PUMA Politics: The Wolf Is Actually A Democrat

I am giving Uppity and Bill from the Patriot Room the h/t for putting this video from TheMouthPeace up.  It is the most comprehensive timeline explanation of what, when, where, why and how the sub-prime mortgage meltdown occurred.

Bloggers, please pass this video on so that more than just the choir is seeing it; and so that more Americans know that the Wolf at the Door is actually a democrat.

I posted a video from John Gibson last week and will put it up after this next video just in case you need more convincing.


John Gibson (Democrats Silence Is Deafening):


Any Questions?

4 Responses to “PUMA Politics: The Wolf Is Actually A Democrat”
  1. BLUESKY says:

    Obama Admits Dual Citizenship [Updated]
    September 25, 2008 by texasdarlin

    Dual Citizenship Makes Obama Ineligible Under Article II
    By Judah Benjamin, Guest Author
    So, at long last, Senator Obama admits that he was born with Dual Citizenship:

    From “Fight the Smears”, courtesy of Annenberg-owned Factcheck.org (did they think they were helping?)

    So, the Senator WAS a Dual National. That is now an admitted fact, admitted by his own Campaign and by Annenberg. The Senator is a Constitutional Lawyer which means that he knows, and has always known, that he is probably Ineligible to Hold the Office of POTUS, or that, at the very least, there is a strong Legal Argument that that is the case. In turn, that means that as he lied about his Kenyan and British Citizenships he is probably lying about his Indonesian Citizenship.

    Obama lies again, big time!!

  2. Stephen G. Smith says:

    I think Obama’s logo is quite revealing – the sun
    setting on the US flag!

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