PUMA Politics: Gumby’s Slide Into Oblivion

Lo and Behold, It seems that the Democratic Party Leadership is realizing just how arrogant and juvenile Gumby is and are echoing what PUMAs were trying to tell the superdelegates before the convention.  Barack Obama is in denial and is going to lose this election in November.

It is not at all amazing to me that I read this article in the Telegraph UK, and it is not amazing to me that the Dems are having canaries about Bambi’s campaign style.  What is amazing is that so many PUMAs and Just Say No Deal Coalitioners could have been so incredibly right about the junior senator from Illinois and the DNC leadership could still try to force this fool on the American public and actually think he could win the White House.

Barack Obama and his senior advisers are under fire for ignoring the advice of Democratic senators and governors who are concerned that they do not know how to beat John McCain.

The Democratic presidential candidate’s slump in the polls has sparked pointed private criticism that he is squandering a once-in-a-generation chance to win back the White House.

I take issue with that; I think the Dem Party under the leadership of Dean, Pelosi, Reid and Brazile squandered a once-in-a-generation chance to win back the White House when they kicked Hillary Clinton to the curb and installed this spineless, arrogant, Chicago Style Politics as usual, empty chair.  Hillary would have had a ferocious battle to win the White House.  It would not have been a cake walk, but she would have won.  Now we are watching the gradual slide into oblivion for the Democratic Party’s selected candidate.

Party elders also believe the Obama camp is in denial about warnings from Democratic pollsters that his true standing is four to six points lower than that in published polls because of hidden racism from voters – something that would put him a long way behind Mr McCain.

What have I and other PUMAs been saying?  That Bambi polls below his reported numbers?  I hate having to wait for some newspaper to print what astute PUMAs have been saying for most of the year.

A senior Democratic strategist, who has played a prominent role in two presidential campaigns, told The Sunday Telegraph: “These guys are on the verge of blowing the greatest gimme in the history of American politics. They’re the most arrogant bunch Ive ever seen. They won’t accept that they are losing and they won’t listen.”

Arrogant…….hmmm….sounds pretty juvenile to me.

Others concede that his trip to Europe was a distraction that enhanced his celebrity status rather than his electability on Main Street, USA.

Imagine that…..rock concerts and beer fests for 200,000 Germans instead of campaigning in America.

Mr Obama has never won an electoral contest against a strong Republican candidate. David Axelrod, his chief strategist has been hailed as a political genius for beating the Clinton machine, but Democrats now point out that he has never run a successful campaign in the heartland states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Virginia, which will decide the election. His expertise is in mobilising young, educated and black voters in urban areas.

Oh please, let’s be serious.  Bambi’s standard operating procedure during elections is to have his opponents knocked off the ballot so that he ends up running unopposed.  He single handedly defeated the Clinton Machine so never winning an electoral contest against a strong Republican candidate should not be that big a deal, right?  Oh, sorry, going to be really hard to get the completely vetted, prisoner of war, country first,  John McCain off the ballot, so let’s try to get Sarah Palin knocked off the ticket for being a bad mom, a religious kook and a small town mayor with no real experience.  Maybe that will work.

Also, David Axelrod as a “political genius” for beating the Clinton machine is completely laughable.  The reason Hillary was “beaten” was due to caucus fraud, superdelegate payoffs, disenfranchisement of two huge states that would have put Hillary ahead in the delegate count, and the sham roll call vote in Denver.  Let’s be honest, I think all of that really probably belongs to the “political genius” of Donna Brazile and her email buddy, Karl Rove.

Party elders are also studying internal polling material which warns the Obama camp that his true standing is worse than it appears in polls because voters lie to polling companies about their reluctance to vote for a black candidate. The phenomenon is known in the US as the Bradley effect, after Tom Bradley, a black candidate for governor of California who lost after leading comfortably in polls.

The strategist said: “I’ve seen memos where they’ve been told to factor in four to six points for the Bradley effect, but they’re in denial about it.

I know I remember writing that down a couple of times…….

The one thing everyone agrees the Obama camp have woken up to is the toxic effect on their chances of Mrs Palin’s arrival on the national scene. Polls show that white women voters, attracted to her down home virtues, now support Mr McCain by a margin of 12 points, the same lead among white women that George W. Bush enjoyed over John Kerry in 2004. Until recently, Mr Obama led among that group of voters by six points.

So we are talking about an 18 point slide away from “The One” by white women.  Isn’t that a significant part of Hillary Clinton’s true democratic base? The old, fat, menopausal white women?  The base that they did not need anymore because the Democratic Party is “urban” now.

The Republican strategist Dan Schnur said that the effect was to repel blue collar, family-oriented voters. “They didn’t like Obama in the primaries and voted for Hillary. And they still don’t like him now so they’re voting for Palin.

“Obama can still win these voters over, but his difficulty in establishing an emotional connection with them is probably his greatest challenge between now and election day.”

Dream on….once again underestimating your average, run of the mill, everyday PUMA, and underestimating the hubris of the candidate.  He will not even be trying to establish a connection because he does not think he needs to.  He does not need the democratic party base to win this election.  Just ask Donna Brazile. Gumby was coddled by the DNC leadership during the primaries and now he has no clue how to do battle with the Republicans. He was given a pass by the DNC and the MSM, and Hillary’s hands were tied behind her back.  Thanks Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Brazile and all you absolutely wonderful Superdelegates for creating this campaign that is going down in flames.

But it is a measure of his plight that the man who derailed the ambitions of Mrs Clinton, the most powerful woman in Democratic politics, now needs help from her husband to overcome the popularity of another alpha female who may be an even greater risk to his White House ambitions.

I get really tired of the MSM writing that Gumby derailed Hillary Clinton.  It is implied that Bambi actually is somehow, some way, some kind of superhero by “defeating” Hillary Clinton all by his lonesome.  We know the truth; the superdelegates carried this empty chair across the finish line and the DNC leadership made sure it stuck.

I once wrote that Gumby should never gotten down off the porch to play with the big dogs, and now America and the Democratic Party are seeing why.

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  1. insightanalytical says:

    Enjoy some of these tidbits…the last thing is a fantastic picture that sums up many of our feelings perfectly!! (and there’s another one at the top which is a Pelosi-Obama shot that will make you roar!)

    Also, a hat tip to Logistics Monster!!

    The Past Week: Recaps and Random Thoughts, September 7-13 (Where’s Obama’s Empathy?; Body Language a la Clinton/Obama (Experts on THE HANDS); Lower Pay the Obama Way; And a Finger Back at ‘Ya, Barack!)


  2. Really nice summary!

    What is most remarkable, I think, is that the Clinton Dems warned all along that he cannot win against a serious Republican contender. In fact, he NEVER HAS won against a serious GOP opponant.

    I weep for the progress we could have made as a nation, with a Clinton/Obama ticket. But the good ole boy networks put the kibosh on that. In so doing, they have handed another victory to the GOP.


  3. edgeoforever says:

    Hey, these are the same people we, PUMAs have been calling until 3 weeks ago when it was still time to pick a better candidate. All these people are the superdelegates. Karma is a bitch.

  4. Jim Copas says:

    Great article…I am one of those Hillary supporters and I live in Illinois. Obama done absolutely ZERO in Illinois or for Illinois. He is interested in his own well being only. I have voted for the democratic candidate since I was 18…I am now 53 and duw to what the democratic party has done to Hillary and considering Obama’s radical left wing positions (no different that Bush’s radical right wing positions…just opposite end of the spectrum…but still radical and therefore dangerous)…I will vote for McCain/Palin. Tahnk you democratic party leadership and all you stupid superdelegates.


  5. Grail Guardian says:

    Stray Yellar Dawg –

    I used to feel that way, but now I have come to appreciate the fact that the corruption, racism, misogyny, and total lack of respect for their constituents has been exposed for all to see. Had Clinton been the nominee, she would have been fighting this crap internally, and we would have assumed she was a poor leader rather than blame the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Brazile) for ruining the Democratic Party. It is somehow poetic justice that the backroom decision making processes in both the major political parties in the US has been exposed at roughly the same time. And it appears to be withering in the sunlight as it is exposed to fresh air…

    As far as Obama not being able to beat an actual opponent (of any party) in a legitimate race, well Hillary Clinton was actually the first one I recall stating this. And (as in virtually everything she stated in the primaries) she has been proven correct, but no one in the “system” cares.

    The silver lining to this whole Fairy Tale is that the American people apparently can see who’s behind the curtain in both parties. And, like Dorothy Gale, we’re starting to realize that the Wicked Witch was never the real problem (and if you’re a Wicked fan, you know she’s really the heroine) and we never needed the wizard or the tinman or the strawman at all because the Emerald City is nothing more than a dream, and we’ve always had the power to get back home.

  6. sam*i*am says:

    okay tiger lets just forget the mean brit lady and say it ourselves, ready……..sen obama you are the weakest link…goodbye.

  7. NYSmike says:

    After 2004 where Howard Dean was rejected by the democratic party, to now listen to him and Donna Brazile was the ultimate example of stupidity. They kicked us out, formed a new Obama party, against the majority of voters, and now are digging themselves deeper into a political hole.

  8. c j says:

    Where is his BIRTH CIRTIFICATE??? I mean the REAL ONE!!!

  9. c j says:

    maybe he needs to go on vacation again to the ALOHA state , this time with NOBODY watching!!!

  10. Beth C. Taylor says:

    Months ago I wrote the following letter to Nancy Pelosi. I am sure she probably received many of the same type of letters, but, of course, either did not read any of them, or summarily ignored what was said.

    March 13, 2008
    Speaker Nancy Pelosi
    235 Cannon HOB
    Washington, D.C. 20515

    Dear Speaker Pelosi,

    Apparently, Governor Rommney told Fox news that he would prefer to run against Barack Obama in November had he been the GOP nominee. Anyone old enough to remember Watergate remembers that the basis of the, “Dirty Tricks” and the break in was Nixon’s paranoid wish to select the Democratic candidate against whom he wished to run for a second term. Is it not possible that party elders do not see the resonance back to that era with all the Republican crossover voting in the primaries and caucuses and the infusions of Republican cash into the Democratic primaries, not to speak of the Texas and other states’ caucus tactics?

    George W. Bush has led this country into disaster with his war, his sorry economic policies, his felonious disregard for the Constitution and the list goes on ad nauseam. Having been interested in our country’s political history since the eighth grade, I cannot remember a time, except when FDR ran against Hoover, when the Democratic Party was in a more advantageous position to sweep the November election. Now as I watch the party elders do everything in their power to self destruct, I can hardly believe what I’m seeing. Republicans are positively salivating at the thought of facing off with Senator Obama in November. They can hardly wait to start the mantra concerning his Rezko/Weathermen connection. If they could “Swift Boat” John Kerry, who was a true war hero, just think what they can do to Obama in the fall. Imagine what they will say about his meeting with domestic terrorists at a time when 9/11 is vivid in the minds of Americans. In their seeming rush to crown Obama Emperor, is the DNC blind to the fact that stock in flip flop companies will go up around the time the GOP has its convention. “Wow he told Ohioans one thing about NAFTA and Canadians another.” “My God, he told Americans about his plan to bring our troops home from Iraq and the BBC maybe not so fast.”

    Perhaps even worse is the fact that he has no substantial policies for all this change. He talks about changing Washington, but how? Will he do that by voting to help oil companies keep their tax breaks. Will he unite the American people by having us all join hands and sing Kumbaya? Would that work for you in the House? Can the party point with pride at his record in either the Illinois or United States Senates?

    Despite all this, the DNC does everything in its power to help him win the nomination. It refuses to seat Florida and Michigan delegates to the convention after making a stupid decision to punish both states for having their primaries earlier than the Committee wanted, which by the way, was in Florida, a largely Republican decision. Does anyone see a pattern here? As a faithful democrat I find it inexcusable that I am at the mercy of Chairman Howard Dean, who self destructed in his own run for the nomination, his judgment is about as, “Bone headed” as Obama’s to consort with Tony Rezko on his various real estate deals. When will the DNC understand that the Emperor has no clothes?

    You have a candidate, who is eminently qualified to lead this country at this crucial time. Senator Clinton has shown that she has a vast grasp of the issues and better still, has programs to cure the problems we face. She is an excellent debater and has won the very states that are necessary to win in November. She is a leader not a cheerleader and yet the Party Elders seem to be doing everything in their power to keep her from the nomination. I would much rather see her oppose McCain in a debate than Obama.

    Yes, I support Senator Clinton as many, far more than either the media or the Party realizes. First of all, we are not all poor, old, uneducated, white, blue collar workers and, worst of all women. We are the base of the party. We are Maya Angelou, Jewell Hodges, Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Mayor Michael Nutter, Madeleine Albright, Senator Stephanie Stabenow, Jack Nicholson to name just a few. Then there all those Generals and Admirals. If they are happy with her as Commander-IN -Chief, so am I. There are people of all ethnic backgrounds: Yes white and Hispanic, but also some African American men and women, Asians and Native Americans. There are many young people, who are willing to make calls and travel long distances to help the campaign. There are husbands and wives who are donating together and making calls on Senator Clinton’s behalf. There are mothers who support Senator Clinton because they fear for their children’s futures and many more men than I suspect either the media or the party estimates. It is true that I am a woman and older, but unless I return my multiple graduate degrees from the prestigious institutions from which I earned them, I am not uneducated, I am a retired college professor. Oh, by the way, I love wine and cheese.

    What has worried me the most and, in fact, precipitated my writing to you is that I hear rumors that you are beginning to lean toward Senator Obama. As Speaker of the House, you are effectively the most powerful woman in this country, your endorsement carries a lot of weight. I can understand if you were to feel that you should postpone an endorsement at the moment, but I beg you not to endorse a candidate who does not have the gravitas to win the November election. Remember many people vote a straight ticket, so if the top of the ticket goes down, so do many others. The House and Senate could suffer, perhaps even the majority status in each house. Trust me. Should the Party hand the White House back over to the Republicans in the fall, the only recourse many of us will have is to give Canada an immigration problem.

    Respectfully Yours,

    Beth C. Taylor

  11. MG says:

    “Party elders also believe the Obama camp is in denial about warnings from Democratic pollsters that his true standing is four to six points lower than that in published polls because of hidden racism from voters….”

    Coming from L.A. where the term “Bradley Effect” originated – people were not racist in not being truthful with the pollsters but **they were afraid in being called a racist simply because they were choosing to vote for someone other than Tom Bradley, a person of color**. So, they chose to say one thing and vote their conscience for another.
    ~This is not racist.~

    Honestly, the term racism has been broadly expanded to include simply disagreeing with someone of color. <>

    MG – PUMA

  12. PamFlorida says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong-except for Alan Keyes(last minute opponent with no chance), hasn’t Obama managed to purge every opponent (Dem & Repub) from previous election ballots so that he has run unopposed?

  13. ggrrreat post !!! and terrif article in telegraph!!! what is it whith the brits — they aren’t afraid to tell it like it is!

    i feel zero sympathy for the democratic party — payback is a bitch — figuratively and literally.

    the bradley effect is rarely discussed on the cable shows — but it’s a frightening possibility for the obama camp — which is why they’re ramping up their fraudulent A.C.O.R.N. registration activities in major hubs and need to be countered by PUMAs — pumas eat acorns, don’t they 😉

  14. MG says:

    “….and need to be countered by PUMAs — pumas eat acorns, don’t they…”

    Yes indeedy we do eat acorns, shell and all…lol 🙂

    MG – PUMA

  15. Denise-Mary says:

    Since I am not half as witty or informed as all of the other posters, I will simply say this: thank you for such an excellent analysis/re-cap. To those in Illinois, SavagePolitics is apparently looking for residents of Illinois for an article providing first-hand comments. Please consider visiting that site to provide your comments. I didn’t feel it appropriate or ethical to just copy your comments above and forward them over to SP.

  16. so saddened says:

    obama’s confidence concerns me greatly. it is true the polls show he’s losing, common sense and good judgment would surely lead to his defeat, and some are starting to realize that. however, he does not appear as shaken up as he should.

    i think his confidence is due to his knowledge that he has the owners of the voting machines on his side, along with all the other crooked tactics he can and will employ.

    i think we have to work very hard to make sure that mccain/palin are WAY ahead, so that his crookedness would be so obvious that he couldn’t get away with it.

  17. sam*i*am says:

    actually sad, i think he is not upset because he is so arrogant as to believe that”anyone who has a brain will vote for me” he simply is too blind to reality to accept that the ones with brains and who use those brains will never vote for him and his socialist agenda. we the people will teach him a thing or two in November.

  18. ms mississippi says:

    You know, I hate to say “I told you so” to the DNC, but we did warn them, didn’t we? Pelosi, Dean, Brazille and Reid deserve the thumpin’ that’s comin’ in Nov.

  19. nomorednc2008 says:

    Comment # 16: I totally agree with you. BO, still appearing confident even though the polls reflect his #’s dropping supports our thoughts that he always knew that he cannot win unless it is by fraud. That is why he and his campaign’s first attempt is to eliminate all and any opponents. They know this will not work in a general election, so they seek other ways to beat the system.

    All of us must be diligent in monitoring every aspect of voter fraud to ensure a fair election as the USA cannot afford a BO presidency. Our challenges in the world are too important to put them in the hands of an arrogant fraud and inexperienced individual.

  20. RedDragon62 says:

    It seems as though Obama does not have a clue as to how to deal with Palin.
    His sexism and his racism was overlooked by the media so when he made that stupid remark about lipstick and fish, he was doing what he had done before. Only this time he did not anticipate the furor that erupted from the Republicans and those of us, ( Men and Women ) that had enough of his Bull Poop!

    I for one can not wait till November!

    I am sick of the media telling me I am a racist. I am sick of being told I do not matter! I am sick of all these OBOTS telling me that McCain will ruin our country!
    I am sick of Obama!

    by the way…

    This is my first post here after lurking for some time. “GREAT SITE”!

  21. Anne Marie says:

    Great post. Great video (“Democratic Party War Room”).

    I am in agreement with all the posters in that we all saw Obama’s ruthlessness, arrogance, and inexperience long before it was “fashionable” to say so. Although it’s nice to be proven right, it doesn’t solve the impending disaster of a possible Obama presidency. I have come to think that he is a dangerous man. And, even though the Hitler video was funny, I have likened him to that persona long before this date.

    I live in PA. Prior to a week ago, I thought I would write in Hillary as my candidate, since she is my true and only choice for President. However, knowing that Obama cannot possibly win the presidency without states like Ohio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, I will vote for McCain. If the goal is truly to defeat Obama, then I will do my small part by voting Republican for this first time in 34 years. In conscience, I believe that McCain will be a less dangerous choice than Obama, who has proven time and time again that he cares more about himself than his party, his country, or its citizens. (Hell, is this EVEN his country?)

    p.s. What a disrespectful show in New York…THROWING that flower down like that. Whatever would he do with the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier? AND….why the HELL did Teddy Kennedy (and Caroline) shove this egotist down our throats? His brother (JFK) will be rolling in his grave!

  22. shtuey says:

    If you are Philadelphia sports fan then you are familiar with what I call The Eagles Axiom: When faced with certain victory there is always a way to embrace defeat. Congratulations DNC, you’ve outdone the Eagles. High five!

  23. cookiegramma says:

    In respect to the impression that Obama is not reflecting any nervousness about the state of his campaign, I refer all to the article in the New York Times today. It clearly states that he showed the urgency of the campaign in his vicious attacks on McCain in New hampshire. The man clearly knows that he is in trouble. I have heard many references today to his needing to do well in the debates. That would be a first, it was not his strong suit, and he refused to do any more after Philadelphia in the primaries. I suspect that he believed he would be so far ahead by the time the debates came along that slips would not be noticed. One other thing came to mind today with the political news: was not the high point of the Obama campaign in the primaries in the month of Februry when he broke fund raising totals? After that point in time he just kind of slid on his lead in delagates. Well today the campaign announced record breaking totals again. I guess that no one told him that there are no superdelagates to be bought on November 4. When you’re down you’re down. Maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part, but history does have this nasty habit of repeating itself and the drum roll from the liberal media is getting awfully loud about that roe vs wade issue again. I suppose they forgot to read the memo about how most women view abortion as being murder.

  24. FYI ALL – Anne Marie is referring to the video being featured right now at http://www.justsaynodeal.com (where this post was also featured)

    it IS INDEED MUST SEE TV — and i rarely say that — anyone who was a hillary fan will truly laugh their a-s off — i promise…been up only a day and viewed over 40K times — go watch it b4 it disappears!!!!

  25. DemtoRep says:


  26. greifreiter says:

    I am a Republican and have been all of my life (I’m 55). I have been following the PUMA phenom evr since I stumbled on an associated website after the democratic convention. I agree thatMrs. Clinton would have been a much better choice than the Illinois Flash. What has truly impressed me though, is how thoughful and meaningful all of the posts that I have read at this site and others are Most of the crazy dem sites such as the DU and Kos clearly show how many of the posterz don’t have a clue as to what is going on (as evidenced by their writng style and spelling) and erratic ramblings. Little, if any, of that is seen on posts to this site and others. Keep up the good work. The last thing that this country needs is an Obama presidency. The US will, if he’s elected and puts his cronies into office with him, will end up looking like Detroit.

  27. S Lapides says:

    It worries me that Hillary is campaigning so hard for Obama … she’s in Ohio now, I believe. So, what if she convinces people to vote for Obama?! Does she need to get rid of Palin so as not to compete against her later?

  28. The Audacity of Hype says:

    I’m an Independent. I voted for Hillary, but when she was out I RAN to John McCain! I can list hundreds of reasons to not vote for Obama, and race isn’t one of them! Independents for McCain!

  29. DemtoRep says:

    Dont worry cause I was such a die hard Hillary supporter too, and I just avoid it so it cant change me anyway I know Hillary always said Country First and that is McCain/Palin 08

  30. DemtoRep says:


  31. “….four to six points lower than that in published polls because of hidden racism from voters”

    This is part of obama’s whine. If he doesn’t win…and he won’t…it must be because nasty white people don’t like black people. That is patently absurd.
    Are there racists out there? Sure there are..always will be…but does anyone for even one moment think that there are enough to account for his burn-out? Of course not.
    But hey, he has to have an excuse that isn’t the truth. The truth is…people are a lot smarter than he gave them credit for and they know a dirty politician when they see one. And they don’t like him and it has nothing to do with his skin color. It has everything to do with his arrogance, and his creepy connections including that piece of work he calls a wife.
    The real racist has been there all along…and it is Obama. He thought he could use that whole ‘if you don’t vote for me you must be a racist’…and it most likely would have worked if this were 1990. Too bad he forgot all about the internet.
    So who is internet challenged now bambi?

  32. Now I think we all have to watch Obama’s not-so-secret weapon….A.C.O.R.N.
    After all….that’s the way dirty politicians get elected in Chicago…….
    And those of us that care deeply about our country before a political party do have a lot to worry about.Why hasn’t A.C.O.R.N. been disbanded by the feds? It’s not like they haven’t already poisoned election after election. I think that’s why Obama is still so cocky…he KNOWS they can get him elected.
    Perhaps it is time for all of us to start putting pressure [and light] on A.C.O.R.N. by contacting our reps and complaining? Perhaps it’s also time for a little blog rally about it?

  33. diamondtiger says:

    to all my commentors, many mahalos for your visits and taking the time to write your thoughts; it is much appreciated.

    *sam* – I’m working on the weakest link right now – look for it; you will definitely be getting kudos for the idea. I laughed so hard the first time you mentioned it. 🙂

    Ghosty! Always a pleasure…

    edge: karma is a bitch and a half. What did they expect.

    and as always, Shtuey – you are my hero!

    Hele Mai all!!!

  34. The Audacity of Hype says:

    This comment from Obama should make his supporters vote for McCain:

    McCain/Palin 08!!
    “Country First”

  35. DemtoRep says:

    I honestly know that carolyn and ted kennedy planned in advance to pick any african american to be POTUS just to make JFK 40 yr prediction come true!! THEY DO NOT CARE THAT HE IS NOT QUALIFIED TO BE POTUS!! they just want to say for history his prediction came true.

  36. Only one way to payback those DNC ringleaders – pumas need to affect “downline votes” in states where dem reps supported Nancy the Queen BEE. We get rid of enough of her minions, she’s out as House Speaker and OUT of Power. We all know they aren’t polling PUMAs (afraid to I think), so that’s alot of votes NOT being figured into the mix.

  37. Wisewoman says:

    Love all the sites that have Obama’s number. I am an AA female Hillary supporter. I marched with Dr. King in MS during my college days. I attended rallies where Sammy Davis Jr., Bert Lancaster and Peter Lawford were present. What Obama did in falsely accusing the Clintons of racism made me want to puke. He dishonored himself, Dr. King, me and the people (white and black) who fought in the civil rights struggle. For that I truly detest him. He is the modern day George Wallace who used race for crass political gain. People like Clyburn, Brazille, Jessie Jackson, and John Lewis who were somewhat heroes of mine, I now hold them in utter contempt for helping to perpetuate this lie. I believe if Martin were alive he would chastise them all for their failure to speak out against the lie. Obama’s lying has made a fool out of blacks, liberals, etc. because they believed and still believe his lies. I will be voting for McCain/Palin because I believe they have more integrity in one finger than Obama has in his whole body.
    PS. Wish I could give out my phone number. Being 63 yr old I could educate whites about his type of “blackness”, however the Obots would harasses me to death. Feel free to help me educate the people by sending this post to other sites.

  38. George says:

    I don’t think this Bradley Effect has much validity, I think it has to do more with the sample size and sample location and how they contact the sample participants. Most people with a demaning job, kids and other obligations participate in polls.
    If you analyze where the sample is taken, it’s usually suburban areas outside major cities.
    I don’t think this being afraid of being percieved as racist is actually a real concern.

  39. c j says:

    Heres one more fromStory #3: Celebutard Lohan Blasts Palin, Endorses Obama

    RUSH: How about Lindsay Lohan, ladies and gentlemen? Have you heard about this? We want more of these celebutards coming out here and ripping Sarah Palin. I know it’s getting out of hand, but let it happen! I mean, if I’m Obama, and I’m sitting there in my bunker, and I’ve got Biden out there — he’s a gaffe machine — saying I should’ve chose Hillary and asking a guy in a wheelchair to stand up… I can’t get Matt Damon to shut up, I can’t get this Lindsay Lohan to shut up, can’t get Paris Hilton to shut up, I can’t get all these people on Saturday Night Live to shut up… I mean, I’d think they’re all undermining me! All these people do is watch MSNBC and read Mother Jones, and that’s where they get their news — they’re killing Obama out there!

    Anyway, Lindsay Lohan says Palin’s a “media obsessed homophobe.” “I really can’t bite my tongue anymore when it comes to Sarah Palin. I couldn’t be more supportive of a woman in office, but let’s face it, it comes down to the person and their beliefs, male or female.” Now, it’s safe to say that this woman’s brain is, at best, a fried egg. Okay, maybe a scrambled egg. She continues on her blog: “Is our country so divided that the Republicans’ best hope is a narrow minded, media obsessed homophobe? I am afraid that the ‘lipstick on a pig’ comments will overshadow the issues and the fact that I believe Barack Obama is the best choice, in this election, for president. Women have come a long way in the fight to have a choice over what we do with our bodies and it’s frightening to see that a woman in 2008 would negate all of that. Oh, and… Hint Hint Pali Pal — Don’t pose for anymore tabloid covers, you’re not a celebrity, you’re running for office to represent our, your, my COUNTRY! In words of Pamela Anderson, you can suck it.”

  40. DemtoRep says:

    Byron York: ‘On Sex-Ed Ad, McCain Is Right’

    National Review’s Byron York tries to talk to the five sponsors of the infamous sex-ed bill at the center of the recent McCain-Obama ad war. Only one of the Illinois legislators returned his calls, and neither he nor the head of the Illinois Education Association can provide a compelling argument that explains away the plain meaning of the bill’s text, which reads: “Each class or course in comprehensive sex education in any of grades K through 12 shall include instruction on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including the prevention, transmission and spread of HIV.”

    York concludes that Obama’s explanation that he merely supported legislation that would teach kindergarteners what constitutes inappropriate touching “has been accepted by nearly all commentators. And perhaps that is indeed why he voted for Senate Bill 99, although we don’t know for sure. But we do know that the bill itself was much more than that. The fact is, the bill’s intention was to mandate sex education, especially concerning contraception and the prevention of sexually-transmitted diseases, for children before the sixth grade and as early as kindergarten. Obama’s defenders may howl, but the bill is what it is.”


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    "On every question of construction carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed." --Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Johnson, 1823

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