Governor Sarah Palin Radio Interview

Sean Hannity’s Radio Show, 10/1/2008.

Does not sound like Sarah Palin is going to have too much of a problem with Joe Biden.

Full Audio if you have the time:

2 Responses to “Governor Sarah Palin Radio Interview”
  1. I really hope she cleans his clock!! And that they let “Palin be Palin…”

    I hope she knows Biden’s record by heart and has her own stances clear…and that she knows about Obama’s associates and works a few of them in to the debate….

    By request….Part 2 of Grail Guardian’s primer on Barack Obama’s associates is UP….greatly expanded list for reference now!!!

    Part 2–The Lineup: A Who’s Who of The Associates of Barack Obama

  2. PS…this is a very attractive blog format…

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