PUMA Politics: The Day We Lose Our Will To Fight…

….is the day we lose our freedom.  That pretty much sums up what patriotic Americans and PUMAs think.  We got into this fight against the DNC Leadership and the Obama Campaign with all their shady tactics, sexism, caucus fraud, voter fraud and now the unravelling ACORN story.  (More on that later)….

After everything that has happened in the last 20 months, do Americans remember Florida and Michigan and the Rules and Bylaws Committee Meeting on May 31st, 2008?  If Gumby and Company think that they are ever going to have a moment’s respite from PUMAs and Nobamas, they have backed themselves into a corner.  Every time Obama opens his mouth, he adds PUMAs to the fight.  Keep it up Bambi!  Remember when your campaign and the DNC leadership said we would all come back to the fold after 2 weeks because we had no where to go?  Remember that?  I DO!

I would like to give Pagan Power the h/t for this video, and say that I am one of those Americans that believes that Obama and his current backers are completely wrong for this country; please see the “TheMouthPeace” video after this next video if you do not believe me yet.

“Dear Mr. Obama” from WeNeedMcCain:


“Burning Down The House”:



Bite Me Barack!  No Vote For You!


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