PUMA Politics: IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Just Say No Deal

The Just Say No Deal Coalition reacts to Governor Sarah Palin’s performance in the Vice Presidential Debate at Washington University in St. Louis, MO :
United States of America (Press Release) October 3, 2008 — Governor Palin spoke directly to us last night.
As Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan
confirmed to NBC News’ Brian Williams, ‘She
hit every populist cord.’

We believe of the four candidates on both
tickets, Governor Palin is the only one who
has convinced us that she is ready, willing
and able to clean up the mess in Washington
on day one.

The Just Say No Deal Coalition says, ‘It is
time to hand Palin that proverbial broom, not
to ride, but to use for the express purpose of
sweeping Washington and Wall Street clean
as she did in her home state.’

In these alarming times, our nation needs a
domestic advocate for American families and
there is no doubt that the Alaskan “hockey
mom” will shock the establishment with her
no-nonsense style and true American spirit.

One Response to “PUMA Politics: IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Just Say No Deal”
  1. Cathy Pittman says:

    Sarah Palin spoke to me last night, and she can speak for me in the future. As a lifelong Democrat, it is almost physically painful for me to even consider voting for a Republican. I now know why her approval rating is so high in her state. She has not spent years preparing for a run for the Presidency, so she has not mastered the fine art of obfuscation, but her empathy for the struggles of her fellow Americans is on full display. Maybe that influence is exactly what we need in the White House.

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