Mortgage Meltdown: The Wolf Has Eaten Spot…

I want to update this post on 9/24/08 with a video from BonnieBonnets: Native Americans Against Obama because it flies right alongside this post.

A little history lesson is in order for all of those newbies that are just joining our conversation.  For those Monster inhabitants, you already know about these articles but you might just enjoy watching the Hillary Smackdown of Obama on the Economy; the first article I wrote about the economy.  Then a week ago Sunday night I posted Wall Street Banks: The Wolf Is At The Door on the eve of an uncertain market open; and we have been watching the fallout from lack of leadership from our elected officials and the raping and pillaging by financial pirates who chose to walk on the darkside because they could make a massive amount of money; quickly and quietly.

I know that I am not the only American that has known that the economy has gone from suffering the sniffles, then a slight cold, then a really bad head cold, to pneumonia.  I have been watching the industry that I work in suffer for over two years now and have been living with the threat of layoff for about as long.  A little over a year ago I was doing the groundwork for a business opportunity and just felt that it was not the right time to invest massive amounts of cash, time and energy into that project.  I made the decision to not go forward and exactly two days later the whole Countrywide fiasco hit the MSM.  As you might guess, I am very happy I did not travel that road but it does show that the wolf has been moving up the food chain gradually, quietly and relentlessly.  Meanwhile, as the wolf has come down the mountain to feed upon average American’s paychecks, savings, retirement and college funds; our “leaders” have been doing absolutely nothing to hunt this demon down and dispatch it, with the exception of John McCain AND Hillary Clinton.  I am once again left asking myself, why the devil is Barack Obama in this race at all?  What was he doing two years ago; teaching economics or running a multi-million dollar company?  If not, shut the hell up.  I will not believe any rhetoric that comes out of his mouth because he has no chops to back it up.

Last fall, I chose Senator Clinton because I knew she had an absolutely frightening command of the economy and as the number one capitalist nation in the world; our economy is the linchpin of all issues when it comes to elections….period. I have said it before and will say it again.

  • “Everyone has their own pet issue that they like to foster and care for, but let it be known, that America is a democratic capitalist country and the barometer for its strength is not the size of it’s military, it is the condition of it’s economy; like it or not.”

We all know that the wolf was allowed to make it all the way inside our homes and eat our beloved Spot and the goldfish before somebody actually cried, “Market Collapse, Depression, Economic Crisis”, and decided that maybe they should actually put their heads together and try to fix what has become an intricately woven web of lies, deceit, and financial sleight of hand.  I’m not holding my breath.  Good Luck With That.  Maybe you should give Hillary a call.  Give a listen to this whole video recorded after the Ohio primary debate and see if you hear Hillary say anything that Barack has repeated in the last two days?

What a wasted opportunity….thanks DNC Leadership!

3 Responses to “Mortgage Meltdown: The Wolf Has Eaten Spot…”
  1. Pagan Power says:

    I agree with you that there is no reason Obama should even be listened to on this subject. And yes, Hillary has mastered the economy as well as any other number of issues. That’s why I never understood why she wasn’t selected as the Democratic nominee. And why I fought for her so hard.

    But come to think of it, it is probably because Hillary really does understand these issues in such great detail that the DNC decided they couldn’t allow her to win. After all, with a President that actually understands the issues it makes the Congress less important and unable to push through the bloated bullshit they consider to be law.

    The UnDemocratic party screwed up BIG TIME. And frankly I hope they pay for it for a VERY long time.

    Country First


  2. Woman Voter says:


    I like the new site…it rocks and it is so sophisticated! I am so glad Hillary is standing tall and taking care of business. She sure is a great lady.


  3. cookiegramma says:

    Good article, and you are right, this has been available for anyone paying attention to see for some time now. My daughter was layed off from a legitimate mortage broker more than a year ago now. The number of times that she would be frustrated because of loans that did not meet standards that had been approved by banks was unreal. More than five years ago she knew of brokers attempting to turn in companies that were acting outside of the law and it took forever for anyone to pay attention. The only problem is that now we are being asked to help pay the bills for people who never should have been approved along with people who tried and paid thier bills on time for years but lost the means to earn a living. Will it ever get sorted out? I don’t know. There are too many questions out there for any one person to have the answers now. I do know however that this country did experience something similar in the 80’s and we recovered. I know of people who lost homes then because of the upside down turn of home values and high interest rates then. Property values rebounded and now they are still above what they fell to even ten years ago. As far as the stock market ride, the saying about not getting off a rollercoaster when the ride is in motion makes a lot of sense.

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