The Page Change

Aloha All,

After living with the other beautiful theme that I started this blog off with, it became inevitable that it was going to have to change due to the darkness and lack of elbow room.  I have received numerous comments about that old theme and I am sorry to retire it, but it was hard for even myself to read.  There will be changes to this theme to make it easier to read and navigate.

Personal note for “Insight”; the other theme you saw was awesome and it is my personal favorite but was making my site crash.  Do not be surprised if you see that wave again though.

Please bear with me as I make important changes.  Thanks for your patience with the construction on the monster.



Okey-dokey, I can live with this theme for awhile.  Back to work………

5 Responses to “The Page Change”
  1. Nobama says:

    I like this a lot better. Thanks for trying to make the site more readable. Much appreciated. 🙂

  2. Diamond Tiger says:

    I am glad someone likes it! I found the one I wanted to use but it was also very dark. Don’t get too used to this one….it’s going bye-bye at some point.

  3. Diamond Tiger says:

    OK Nobama – comments?

  4. Diamond…I could tell it was crashing…when it did that “weird thing”!!!! LOL!!!

    Hey, you might find this post interseting light of the crap going on in D.C. If the media would really get to the underbelly of the beast, it could be a real education for the average Joe. This gets some great visuals in there to drive home the point….

    The corrupt CBC, Acorn, Truth Squads…yes, they are running the show now…and the children are singing…

    Perhaps some of the things mentioned in this post further help illustrate what’s behind Obama… Calling Chairman Mao?

    Obama’s Very Own Cultural Revolution

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