Bank Bailout: McCain Is Going After The Wolf…

Oh, how many times do I have to write about how CRITICAL our economy is to every single issue on American’s minds including NATIONAL SECURITY?  How many posts will it take to make Americans realize that if we are in the middle of an economic meltdown and a depression, we will be vulnerable to our enemies, on so many levels, and countries that don’t like us very much who have TONS OF CASH right now.  Do you want every street in America being owned by Hong Kong, Russia and the Saudis?  How many times will I have to write about the freakin wolf in the house eating Spot, the goldfish and now looking at our children and us before the Obama Camp gets the fact that there is a DEPRESSION on the horizon…maybe only days away?  Barack Does Not Get It! He is still trying to make it all about him.  Sorry, Bambi – it’s about our economy and stability! Barack Obama believes that he can work on Bailout legislation and do a Presidential Debate at the same time. Hell, maybe he can; the point is that right now, the economy is more important that any single issue on the table right now because it is the basis of all issues, and Bambi should NOT be focused on anything else.  McCain is going to pour all his energies into making sure the financial collapse that is coming does not happen and Gumby is doing what?  Practicing his talking points?

I am not overreacting; I have been watching the slow slide instead a one day crash and I’m hearing market people talk about just how bad it may be come next Monday morning if our Congress does not get off their dead a**es and hammer out a compromise that protects the American taxpayer, yet puts confidence and stabilization back in the markets.

Here is John McCain being a leader and putting the American people first:

I’ve been looking for this video of Nan talking about the party being over:  It looks like they have pulled it.

Nancy? Where were you when John McCain was trying to pass legislation to reform Fannie and Freddie; and just NOW the party is over?  Now you want to stand up and be condescending?  Please.

Personally, I do not think the plan that has been put forward is correct or appropriate.  There is not enough oversight; but I also believe that an appropriate bailout bill can be come up with if Congress does not work on anything else.

What is important for the readers to know is that Barack was the one that called John first.  That is what Barack wants you to know, not that he agrees with John about suspending the campaigns or that he is going to work hard to get this legislation put thru.  He just wants you to know he called John this morning.  Leadership we can believe in.

4 Responses to “Bank Bailout: McCain Is Going After The Wolf…”
  1. Mary Ellen says:

    I put this up at NQ…Obama is not a leader and he’s just proved it once again.

    What will Obama do if he gets that 3:00 am call?

    “Look if we get a consensus and everybody is popping champagne – then I will probably be going back to campaign with folks who are having a tough time in places like Ohio, and Michigan and Pennsylvania,” Obama said adding, “If this ends up being a close vote or a vote where the outcome is an open question then obviously this is a top priority.”..

    He’ll say: “Wake me up when the champagne corks start to fly…or the nukes, or whatever.”

  2. You know…last night I had a “conversation” with a friend of 40 years and she pissed me off so much with her absolute stupidity that I can’t bear to talk to her today.
    According to Ms. Moron all the market problems are John McCain’s fault. yep…you heard right.And then she went off on Sarah Palin doing her best impression [without meaning to] of that idiot Naomi Wolf.
    Good gawd….what is wrong with people?
    “Friend” reads People magazine, Elle and Cosmo and she thinks it’s real news….need I say more really?
    But it was amazing how many of her “talking points’ match luittle barry’s exactly! what a surprise.
    BTW….she thinks that I made up PUMAS……but she’s a “real” feminist, unlike me.
    At least I can read………….

  3. Diamond Tiger says:


    What is wrong with these people? This is what is so great about America; everyone is allowed to have their own opinions. They believe that we are just as screwed up because we don’t believe “the message” – and that is all it is. Bambi is a marketed image riding on Clinton’s policies; but will he implement her policies if elected? I don’t think so and so do many other Americans. Stop by soon, working on something that relates to your comment!

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