they are being taken. However, they continue to imbue the Kool-Aid afraid of being shamed by others. The repurcussions from within the obama-cult will also be brutal and nasty. But the those that are not weak but realize this to be a cult, will move up the cult ladder and start enjoying the crumbs that fall out of exploiting the little people in the cult (the $5-$200 donations).

    I hope there are enough sane people in the nation to save us from this movement.

  9. Dr. Slogan says:

    There is no more poisonous drink in US today than Kool-Aid ’08. This video is another great proof of that. The only hope is that as the more of this stuff comes to light, more people will ask the real Is America Ready? question and get the facts straight before they vote.

  10. Heidi says:

    WTF.. This is horrible, who is coming up with this. And with the singing kids????
    Call we all say Heil Obama????

  11. susancarroll says:

    Since, How do we learn from the past mistakes in order to recognize a Hitler Like Movement. How Can A Hitler Type Movement be Dismantled? Has this been done before?

  12. Kathy says:

    Jim Jones was a Community Organizer.

    This is the scariest video yet.

  13. Amy says:

    This is incredible. It is a cult. It’s the worship of a man. Obama and his followers remind me of everything I’ve ever read about Joseph Smith and how he suckered people into Mormonism and how lies became “truth”.

    God help us, please. Polls say Obama is ahead 7 points. What are people thinking? How could this be happening? He’s beyond scary. He’s terrifying.

  14. ms mississippi says:

    Good Lord, this is creepy and very scary. America better make a hard right turn towards John McCain immediately.

    You know, Hillary supporters rejected BO in the primaries because of his lack of experience. Soon after Super Tuesday, we began to learn of the voter fraud/corruption/intimidation during the primaries and later at the Denver convention. We have also learned about BO’s questionable associations from Wright, Ayers, Rezko, etc. And now it is abundantly clear how messianic/narcissistic he is with video’s such as this one and the singing children, not to mention his Berlin trip, his presidential seal made in his own image, his presidential portrait already done, BO coin available at rallies, a plane draped with his logo with no American flag anywhere to be found on it, etc.

    So, he’s inexperienced, deals in corruption, and has a narcissistic ego. Why are people still following him??? Snap out of it, people, before it’s too late!

  15. Diamond Tiger says:

    Ms. Mississippi? His own presidential portrait already done? Email me at DiamondTiger12 @ gmail.com please….this I gotta check out.


  16. Woman Voter says:

    This is so wrong on so many levels and hopefully the school district fired the employee or at the very least reprimanded the individual. Thanks for letting others know and to think this took place in 2007. Shocking.

  17. What?? says:

    Not a community organizer in the bunch?

  18. I am a minority and I am not a racist, but people are so entrance by this cult that every time Obama has a rally, always, they have nothing but WHITE people in the background. That is definitely PROPAGANDA and yet it is being ignored. When he wins, the riots will begin and you will see nothing but BLACKS!!!

  19. Barbara says:

    I have been thinking this way for some time. The movie ‘Hotel Rwanda’ and Imaculee’s book, “Left to Tell” could very well happen in this country. The powers that be have had this in the making for 40 years +. Terrifying! Your average person could never visualize this happening in this country. Look how quickly they have forgotten 9/11. They’ve been desensitized, our young. Win or loose, Obama will be the cause of havoc in this country. I am 62 and I’ve never seen a candidate with this kind of power. It’s Satanic.

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