PUMA Politics: A Once In A Century Event

According to Alan Greenspan, what we are seeing in the markets is a “Once In A Century Event”.  We have also seen another once in a century event; the rise of an incredible populist intelligent leader that was shoved aside for a lesser qualified, ego-driven, rock star candidate that would further the agendas of the power people behind the scenes.  Unfortunately for us, the perfect storm that has been on the horizon for two years now has reached critical mass.  The markets are collapsing and there is not a leader on the horizon that can command the confidence of the American People or the Financial Districts to help stop the hurricane that is now battering the American Economy.  The financial markets are all about investor confidence.  Given the choice between Barack Obama and John McCain, is it any wonder that the rollercoaster is in full tilt?  We had the chance to put someone in command; 18 million people tried…the DNC shut it down.

Numerous PUMAs knew that of the three candidates at the time of the primary race, Senator Clinton was the only one who had a complete and utter command of the subject of the economy.  Barack Obama and John McCain were just hoping this would all blow over before it became the nightmare that it is now.

Senator Clinton spoke about the coming financial maestrom back in December of 2007.  If you want me to dig up the video, I will.  Now, all we have is her quiet leadership from the Senate.  May the DNC, the Obama Campaign, and Barack and Mishy be tossing and turning at night; just like the rest of us have been doing for the last two years….

3 Responses to “PUMA Politics: A Once In A Century Event”
  1. Heidi says:

    I want to know what George Soros(Obambi’s money man)had to do with this, if anything. This seems suspicious to me…

    [edit] Currency speculation
    On Black Wednesday (September 16, 1992), Soros became immediately famous when he sold short more than $10 billion worth of pounds, profiting from the Bank of England’s reluctance to either raise its interest rates to levels comparable to those of other European Exchange Rate Mechanism countries or to float its currency.

    Finally, the Bank of England was forced to withdraw the currency out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism and to devalue the pound sterling, and Soros earned an estimated US$ 1.1 billion in the process. He was dubbed “the man who broke the Bank of England.”

    The Times of Monday, October 26, 1992, quoted Soros as saying: “Our total position by Black Wednesday had to be worth almost $10 billion. We planned to sell more than that. In fact, when Norman Lamont said just before the devaluation that he would borrow nearly $15 billion to defend sterling, we were amused because that was about how much we wanted to sell.”

    According to Steven Drobny,[12] Stanley Druckenmiller, who traded under Soros, originally saw the weakness in the pound. “Soros’ contribution was pushing him to take a gigantic position,” in accord with Druckenmiller’s own research and instincts.

    In 1997, during the Asian financial crisis, then Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad accused Soros of using the wealth under his control to punish ASEAN for welcoming Myanmar as a member. Later, he called Soros a moron.[13] Thai nationals have called Soros “an economic war criminal[14]” who “sucks the blood from the people”.[15]

  2. ms mississippi says:

    Jim Cramer discussed today on his show. Try this link to view it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj0Vwnt1CLs

  3. Anne Marie says:

    Well, I guess I just understood why Hillary lost the primary. She is more intelligent than her opponent is. She is more of an advocate for the people. She has plans, instead of rhetoric. She is a public servant, not a rock star. She has not only has experience and a grasp of the issues, but also solutions, foresight, and compassion for the plight of the middle class. The DNC, Howard, the Donnas, and Obama just want to win an election. They don’t want to help anyone BUT THEMSELVES! This lady had a different agenda: to serve, to make a difference, and to help.

    Shame on all of you egotists and power-mongers for forcing this election down our throats. You gave us no choice,no hope, and no solution. To quote Stephanie Tobbs Jones, “My word is all I’ve got.” None of you have that. I hope someday you’ll be embarrassed by that fact. However, Hillary, Stephanie, I, and millions of other Democratic voters will always (and proudly) be able to state that WE KEPT OUR WORD, as well as our dignity and self-respect.

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