Go Forward Lemmings and Protest in Unity

It seems the continuing politics of unity include protesting the opposing camp. That’s lovely!  This from Gumby’s own website.  I am only putting up the link in case you really actually need to go there and see it with your own eyes.  It seems that Gumby wants the Women For Obama to protest Sarah Palin.  There’s the Unity Pony I knew was out there somewhere in the ether.  Does this not stink of desperation? What will the lemmings do next for their messiah.  Be worried people, be very worried.

“Welcome” Palin Oct. 3 to Dallas (Women for Obama)

Sarah Palin speaks at a $1000/plate fundraising lunch at downtown Dallas on October 3. Let’s give her a rousing progressive “welcome” by marching in solidarity on the streets in front of the hotel. Event starts at 11am to “welcome” luncheon attendees.


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