PUMA Politics: Last Time I Checked….

AP Photo 9/26/08 5:07am ET

AP Photo 9/25/08

Barack Obama and John McCain ARE both sitting United States Senators who have, as their primary responsibility, a duty to work for the American people in the Congress.

As far as I can tell, Barack is not taking that responsibility very seriously as he prepares to board a jet to fly to Mississippi for a debate that his opponent is not planning on attending because John McCain is not folding to the pressure and political stunts that the Democratic leadership is pulling.  Feel like I may be leading you astray?  Let’s take a little timeline walk, shall we?  The National Post has a fair breakdown of 9/24/08.

September 24th, 2008:
Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) is requesting John McCain’s presence in Washington to help get the Republicans on board for this bill.


9/24/08: Senator John McCain suspends his campaign until after this crisis has been averted.

9/24/08: President Bush calls Barack Obama and asks him to come back to Washington.

9/25/08: Senator Dodd comes out and reports that “they” have reached a consensus on the principles of the bailout and will be meeting with the President.

9/25/08: Washington Mutual, the largest Savings & Loan Bank in the country goes under and is sold to J.P. Morgan.  (HELLLLOOOOOO!!!!! This is NOT business as usual Barack!)

9/25/08: The meeting between Congressional leaders, the two Presidential candidates and the President breaks down with the Dems losing their minds.  The Democrats and the Obama camp accuse McCain of political grandstanding.

  • Barack Obama and his Democratic colleagues in Congress blasted John McCain on Thursday, accusing him of injecting presidential politics into the high-stakes debate on Capitol Hill over economic bailout legislation.
  • The round of recriminations came after the two rival candidates left what was supposed to be a landmark summit with President Bush and congressional leaders. Aides and officials in the meeting said the discussion ended badly, with Democrats fuming at House Republicans over their refusal to drop objections to the administration’s proposal.
  • But they also spread the blame to the Republican presidential nominee, who on Wednesday announced he was suspending his campaign to work on the negotiations and called for such a high-level meeting of candidates and officials in Washington, D.C.
  • “Here’s my observation and I think this may have been confirmed at the meeting today — when you inject presidential politics into delicate negotiations, sometimes it’s not helpful. The cameras change things,” Obama told FOX News after the meeting ended. “It’s not clear to me that having presidential candidates in a high-profile way in the negotiating process is useful.” (Not much is clear to you unless you copy Hillary’s notes or plagiarize someone’s speech.)
  • Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill were more blunt.
  • “He’s slowed it down,” Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., said of McCain’s impact on the negotiations. “The next thing we know, he’s in a position frankly where he’s making it harder to get things done, rather than help us negotiate differences.”
  • McCain’s campaign countered that he merely called for the final plan to have Americans’ confidence. The campaign claimed it was Obama whose presence disrupted the meeting.
  • “The Democrats allowed Senator Obama to run their side of the meeting,” McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said in a written statement released Thursday night. “That did not work, as the meeting quickly devolved into a contentious shouting match that did not seek to craft a bipartisan solution.”

  • McCain on Wednesday also called for the kickoff presidential debate scheduled for Friday to be postponed, but Obama reiterated his position Thursday that the debate should go forward. (Please see WAMU going under!)
  • “One of us is going to be in charge of this mess in four months, and the American people, I think, not only have a right but an obligation to find out where we want to take the country,” Obama said at a press conference. “My hope is that the debate goes forward and I intend to be there.” (The debate can wait.)
  • His campaign circulated a memo shortly after the White House meeting ended accusing McCain of disingenuously suspending his campaign.
  • Make no mistake: John McCain did not ’suspend’ his campaign,” spokesman Bill Burton said in the memo, criticizing McCain for continuing to do media interviews. “He just turned a national crisis into an occasion to promote his campaign. It’s become just another political stunt, aimed more at shoring up the senator’s … political fortunes than the nation’s economy.”
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid accused McCain of saying nothing substantive in the White House meeting.
  • …snip….
  • Senior adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer told FOX News that the disagreement on Capitol Hill on Thursday could have been expected, and it was that looming discord that prompted McCain to head to Washington in the first place.
  • “I don’t know why people are shocked that that kind of played out tonight,” she said.
  • Adviser Steve Schmidt also accused the Obama campaign of acting in a “in a political predatory fashion” by “swooping in” and buying up advertising time that McCain has released in order to focus on the economic crisis.
  • He said McCain was working the phones Thursday night, trying to round up the votes to get the legislation passed.
  • He also said that McCain is still hoping to be at the debate and is looking forward to debating Obama.
  • He’s been excited and looking forward to these debates. He had actually hoped this would be the 11th debate of the campaign, not the first,” he said, in a reference to Obama’s refusal to join him for joint town hall meetings. “Senator Obama said he would debate anywhere, anyplace, anytime. He refused to do that.”

It is the morning of the 26th of September, 2008 and the wolf that I have been writing about is destroying our homes and looking hungrily at the kids, and the Democratic Party and Obama’s camp are playing politics and getting ready for a debate that will not be happening if our Congress cannot get the job done.

Why did the President, (I am not a fan of Bush), have to CALL BARACK BACK TO WASHINGTON?

Why wasn’t Barack beating McCain back to D.C?

Why does Barack think that doing the debate is a good idea after watching what has been happening with the economy for the last two weeks; i.e. Lehman, Merrill, Fannie, Freddie, AIG, WAMU?

Is Barack so insulated inside his little cocoon of messiah worship and oodles of cash that he does not realize (or never did) what exactly the average American is going through right now?

Why doesn’t Barack think it’s a good idea to stay in Washington and DO THE JOB he was elected to do before he decided to run for president?

Is he jonesin’ for a fix of tv time, MSM and general public adoration?

Is This Leadership and Job Performance We Can Believe In?

2 Responses to “PUMA Politics: Last Time I Checked….”
  1. txtransplant says:

    Why would anyone think he would begin doing his job now? This is the same person who voted “PRESENT” over 100 times while in his state’s Senate and decided to run for President after only 143 days into his “new” job. Most organizations would consider that a trial period where you can be fired without reason if you don’t work out. Considering that after that he spent almost all of his time campaigning, I’d say he would have been fired from any organization I’ve ever worked for. Now if his real job is political “model” (wearing designer clothes and smiling, posing in “thoughtful” poses and hobnobbing with celebrities) then I’d say he’s been very successful. I’d even promote him—to say a Washington intern.

  2. Diamond Tiger says:

    This guy gives us so much ammunition and I have been following his political campaign for so long that I forgot these important tidbits like the present voting. Thanks Texas!

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