BREAKING NEWS: McCain Suspending Campaign

According to Carl Cameron of Fox News, John McCain wants to suspend his campaign in order to return to Washington to work on the relief legislation because he does not believe that it will be passed.  He has extended the challenge to Barack Obama to do the same.  I will keep you updated as I receive more news.  Make sure you refresh this post often.  Wow, somebody is showing some leadership skills.

Update :  McCain Suspends….

Major Garrett:  “Obama will issue a statement.  Both campaigns are working out the details.”  (Make up your own mind about that)

McCain cancelled Letterman, Carl Cameron Interview.

Obama will shortly make a statement from his hotel in Florida.

McCain: “I do not believe the plan will pass… I will suspend my campaign and have spoken to Senator Obama and informed him of my decision and asked him to join me.”…”it’s time for both parties to come to together to solve this problem.”

Presidential Debate Committee is “going banans” according to Carl Cameron.

Barack Obama finished up rally 2 hours ago; went back to his hotel, will deliver a statement in reaction to John McCain’s statement.  There is no response yet from the Obama camp yet.

Republican Leaders are responding: Mitchell McConnell thinks it’s an excellent idea.  Applauding John McCain’s decision.  Republicans embracing John McCain’s idea.

Dow currently at -90.00

Presidential Debate Committee is still expecting to put on the debate on Friday.

McCain suspending all ads as long as Barack Obama agrees to do the same.

UPDATE:  Obama Camp responds.  Senior Obama officials are saying hold on.  we believe that this debate should go forward and we believe we can do both at the same time. (I’m paraphrasing).  We think this is a henny penny sky is falling situation.


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