Campbell Brown & Friends; Get Over Yourselves

This is the post that I was planning to write before John McCain stepped up to the plate and suspended his campaign to take care of the American public.  Campbell Brown is currently calling the McCain Camp “chauvinists” and “sexist”.  I have been scouring CNN and YouTube trying to find videos of Campbell from the primaries when she, Gloria, Candy and assorted female “journalists” were hammering on Hillary.  Guess what?  Numerous videos have been scrubbed from CNN today.    I was able to retrieve these though:

You have had enough?!  Oh free me from your insanity!  Oh that’s right, I already did free myself from your “best political team on television” by turning your station off after Super Tuesday for just the sexism and “in the tank” coverage you have been providing the whole election cycle.  I wonder how that is working out for you?

Get over yourselves you silly talking heads!  We know you are in the tank for Gumby.  John McCain’s camp knows this also; no wonder his camp is not allowing you sharks a crack at her.   Fair and balanced?

The only reason Campbell is starting this little crusade is in hopes it will help CNN’s ratings since HRC supporters turned CNN and one other station off and it is really starting to hurt now.

Have A Nice PUMA Day!!!!


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