PUMA Politics: Just Because You Are Paranoid

There is a saying that just because you are paranoid does not mean people are not out to get you.  I am feeling that this particular saying really does apply, with one big difference, to some aspects of this election cycle.  Never before would moderate indies (like myself) and die-hard dems (and you know who YOU are) be agreeing with Sean Hannity, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee; NEVER….but even though we sometimes think they are right-wing nuts, it does not mean that they are not right some of the time and worthy of agreement in such times as these considering the overwhelming evidence linking the Democratic Party to the housing bubble that has created this economic crisis and the failure of the bailout bill by Congress.  I personally was very glad that it was defeated because this version which the Congress wasted three days on was almost as flawed as the first version.  No Free Government Give-Aways that are going to make the problem snowball.   AIG was enough.

What follows is numerous videos from Fox New today, (since they are actually talking about the subject) that are clear and concise.

Mike Huckabee and Sean Hannity 9/29/08:


Bill O’Reilly “Talking Points” 9/29/08:


(After the bill failed) Grrrrr…..Pelosi hammering the Republicans as not receiving the message of how dire the situation is and not stepping up to the plate. Please remember that the Dems could have passed this bill all by themselves; they have a majority. Who did not get the job done?


Pelosi’s speech before the vote went to the floor. My brain candy question? What was it about this bill that Pelosi and the Dems did not like so much that they were willing to make it look like the Republicans were the reason it did not pass when she so angered the other side of the aisle into not voting for it? Remember, the Dems could have passed it by themselves. What was in it for Pelosi and Dems?


Pay attention to this interview of Karl Rove speaking with John Gibson. This goes back to the brain candy question….what was the motivation?


Karl Rove on The Factor speaking about Pelosi’s partisanship:


Newt Gingrich on the mortgage meltdown basics:


Now, go do something fun….get out of the house and away from your computer!

2 Responses to “PUMA Politics: Just Because You Are Paranoid”
  1. Hi, I like this color scheme A LOT BETTER!!!!!~And the page seems less “cramped”….

    I’m worried about downticket and so is at least one of my local candidates…

    My experience with my local candidates…

    I was taken aback when I met mine on Sunday….how little they know about what’s going on in the Democratic Party…and PUMA. Nice guys, but they need to know more…but, forsaken by the top of the ticket, they may not have time to find out…I think they need to know this sort of thing…they shouldn’t be blindsided by a question coming out of nowhere, and possible lost votes downticket….

    “Local Candidates-Out There on Their Own, Unaware of PUMA Power”


  2. Mary Ellen says:

    I always feel a little creepy and weird when I agree with something I hear on Fox News. I can’t get that feeling out of my system. To be honest, I was a die-hard Dem who would never dream of agreeing with Karl Rove. The guy is just despicable to me. Yet, my own Party has deserted me and others like me and have become worse than Karl Rove. Honestly, it’s like being in some altered universe or something.

    I think what happened is that I have just come to the realization that most politicians are crooked and you have to try and choose the one that is least crooked and will do the least amount of damage. Most of all, you have to be on the look out for the dangerous candidates like Obama, Bush, Cheney, etc. Right now, Party affiliation means nothing to me. My dad is probably turning in his grave, he was a life-long Democrat. I’m hoping he would be equally appalled by the direction this party has moved.

    Anyway…I’m hearing an awful lot of Obamabots who are happy this bailout deal didn’t go through. I have the feeling that Pelosi doesn’t have the support she thinks she has from her Obamabot supporters. However, they are all stupid enough to believe that if Obama says it’s a good deal, they will buy into it. No need to read the fine print, their Messiah will say: “And I voted for it, and it is Good.” They will respond, “Amen-Yes we can!”

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