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September 30, 2008

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Media Information:wamcongress@gmail.com

How Corruption on Capital Hill stalls Action on Crisis:

An informal poll indicates that less than half of US voters are aware of the Congressional District in which they reside. Only slightly more are familiar with who currently represents their own district in Congress.This information gap, which has grown in recent years, is easy to understand. Communities are frequently home to commuters, as more people tend to work at some distance with little involvement 
in their own neighborhoods.

As Mass Media has grown, public attention has been riveted on the Presidential 
race, with much hype given to image, ‘shock’ headlines and slick advertisements, often delivered with 
the excitement of an American Idol contest or seduction of a ‘brand new” product. Although the networks 
are given free use of the airwaves, in exchange for expected “public information” they typically provide little to no attention to Congressional races nor vital information about the candidates for these important federal offices. A frequent result is that their constituents simply vote along party lines, hardly knowing who they are voting for. Too often, incumbents get re-elected based on name recognition alone. The Wake Up America movement has a mission of building a more informed electorate to get action on the Will of the People instead of special interest groups who fund many campaigns.

The current economic apocalypse is offering US voters a dramatic wake up call. The attention given the 
Executive Branch has come to be matched by the power it attempts to usurp. Yet, behind the scenes 
and beyond routine view of the public eye, Congress has, it seems, held paramount responsibility for 
creating an economic house of cards. Connections, liaisons and campaign contributions on the part 
of the Wall Street houses, sub-prime lenders and  institutions to the very officials who have responsibility 
to regulate these industries have become as intricately interwoven as a spiderweb. That this pattern is detrimental to the public interest is now glaringly apparent.

As just one case in point, Sen. Claire McCaskill, a vocal Obama supporter since the start of the primaries 
holds a net worth of staggering multi-millions. No crime in itself. But would the American people consider 
it ethical to learn that, while our nation faces financial jeopardy related to sub-prime llending practices, 
McCaskill’s millions increased by 24% in 2007, as a result of her “affordable housing” investments.

While few voters may know that, just a few might recall, Obama’s primary campaign break from 
Ohio, already strewn last spring with neighborhood collapses due to foreclosures. It was only 
briefly reported that the candidate left his campaign stumping to these unfortunates to jet over to New York, for 
a closed-door New York Obama fundraiser sponsored by Credit Suisse, just one of the overseas interests
 which has contributed to our current calamities.
And lest we forget, his running mate, Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware just happens to be the
 credit card companies “safe haven” state due to the favorable conditions it offers this sisterhood industry’s
disenfranchisement of the US middle class. MBNA, said to be one of Biden’s most loyal, long-term
backers, has a history of offering the privilege of high interest credit, plus annual fees, targeted to 
consumers with low credit scores.
What might this tell us of this multi-term senator’s true loyalties?

Fortunately, that other candidates have not benefitted from the FDIC insured lenders generosity as much 
as the campaign of Obama, is a fact now reaching the light of day. Might the American people at las t
begin to wake up and take notice, as another journalist recently noted,”The wolves have been 
watching over the chicken coup” – and that hasn’t bode well for America’s economy. We needn’t be
 surprised then, tohear that a recent Obama public statement on the status of the “bail-out” was claimed,
by insiders, to have faithfully repeated a Goldman
Sachs memo sent to his campaign the same day.

If American voters needed a thunderbolt to rouse their attention to behind-the-scenes dealings on
 Capitol Hill, the economic forecast has provided it. The question is, now, what will we do about it?
 For starters, stop in at the website below, to locate and memorize your Congressional District information as
 well as you know your own street address. “Democracy is, after all, a use it or lose it proposition.” Information on candidates for Congress,polling place locations, voter registration and absentee ballots are also available through this public information site:

W.A.M. Outreach to CONGRESS tells our elected officials, if you want our votes, HERE’S THE NEW DEAL:


W.A.M. for Reform in Washington

for further correspondence, contact: joinwam2008@gmail.com


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